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 Mark -

I have been using my pc for a couple weeks now and I decided to buy more ram so I inserted the ram and now the screen stays black. My pc is on and the fans are very loud

System Configuration: iPhone / Safari 13.1

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The RAM has to meet certain specifications, and are require to go into certain slots based on your motherboard. Did you verify the specifications of the RAM meet the motherboards requirements?

How do I check that?
Compare the specifications on each chip. The specs are written on each one. Make certain all of the numbers match, is the easiest way. If you are absolutely uncertain, you shouldn't be modifying your hardware, and take it to a repair shop for the upgrade.
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Sometimes, it can happen that the RAM is not correctly inserted in the slots. Therefore, the screen remains black at startup.

Turn off your PC and check that the RAM is inserted correctly. Try removing and reinserting it. Then turn on your PC.