Using a laptop to play PS3 through HDMI [Solved/Closed]

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Hi, how do you play a ps3 through a laptop, because it wont play on my tv, and I was told that it will play through a HDMI cable on your laptop screen? (and btw the laptop is an acer aspire so info specific to this type would be really helpful). thanks for the help (if I get any) :)

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If your laptop HDMI port is only labeled "HDMI" then it is output only. If it is labeled "HDMI-in" then it is an input. Each HDMI port can only be an input or an output, no switch hitters here. A laptop could have both (separated) ports, but it's not that frequent.

The Clevo 18.4inch laptop mobo with the HDMI-in port was discontinued a while ago (including all subsequent variants from Sager and Powernotebooks, etc), tho I believe this was because Alienware purchased the rights to that mobo's technology and have now released an 18.4inch laptop with hdmi-in and hdmi-out.

If your laptop does not have an 18.4 inch screen, then there is no chance that you have an HDMI-in.
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I tried on Mac. dumb.

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dude The HDMI port on all laptops are output only. It allows users to use thier laptop as a potable media device to plug into High-Def TVs and projectors. so theres no way to hook it up unless u get x8100 its input.
Looking at the side of my labtop right now, I have a HDMI 'Out' and right next to it is a HDMI 'In"
Plug it in to the in one and see what happens
He is right all laptops on the market that have hdmi hookups are output only and quite frankly it may damager you laptop or hdmi circuitry if you try and plug a ps3 or a xbox360 into them. I don't know where these guys got their info but they are sadly mistaken. The hdmi is for using your laptop with a hdmi compatible tv or monitor...nothing else, so please don't plug your game systems in your laptops that would be very stupid.
i did it and I think that is why it poped up next time I turned on the cpu because it came up with a windows repar thin so I took it to office works and I had to reset the laptop, meaning re install all of the drivers which too 2-3 hours so dont do it!
You don't know what you are even talking about...
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Does your laptop has a HDMI input? Check it out if there is a port with the name HDMI.
Note that only new models are equipped with such feature.
uhm .. sorry for the bother .. but, I have a laptop.. HP Pavillion Laptop G60-414CA .. and it has a port that is labeled HDMI under the port.. but i'm not sure if it as input port as well as an output.. or just an output port.. I would like to play my ps3 on my laptop screen since my t.v. is really bad quality.. could you please help me out here.. thank you (:
i have a Acer Aspire One computer and im not sure if its hdmi plug is input or output
It turns out that playing your ps3 on your laptop is very hit and miss.As most laptops dont have a hdmi input mostly just output it would only be possible using a usb tv tuner,however this causes a delay in the precise reaction time so unless you have a really good processer it probably would be a bit too frustrating.
Yes, HDMI on laptops are only outputs sofar, but I do run the ps3 and other devices through an RCA input and some have S Video inputs.