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I've had my desktop computer for about one year now. It is an Acer Aspire E380. On Saturday afternoon, it was going a bit slow so I decided to restart it. However, once it turned off, it will no longer turn on and boot up.

The power button usually lights up, but now it does not. But, the decorative words "Aspire" at the bottom of the tower still lights up. The DVD drive still opens, and a few lights blink on start up as usual.

The screen is blank. All of the fans seem to go, except for one. It is the one in the center of the computer on top of a group of metal prongs. It spins upon power up but stops. The power supply fan runs, the other fan runs too.

I have made sure everything is plugged in, and tried plugging it into different outlets. I can't boot from a CD, the keyboard doesn't turn on and neither does the mouse.

As far as starting up goes, everything sounds normal. No beeps or clicks to hint at harddrive failure. Sometimes when I try to start it up nothing comes on but the center fan on the metal prongs (the one that would run for only a few seconds) goes on full blast until I turn it off.

If everything seems to be going, what is stopping it from booting up?
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NOTE: Before making any attempt to remove or replace any part inside the casing, ensure that the power is off.

Well, the first thing that might be causing this is your memory card (RAM). Try to remove it and place it in another memory slot on the motherboard.

To be sure if your motherboard is still in good working condition, remove the memory card and power on the PC.You should hear continuous beep sounds. If you hear this then your motherboard is fine.

If placing the memory card in another slot does not work then the problem lies with the memory card itself. You will need to replace it.

It could also be that some faulting PCI cards are causing this error. Try to remove your PCI cards. Normally a faulting PCI modem causes this type of error. Remove it and then power on the pc.

The processor cannot be faulty but still if you want to check it, remove the CPU Cooler fan. Then turn on the PC.

Place your finger on the processor for 2 seconds. You should find the processor heating up. Then turn it off immediately. If this works then your processor is good.

Remember not to leave it ON for more than 5 secs.

Thank you, DJ AKSHAY 1012

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Removing and cleaning the memory stick's contacts seemed to make the computer boot up correctly. No idea why but I tried many things before reading the suggestion. Thanks.
Thank you
Hello Dj Akshay.

I have learned a lot from your posts and am glad you are so attentive to respond to everyone. I read a bit back in the post about someone having a similar problem with an ASUS P5N motherboard but couldn't find the outcome.

My motherboard is an ASUS P5N-E SLI . It has been a wonderful motherboard. Today, with no warning, while trying to turn on the computer: no video output, no beeps, all fans are on, no startup. So, I removed my video card, audio card, memory, and extra case fan. Still no beeps. Motherboard LED is lit, hard drives are working, dvd drive is working. I assume it's not the PSU.

Now, according to you, it's either the motherboard or the CPU. I have a large heatsink on my CPU, no fan. This allows me to feel the metal on the heatsink right on top of the CPU and it does not get warm when I turn it on. So, this means the CPU is bad, right? But, is it not possible that damage to the motherboard is preventing power from reaching the CPU? Let me know, please. Then I can decide whether to buy a new CPU or a new Motherboard.

Oh, I haven't tried replacing the battery on the motherboard. Can this still be a possible problem?

Thank you for your help.
Thank you
No easy solution to your problem. One would need hands on access to the computer. It could be the power supply the motherboard takes different voltages than the fans. The fans on proves nothing about the power supply.

If you can't swap out the power supply (my first option) then Take it to a repair shop.
If the monitor goes black then it may be your video card or integrated video might be bad. Put a new video card in and check. They are pretty inexpensive. Note what type of card slot you gave to make sure you get the right card. PCI or AGP port.

Good luck
MAC IS the answer > admiralspark - Feb 17, 2010 at 09:06 AM
When power is off (pull power completely out of wall). Watch and make sure you green indicator light is off on your motherboard. Pull out CMOS battery... put back in.... plug in computer... then it should fire up. If that does not work... buy a MAC next time you will not have these problems.
Hey, I just had the same problem with my aspire. Just wondering how you fixed it or what the problem was
jc_lamb > btupper - Sep 1, 2009 at 01:08 PM
My motherboard is fried have to replace it. But it is cheaper then what I payed for the computer cpu though
try to plug in an external monitor and see if anything appears onscreen after you turn the laptop on
Thank you
Hey, I just had the problem as well, not sure what happened......I came home from work, turned on the comp, looked fine, went to jump in the shower, came back and it seemed my comp was stuck in hibernation, so I turned it off, and got the same problem. The lights would come on, all the fans would start running, but it would stay black on my monitor and I heard no beeps/boot. I got on another comp in the house and started forum searching and halfway found my answer.....
Now this problably has been said already, but I havent had the time to read through all the posts, but it turns out that when I removed my PCIe video card, and plugged my monitor up to the onboard card on my mobo, the computer started up fine! So I cleaned the PCIe card and tried to put it back in and start up the comp again, only to have the black screen, no boot thing happen again, but this time I noticed the fan on the card was trying to spin, but couldnt, kept getting stuck. Tried cleaning it more to no avail...
So my conclusion is either the card/fan itself is dead, or my PCIe slot on my mobo is dead, but w/o it in the slot my computer runs just like it did, I'll have to find out the issue when I have more time. Hope this helps
Thank you
so ..

.. ive been having the same problem as everybody else (for the most part)

i feel ive taken all the necessary steps but I want to be 110% sure that ive come to the correct conclusion. Mainly because the computer is not actually mine. I'm just more technical than the owner and have a decent common knowledge about computers and electronics

so here's what happens ..

PC turns on
PSU fan is fully functional
Hard disk spins
DVD drive lights up, opens and closes
when first powering on the PC the CPU fan spins for a second but only for a second and then stops
Manual shut down is not possible .. ive held down the power button for 2 minutes straight and no shutdown occurs

PC does not boot ..

the monitor recognizes that its connected to a video card but immediately says that its going to sleep

this is what ive done so far ..

i've disconnected the RAM and turned on the computer ... no beep .. no nothing
ive attempted to clean the RAM with an eraser .. no luck
i've attempted switching ports that the RAM is plugged into .. no luck
i've tried switching the PSU with one that I KNOW works well and I get the same results
i've removed the ethernet card and restarted the PC .. no luck
I've removed and reinserted the BIOS battery located on the MoBo .. no luck
I've cleaned out all the dust from the fans and boards and once again .. no luck

i can't seem to remove the CPU heat sinc from the CPU to do the heat test .. BUT .. ive left the PC running (everything connected) and I can feel the heat sinc heating up after about a few minutes .. which leads me to believe that the CPU is fully functional

i cant blame it on the Graphics card because graphics is all on board
process of elimination says that the Mobo is fried and needs to be replaced

.. so most people would say, "open and shut case, Johnson. What the heck is your question?"

well, its the CPU fan

the PC has been running for a few minutes now, the CPU is obviously heating up and the cooling fan hasn't kicked on yet.
so I attempt to spin the cooling fan manually (with just my fingers) and the fan continues spinning but at very low RPMs .. probably not even quick enough to cool a snowball in the north pole

.. so my question is .. (finally)

is the CPU cooling fan being effected by the incapabilities of the MoBo?
or do I have a secondary problem that needs to be addressed before I can confidently say that I have pinpointed all of the problems with this PC

once again .. i'd like to be 110% sure of what the exact problem is here, mainly because the computer doesnt belong to me .. and to tell a friend he has to replace his MoBo and then find out afterwards that wasn't even the problem is nothing short of .. "messed up"


to have him replace his MoBo .. solve his problems for a week or two and then have his CPU blow up on him

im hoping that other users having similar problems can read this post and see it as sort'of a checklist of things that could possibly be the problem and their solution

PC is a Acer aspire T180 and is obviously completely stock
it runs an AMD athalon64 3800+

after reading all 7 pages of this thread ive come to the conclusion that this is a pretty common problem with Acer PCs. I know what brand of computer NEVER to buy

if anyone has any questions or comments that could help my situation they would be greatly appreciated

thank you, and goodnight
I want to thank the great DJ Akshay for his advice regarding the rubber eraser. I was having the same problem with my desktop computer not booting and the fan just running full out. I took out my memory chips and rubbed the gold plated pins with the eraser and reinstalled them and it fixed the problem! But now when it boots up, my mouse cursor is frozen and I can't get it to move. I have a Logitech wireless mouse with the tiny USB doggle that plugs into the USB port. The mouse works fine with my laptop. I use it for both and it is the only mouse I have. Also the new hardware wizard pops up offering to find a USB hardware registration or something. So that may be it. I can't get into safe mode because it asks me to click on a user and the cursor is frozen. How do I fix this?? A computer without a mouse is like a car without a steering wheel. How can I fix anything if I can't click on anything? I don't have an spare mouse to try. Thank you very much. Is the great DJ Akshay still around? aka Computer God

I have a Sony Vaio desktop with P4 , 2GB memory, WinXP. Can anyone help?
DJ AKSHAY 266 Posts Sunday December 21, 2008Registration date April 26, 2010 Last seen > cloudboy - Oct 13, 2009 at 11:05 AM
Sure, I am still around dear...
You are most welcome to this forum dear...
Use the keyboard to login to Windows.

Press the TAB Key to select the User you want then press ENTER.
To enter Device Manager after successful login, press the WINDOWS Key and Pause-Break Key together then release. Use the Direction keys to move to right side up to Hardware then Press Alt key and D key then release.
Again use the Tab key and then the direction keys to move down up to Mice and other Pointing Devices.
Press the + Key to expand the view, Press Alt Key and A Key then press U key to uninstall...

If this is a USB Mouse, try connecting it to another USB port on your computer...

Please let me know if you are having other problems...

Thanks and Bye...
Chris S. > DJ AKSHAY 266 Posts Sunday December 21, 2008Registration date April 26, 2010 Last seen - Nov 9, 2009 at 12:07 PM
can someone help me? I got a gateway back in may 23 and somewhere september it would not start up ( fans turn on button glows) and ever since I got it,it would blue screen. well I took it back to bestbuy and they replaced my power source thing (they said it was faulty) but they put the same kind back in. well they said I need a restart/reboot disk (i have no idea what it is) I have to have the disk in the computer when I start it up next time and it would wipe the computer. They said it is something like "It wont post" iam not computer savvy and no idea what to do and I dont feel like wasting $1200 on a computer ( which I got just to surf the web and play W.o.W with) I had a galaxy (dont know the version) graphics card, and a TV tuner, plus my 400 watt power supply thingy. is there anyway I can get a backup disk or just do it on my own?

this is the kind I have
Thank you
Although not a member of this forum, I booted my cpu and experienced the same issue. Even using a system restore disc I made did not work. I removed all 3 ram modules, clean them with the eraser and on my next attempted startup - my cpu worked perfectly. Amazing. While I was in the CPU, I cleaned everything. THanks for the tip.
same with me - couldnt believe it worked!! Thanks, you guys saved me forking out for nothing. Cheers!!
Thank you
This discussion has a lot of great information, but I'm still having problems. My computer powers on but only boots some of the time. This system is a few years old. My hard drive had issues, so I bought a new one and decided to upgrade memory too.

I'm having trouble with installing Windows XP. I can boot from CD, and the computer goes through formatting the hard drive and loading setup files. When the setup needs to restart, the monitor goes to sleep. The power is still on, fans running, lights on - but no reboot.

My processor temp is normal and the fan is running. I've tried swapping memory, CD drives, IDE cables. I have removed all the PCI cards and use on-board video. I switched from the power strip to the wall outlet. I reset the bios settings.

When I manually restart and try to continue the install (by selecting repair), the setup starts inspecting my system and the monitor goes to sleep as described above. And some times when I power off and back on manually, the fans come on but the computer doesn't do anything (bios doesn't load).

I would appreciate any other help/suggestions, or at least some degree of certainty that the motherboard is the culprit and that I should look for a replacement.


Thank you
Same problem as above, comp starts up windows screen flashes up and then blanks out, mouse and keyboard lose power. However when I unplug keyboard and mouse from USB slots and plug them back in, PC continues start-up fine....
Any suggestions?
DJ AKSHAY 266 Posts Sunday December 21, 2008Registration date April 26, 2010 Last seen - Feb 5, 2009 at 09:54 AM
It can be that either your mouse or your keyboard is faulting.

try unplugging one of the two before starting your PC and power it up to check with which one it gets stuck.

Then you will find out which one is faulty and you can then replace the defective input device.
Yeah one of your usb ports may be bad, or grounded out. Your mother board can not tell which one so it assumes their all bad. You would usually get a over run error though. do you get an error?
after you get the computer back on turn up your sound. First unplug all your usb cables, and thanstart pluggin in one usb port at a time. You should know the noise it makes when you plug it in, if one dont make a noise at all than that usb does not work. I had the same problem. Flashing the bios or maybe just taking out the cmos battery and putting it back in might fix it.
i hav tried your solution and it has worked. thanks very much may God bless you ALL.
Thank you
Hey, this question is for DJ Akshay.

My family and I have a HP computer, and it was running perfectly fine until this morning. When starting up the computer, no output accessories (keyboard, mouse, monitor) would start up. The keyboard and mouse don't light up like it should, however the monitor goes on but then says that it cannot find a signal, then goes to a black screen. I tried your method of removing the RAM and using the eraser, but that did no help. However, this has happened the night before. So I rebooted it several times, and I finally found a signal with my monitor and everything was functioning perfectly. So, my question is .... what might be causing this? Because it surely isn't the RAM.

Please help !!!
Thank you
i need help! one day my pc was working fine. then I turned it off and later when I tried to turn it back on it wouldnt boot. the fans come on, the hdd light flashes twice, but the led on the power button doesnt come on. I took out my ram and my motherboard beeped twice... is it supposed to beep more? and I also tried the eraser thing. I took out the cmos jumper, turned my pc on then off, and replaced the jumper. still doesnt work. what would be wrong? the main difference I see from all the other people posting on this thread is that the led on my power button doesnt come on... (not the power supply, but the button itself on the front of the pc)
Thank you
Hello DJ Akshay,

I need your advice for my below Desktop Problem.

I have a problem with my Desktop PC.

It suddenly stopped working. When I power up, Screen freezes with first page showing Boot menu F2 and BIOS F10. It does not go beyond this screen to WinXP boot up.

My problem is Keyboard is not active (I tried PS2 and USB keyboards). Three lights in the keyboard blinks momentarily at the time of power up and nothing happens after that.

Since Keyboard is not active, I am unable to get in to boot menu or BIOS to alter settings.

Even removing Hard disk make no difference. Suupposed to boot from Hard disk (C:).

Mother board, Processor, Power supply are O.kay. Fans are running, Beeps when Ram removed, Processor heats up.

How to get Keyboard active is my problem.

When I tried to boot from bootable CD or Restore CD, upon power up, CPU reads the CD rom and nothing happens after.

Is it advisable to change the RAM and check?
Thank you
Here is my situation. I have a HP Pavillion 1473w. Recently I went to use it and the mouse wasn't working. I thought the batteries but noticed the reciever lights were not on. I shut it down and it wouldn't come back up. I get a black screen. The fans come on and I hear the dvd drive and can open the drive. The motherboard is an ECS RC410-M.

Other things that I have checked

Monitor works on another computer so I ruled out the cable and monitor (swapped cables also)

I tried resetting the bios via hp recommendation of remove power cable and holding button in for 5 seconds.

I also tried removing the power cord, moving the jumper over, pressed the button 2-3 times, move the jumper back and no change.

I've removed the modem card which was not in use and tried adding a working video card. No change. Everything is built in so there are no cards hook in right now.

I removed the cpu fan and started it for a couple of seconds and felt the cpu heating.

I jumped the 24 pin connector on the board and the powersupply fan worked. Also the light on the power supply is on.

I tested the 4 pin motherboard connector, all the molex connector and jumped the 24 pin connector and tested all except black, gray don't recall a brown using a voltmeter and everything was reading at 3.3, 5 or 12

I have 2 memory cards both were swapped, used individually in both, and I used an eraser on the gold pins, no change.

I removed the memory cards and powered on but didn't hear any beeps. I see the speaker on the board and assume it is working.

I have also removed the battery and tested it on a voltmeter to see that it worked. I believe the reading was around 3

My guess is the board is bad. One bit of info that I don't understand is the switch on the front of the case is a circle and it turns blue, there is also a orange light. When I push in the switch the light flashes blue but then goes out. I believe normally it would turn blue and stay on until you shut off the pc. I'm not 100% sure that it worked like that normally but am pretty sure. I ask as I don't know if that could indicate anything or if a faulty switch could cause problems like mine.

If the board is the problem, I had planned on ordering the ECS RC410-M board online since it was the same board. Am I correct that since the board is the same that I shouldn't have any issue with booting up? There isn't a windows xp disc but I have the 2 dvds that were burned when I bought the pc new.

Any ideas or other things I should test for? I don't want to order a board is that is not the problem.
Thank you
I am having a similar problem. The computer doesn't seem to boot up. Lights come on, fans run, but no light on the mouse (usb) and monitor says "power saving mode." The lights on the keyboard do come on though. I did the CMOS reset. No success. I removed the RAM and got the repeated beeping. While it was out I tried the eraser trick, but still no luck. When I tested to see if the processor warmed up, it took about 15 seconds to turn luke warm (without the heat sink). I tried this on another computer and it got too hot to touch within about 3 seconds. I wasn't sure if this indicated a CPU problem or if there just wasn't too much to process since it wasn't booting so it didn't heat up.

One other major suspect here... About 3 months ago I replace the video card when the old one started messing up. It performed well all that time. I tried removing the card (I didn't have another to replace it with so I just left the AGP slot empty) and the computer acted the same way. I'm not sure if a computer can boot without a video card, but it didn't seem to make any difference.

Thanks in Advance

Just answering my own question in case it may help another. In my case it was the video card. I tried an old one from another computer and it booted up.
Thank you
1. My computer froze. so I restart.
2. It would power on, but would not boot.
(no signal to monitors.)
3. I checked all cables, followed all your steps.
4. When I moved the RAM around it loaded up normal again. (long beep with no RAM.. yay!)
5. After about 10 min it crashed again.
6. I moved the RAM again and it loaded again.
7. After about 10 min I get blue screen.
8. I have tried moving the Memory over and over, but I cannot get it to boot up like it did in steps 4 and 6.

I was hopeing for a suggestion from you DJ ASKSHAY. I have two RAM cards and neither work in any slot now. (i only have 2 slots)

Should I buy a new memory card?
DJ AKSHAY 266 Posts Sunday December 21, 2008Registration date April 26, 2010 Last seen - Mar 17, 2009 at 08:08 AM
Yeah, I believe you have not tried the eraser tip yet. Try it and let me know, if the memory card works then ok but remember that you will need to change it/ both in the future.
Thank you
hi dj
Hope u might help me got the same problem as above my dell dimension 5000 stoped working, first of all the power light start flashing amber fan stopped working only move for while and stopped . following the MOBO specification find out that I internal power problem my exist , disconnected all memory, HDD power , and all cards, after that the power lights start lighting STILL amber colour, fan start working but thats all, nothing happened, started plug in one component after another and nothing, still the same colour in manual said thet if light is like that device might be malfunctioning or incorrectly installed but all devices was unplaged except CPU and still the same problem, take the processor fan off, CPU is getting hot, presume is ok, so is this a MOBO failure ???? please let me know. thank you
sirbeaubeau 2 Posts Tuesday March 31, 2009Registration date April 1, 2009 Last seen - Apr 1, 2009 at 05:35 PM
Thank you
DJ akshay,

I have gateway 507gr One day it wouldn't start/ No BIOS, no fans, no beeps, dead.

I changed the battery drained the power - nothing
I shorted the PSU green to black and the PSU fan runs, but won't run the computer - nothing
I bought a higher wattage PSU from Best Cry and - nothing
Changed out the RAM - Nothing

The LED light on the MOBO is lit and that is the only indication that any power is getting that far. Should I take off the heatsink fan and feel the processor? If it is cold then it is dead and I need a new MOBO correct?

Thanks everyone, great site.
Thank you
Thank you so much for all the excellent options that you provided in your responses in this thread. I tried almost all the methods that you mentioned including using the eraser method on my memory modules but to no avail. I was about to go out and buy a new motherboard but then I thought of using the eraser method on the GPU pins and voila, everything is back the way it is supposed to be.

Thanks again!!
Thank you
Well my problem is that one night we had a power outage while I was sleeping, when the power was restored I tried to reboot the PC but after all the lights came back on there was no nothing coming up on the monitor at all except a quick flash of the prior image. Please tell me this is fixable and easy to do my self? Thanks
Thank you
Hope someone can help me with a problem similar.

I'm currently having 2 issues:

- when I power up the pc, nothing shows up on screen and nothing loads. however the fan speed becomes very fast. usually it takes a couple of manual reset to make it work.
- when it's supposedly made to work, the fan speed will go very fast for about 1-2 secs then goes back to the
normal speed, and that's how I know when to stop the reset.
- the system will then work fine and load to desktop.
- however from time to time, even when I do like 20 over resets, it wouldn't work. (which is happening right now)

how I try to fix:
- somehow I think it may be ram related, so I usually pluck out all the rams. I have 2x 256 and 2x 512 on it which it usually work fine.
- I tried the eraser method on the rams but it would still take a couple of resets for each pair to work. right at
the moment having either 2x 256 pair or 2x 512 is working only. I had tried to connect all 4 rams back, but
somehow it wouldn't start after 20 over resets.
- going to attempt to fix it again right now.

- even when the pc successfully bypass the fast running fan speed, it may hang at the windows screen while loading to the desktop or just hang before desktop gets completely loaded.
- i'm not sure which issue happened first but they seem to be happening together.
- I usually expect 1-5 times of screen hang before a success boot, with each hang requiring a reboot.
- however as my system stop working today, fixing in either 2x 256 pair or 2x 512 is making one attempt success boot.

Please suggest how could I fix this..
Thanks for looking through =)

omar232 2 Posts Tuesday December 22, 2009Registration date December 23, 2009 Last seen - Dec 23, 2009 at 01:34 PM
Thank you
hey guys I need urgent help please. I was browsing the net when a blue screen error came up on my screen and I had to restart my laptop. while restarting it got stuck somewhere in the boot process. I left it for 15 min nothing happened so I turned it off and tried to turn it back on but now the screen is blank and doesn't turn on, but the fans turn on and the lights on the keyboard turn on. I've tried plugging it to another external screen to see if the problem is from the screen but it shows no signal. so I believe the screen must be okay. how can I solve this problem? I have HP pavilion laptop, any help would be appreciated! thanks in advance!
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