Computer will not load past welcome screen [Solved/Closed]

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Monday August 4, 2008
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My computer, after not being used for a few months logged into windows and the internet just fine, once....then it stopped going to web pages. So I restarted the computer. Then XP would load to the welcome screen, and the next screen it shows is the background (just before you would choose which ID to login under) it never loads past that point. When I tried to reboot and go to safe mode the keyboard would let me get it to that screen then the keys would stop working. TO fix that I had to take out that little battery inside the computer. Then I tried to log into safe mode, I got past the choose ID screen, then it stopped loading again.

I cannot reformat the harddrive as I do not have the windows XP disk, I have the key, just not the disk.

I did find programs on the computer before I rebooted the first time, and I tried to go into Add/Remove programs to remove them, I cuold not get into that either, but I did find the weird stuff in the program files and deleted a few things that I knew what they were and that were not supposed to be on this computer (ie world of warcraft)

I have tried every single thing I can think of and I cannot get this problem fixed, any suggestions besides blowing it up, or brining it to a shop? I already have to replace one computer that will not turn on anymore....

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i only read the first help comment ignore it dont reinstall windows lmfao! MANY things u can do befor reinstalling windows
  • 1) start your computer in safemode ..constantly press f8 I think it is to get the menu then click safe mode
  • 2) open bios many things in there also, like load optimized defaults etc..
  • 3) weird but it happened to me and this worked once, turn of your pc by the mains including monitor speakers for good luck then unplug everything from the back of your pc and then wait 3mins then plug everything back in and turn it all back on after trying step 1/2.

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Thanx...but whats the next step? I mean how to remove this problem ??
My solutioon was to get to the BIOS and change the HD to be ATA. The virus changed the BIOS
Just a thought, all of you that cant boot from CD to format your computers because you cant press 'any key' I had the same problem but turned out it was because I was using a wireless keyboard, once I used a normal wired keyboard the problem was resolved.
My laptop has done the same thing. It's an Acer. Although it seems you cannot fix it, just try booting with safe mode every day for 3 weeks and that's what helped mine. :) Hoped it helped!

Borrow a CD of your computer's system, of have someone reformat it and to make a cd of the system to have in the future. If you have the athondication key code, you can have a cd made, and offer to pay for it, it should not cost you much.
That is so that you can reformat next time you get problems, as they charge a lot to do it professionaly, it it happens often as it does with me.

Most times, it is a hicap which you may need to reformat to get rid of.
It is hard to know what the problem is unless you have the computer in front of you and try a number of different things.
I hope you have fixed it by now.