Monitor suddenly black screen (Windows 10) [Solved/Closed]

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So i have had plenty of monitor problems before but i have never seen this one.
Today i turned on my PC and it showed desktop and everything looked fine,then suddenly the screen went black while the monitor light was still blue(Indicating that monitor has power AND is connected to PC,without proper connection monitor light would be yellow).
So i restarted my PC and now the monitor dosent even display the windows logo,although the black screen did flash for a second but thats about it.
-The new PC im using is 1 month old and everything was fine until then.
-Im using latest updates from windows 10,and even using driver booster to update other drivers
-Few days ago i installed a windows update but this shouldn't be the issue.
-I tried plugging off the power cable for monitor then holding down the power buttom for 30 seconds,didn't help.
-I tried this on my second monitor,exact same issue where the monitor lights on power buttom are blue,indicating that everything is fine with cable connections.
-Im using HDVI converter to connect my old monitors with these newer graphic cards,this worked fine and shoudn't be the issue.

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Update: I fixed it by pressing DEL buttom on keyboard when i turned it on to enter BIOS,then the monitor auto adjusted without me doing anything,then i exited BIOS and monitor worked perfectly,i tought i couldnt enter bios becose of black screen.So if anyone else is facing this problem this might fix it.
Thank you

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Great to hear, thanks for reporting back!