Vista Won't load past welcome screen

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I'm having serious computer problems with Microsoft Vista. My computer will let me type the password in, and then when it's at the welcome screen, it will not load past it. I can see it trying to load, but in my opinion, twenty minutes is enough time to load. So, I shut the computer down and tried to load it back up. It then prompted me to the System Restore screen. I tried to restore, and then restart, but was then prompted to a disk check screen for my C/NFTS drive or whatever it is. Also, there's this lloud. crunching obnoxious sound coming from inside the laptop. What could this be - harddrive, fan? What? The laptop is a HP Pavillion Dv9000 by the way.

Also, on an unrelated note -sometimes when I click on a link [any random link] on IE, sometimes it will just start opening hundreds and hundreds of new IE windows. Bahh.
I hate this laptop...

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I've read all the comments.for those of you can run your pc in safe mode and run your antivirus and other security software please do virus and malware checks from safe will take a bit longer than running them with an open desktop of course. if you can't get your pc into safemode and don't know enough about pc jargen to understand instructions given to you by others then the best thing to do is to roll back your pc to a the last day that you knew it was working well or just reformat your hard drive .yes you'll lose all your old files that you've downloadsed to your machine.if you don't don't have the knowledge , or ability or patience to do step by step what pc savvy people instruct u to do(and I used to be like that myself) then it's best to just redo your c drive from the beginning.stick in your discs that came with the pc and follow instructions to get your pc up and running again. i've had to do so in the past many times. I don't have to now but there was a time..many times.there's many reasons possible why the pc isn't booting..or isn't getting past the welcome screen..or isn't finsishing the boot process even though the cursor indicates that something is being loaded or that the processor is actively 'doing' fact there's usually more than 1 or 2 reasons these things can occur. I wish everyone good luck,as i've spent many times in the past crying,shaking my fist and cussing out(all at the same time)my fact I believe that it would be a wise idea,before buying one's first pc,to take an anger management course. I believe that in the past,i've been so angry at computers that would break down that I actually invented new cuss words at those times. hope this doesn't happen to any of you!! good luck people
It seems a few are on the right track in here.

You say it's making a loud crunching sound during boot. 9 out of 10 times this is a bad hard drive. It's as simple as that. If your laptop is still under warranty, contact HP to take care of it. If it isn't then you'll either want to find a qualified computer repair shop or tackle the job yourself.

And all the Vista haters in this thread need to think a little deeper before responding. It's a good operating system, it's the future of Microsoft OS, get over it. Trying to install XP on a dead hard drive is about as easy as "raising the dead" as well. If you want your new hardware to be supported and fully utilized by your operating system, you have very little choice but to move on to Vista - XP is a dead point.
i relly don't understand, i'm running on Vista Home Premium and when I type in my password it just says welcome as well but it shows that its loading with that little circle thingy but i've tried this on all of my user accounts but it still is no different
how much your ram? 2 gb?if you using vista premium you neen minimum 2 gb but 4 gb ram better but really I hate all vista series I can advice delete vista install xp ,i can fix your pc but im sure im farr:)

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The load crunching sound might be the hard drive doing its best to read a sector that is damaged. You probably need to replace the hard drive.
im a tec I know this stuff e-mail me for ?'s
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My antivirus software expired, so when I log in my computer screen turns black and cannot click on anything and there is this message that says I have a spyware/malware threat, and an automatic window pops up saying I need to buy internet security. Help!
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Feb 27, 2010 at 03:46 PM
you might have to buy internet security.
Your a tec and you can't spot a fake anti virsus program WOW
omg my laptop wont go to the main screen to log onto the internet so it loads and loads it takes hours
managed to fix it.

it seemed to be a registry key problem. So I invested in registry key mechanic. and voila my pc is now booting up again.

now to get my dvd drive to show up again. vista really is one buggy operating system.
Jan 12, 2009 at 03:57 PM
What REg Mechanic? I am still getting the same problem, I triied using REGCUE, but it still does the same as you had... Any Ideas?
For your DVD drive, research how to delete upper and lower filters in the registry. This will probably fix the missing dvd player.

Thanks for the clue on explorer.exe.

I downloaded AVG and a couple of others and I think it's got rid of the Worm it found, however my computer is still stalling after the Log In. What's Registry Key Mechanic please?

I'm having the same problem. I am using vista and when the screen goes gray I activate sleepmode and then deactivate it. I will soon do a virus search.
FFS does anybody actually have the answer?
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Jan 28, 2009 at 03:10 PM
Ok, I am a certified technician for a prominent computer manufacturer. There is a problem with several of the posts in this thread. Several of you have different issues, all of which have the same symptoms.

First off-Michelle: You need to check your video drivers. This is the most common cause of random characters/vertical or horizontal lines. Since it is successful in safe mode, I would start by checking drivers.

Danspan: When you get the black screen of death (mouse cursor on a black screen) you can try and restart explorer as you posted (ctrl, shift, esc will bring up task manager) and then click File-New task-explorer.exe. This will (in most cases) let you get your icons and desktop up normally, at least once so you can back up your data.

CompTech: You are exactly right. Most of the problems (with the exception of the crunching hard drive) IS ABSOLUTELY caused by the user. Malware, Spyware, Adware, and viruses cause the majority of damage to computers we see today. Be careful where you go. Don't download crap from limewire, torrents etc. Even if you think you are protected by running your Norton or Mcaffee, you are being fooled. There are between 8 and 10 THOUSAND new viruses written every WEEK, mostly from eastern Europe and former Soviet Union. If I was a virus programmer, I would write it to do everything in its power to avoid the major antivirus software, which is what most of you probably have.

For most of you, (if you do not have premium tech support from your computer manufacturer), your system is probably too hosed for you to fix on your own. You will more than likely need to do a full format and start from scratch.

Anyone reading this, take it as a life lesson, or a wake up call. The internet can be a very very dangerous place, depending on what you do and where you go. ALWAYS back up your data. I recommend 4 programs for the average user. All of these are FREE! Malware Bytes, SpyBot search and destroy, AVG free antivirus, and CCcleaner. CCcleaner is a great utility that fixes bad and unused registry entries, along with normal housekeeping (ie cookies temp internet files etc. )

When Vista wont load (or Xp for that matter) its a direct result of either new software being installled, or a hardware failure. Simple as that. Software can be anything you intentionally loaded, or something that came in the back door and infected the computer (like spyware or a vurus)

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!! Anything that says Windows Antivirus 2009, or Windows Antivirus 2008, or Windows Antivirus Xp, or anything with Windows and Antivirus in it---is a VIRUS! It is very sneaky and looks like a real program. It will eventually tell you your trial is up and asks for a credit card number. It is stealing this information. It looks like a legitimate program and many people think It's a Microsoft application. It actually runs what looks like a legitimate virus scanner. It is so sneaky, that if you select restart from the start menu, your computer doesn't actually restart. It simply shows an image onscreen that looks like the Windows XP reboot screen. We see this happening on Vista machines all the time.

Pop ups, or redirects to pages you didnt select are indicators of malware/spyware. Malware Bytes should take care of most of these.

Hope this helps some of you.
Dijital > Dijital
Jan 28, 2009 at 03:19 PM
Oh one last thing. To correctly run check disk...

get to the command line.

Type cd/

type chkdsk /f /r

There is a space between the chkdsk and /f and /r

It should read as follows

C:/chkdsk /f /r
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Jan 29, 2009 at 02:48 PM
I like what I read under your response and have a similar problem. I would like it if you could help me. I have a Toshiba Satellite 215-4196 w/ Vista Premium. Love, love love it. However, one night I had fallen to sleep on the couch with a glass of water next to it. You know where this is going. I left early in the morning for the day, came home that evening, pushed the button to turn it on. And it wouldn't come on. I checked all the connections and when I looked down, there was a letter misising and it was absolutely soaked. We had a new kitten and I beleive what had happened was that she decided to play in the water. I quickly disconnected it. But fear it was too late at that point, and let it dry out for a few days. A few days later it would reboot. Came on and I was able to use it like normal, until the battery died. Then I removed the battery and gave it to someone at my place of work to copy all my data that I desperately needed. He did that, and said good news you can use it with the battery removed. But you may have fried the charging system. So being excited I took it home, plugged into the wall and turned it on. The welcome screen came up, and asked for my password. I promptly entered it. I kept giving me an error message saying it was the wrong password and the hint came up. It was exactly what I thought it should be. I kept reentering it, and on occasion it looked as though it was loading. Then an error message stating to use a thumb drive or floppy disk because there was no drive came up.

My question would be... any thoughts on what drive they are referencing? Can I download it from Toshiba? Do you know any way of getting around this? I can work a program, but when it comes the guts... I'm useless, but I do follow direction quite well. Can you help me please? I'm just devastated. You don't know how hard I had to work to get this lap top and how long it took me to save for it.
Dijital > Sherri7352
Jan 30, 2009 at 03:19 AM
Sorry to say, but you're pretty much hosed on this one. If the water got under the keyboard, it probably fried it. This would explain your password not typing correctly. Im really not sure what drive its asking you for. It sounds like you might need to start saving again for a new laptop.
boot the computer in safe mode and delete the windows update from 1/15/09 or near that date dont remember the update number.
It should work after that if you were having the same problem I was of the comp not booting and having these weird colored vertical lines that faded in and out.

This is the umteenth time I have had a problem with vista updates through microsoft
i am having the same computer went to the blank screen before logging in. it says its doing a system recovery... the weird thing is my computer (mine) is the same thing an has no problems. knock on wood. its the family computer with all the problems an its newer.. windows xp 2gb. mine is windows xp 1gb. when I upgraded mcafee in october it started workin better... now its not...
Lol, Vista owns provided you have a PC capable of running it. Don't install it or buy it pre-installed on a POS computer so you can complain about it later. The blank screen has more to do with hardware than the OS, same thing happened on my 6 thousand dollar Alienware laptop and it DIDN't even have Vista, although it could have easily run it. The problem was related to the hard drive, and upon trying to fix the bad sector, the motherboard fryed itself...pretty cool, at least I still have a 6 thousand dollar paperweight =).
Hi Guys,

I seem to have found a soultion that I think might help some of you.

If you have an Intel chipset with RAID, it installs a RAID monitor service on your machine. If your RAID suddenly feels the need to do a consistancy check & repairs then, for some reason, this service kept causing my main profile not to load. This explains why your HDDs are grinding away, trying to repair the array.

It was obvious as I went into safe mode and all works fine. So I created a new admin user, rebooted and logged into the new user. Finally, up comes the new user's desktop and Intel says it's rebuilding the array. Best thing to do (as the RAID is gonna repair whether you like it or not) is just to stop & disable the service (listed under "Intel...." in services) and simply log off your new user and back onto your normal one.

This method works for me. Clearly some kind of glitch with the Intel monitor and Vista, I will be reporting it. Just a note, when I re-enabled this and rebooted all was ok..... but it then later decided to do another re-build and it happened again. It's clear this was to blame.

Gd luck with anyone having different issues.
Hi Guys,

Further my investigation into this, where the issue only effects the user profile, I have discovered that there are serveral non-windows services on my PC that cause this issue. Best thing I can advise is going into Safe Mode, create a new Admin user, Restart and login to see if it works. If you can log in then run "msconfig" and look in the services and startup options. Limiting the services screen to non-microsoft helps a lot.

Look for any programs you have that might interfere with the logon process or start working instantly once logged on. Disable them one at a time, try to logon to your other profile after disabling each one until you discover which service is causing the issue. Just a note on that is if your service also has a partner application in the statup section then disabling this as well is always a good idea, as sometimes if one loads then it re-enables the other.

The service that did it for me was Digital Persona Fingerprint manager more so than any other, however the RAID one worked once as well but I've since turned it back on and it still logs in as long as the Fingerprint reader service is disabled. This is a bummer cos it was working fine for a short while.

Either way, it's not something you need to re-install over. Concentrate on things that start with windows and I'm sure you'll find the solution. It doesn't have to be malware/spyware at all.
ndgo > The Dude
Jul 21, 2009 at 07:32 AM
this helped a lot. ican actually do stuff. now im hunting for the bad program. thanks
I downloaded and installed a newer version of vista on my laptop but its all gone horrible wrong and now my system recovery wont work. I have heard you can buy recovery discs for your machine but if im still under warranty can I get the discs free? and can some1 tell me where 2 get them from pls.
Hey people, i've found a way for the guys who can logon, get past the stupid "Welcome" page and get to their blank and unloaded desktop with nothing on it. I've been doing this for quite some time now and I'm sick of it, but this is what I did:

Hold CTRL & ALT & DELETE on your keyboard at the same time. A menu should come up and you should see :

Start Task manager

Click on it, then task manager shows up. Click new task, and type in "explorer" (without quotations of course).
Windows explorer should have loaded up and your desktop should be back to normal. However, I am sick of doing this everytime I log on! Someone, PLEASE HELP US!!!
Jun 28, 2009 at 07:40 PM
I am having a similar problem except that when I try to turn on my computer it gets to the blue welcome screen and automatically restarts. It is stuck in an infinite loop like this unless I hold the power button. Anybody have any Ideas on how to fix this?
It could be something wrong with your hard drive, burnt out maybe? I had the same problem 1 year ago, all I did was run of a specially burnt disk called ubcd4win and checked to see if I could restore my files, and then I did something in BIOS it was a scan, I think to check and fix for hard drive problems
SOLVED!!! my own problem was the same thing as everyone. I found out you could tap the F10 at start up and it would take you to windows discovery. I then chose to restore factory settings. Granted the reload process took a bit, my vaio turns on and off and now I don't have to stare at a blinking cursor with a black background.
Hi there! I read the solution to your problem - it sounds similar to mine. When you did system recovery...did you lose all your files?


Ok real quick I had the black screen of death on a monster of a machine .. top of the line parts .. But totally my fault by practicing some techniques so to speak by passing windows protocol. If it is not virus related Download a bit torrent of the retail windows vista (if you have multiple machines use a diff one or a buddies and burn the ISO to a DVD so you can boot off it) and enter the vista code you own and paid for but they retailer was to cheap to give you a disk. Run the install on the drive it has been installed on. It will move your old stuff to a separate file, something like winold. As far as drivers go you can point windows at that folder and it will pull missing drivers that you already had installed off that directory. It will also have you saved stuff like music and pictures, but if your not backing up regularly call it a lesson learned for any file or bookmark loss. If it is virus infestation usually better to wipe the drive and reinstall and learn your backup lesson and stop doing stuff out of your control or visiting those german fetish porn sites ;)

Anyway the OS repair/over install works for many things and is tried and true method for fixing annoying system issues.
HI I am having the same problem and I have a dell( don't know exactly what it is) but I tried safe mode but it won't work........ this weird disc thing comes up and it keeps on restarting....... can anyone please help me????? thx
If you mean it goes past the welcome screen, but then the screen turns black, or something like that, all you have to do is:

1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete

2. A screen should show up with the same background as your logon screen.

3. Click Start Task Manager

4. Make sure that towards the top of the window, you are in Applications.

5. Click New Task...

6. There should be a new window open.

7. In the box after it says Open: Type in explorer.exe

8. Your desktop should show up
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Mar 4, 2010 at 09:54 AM
Update your wirelss worked for me.. so boot up safe mode with networking and download the driver for your wireless card from the manufacturer site..mine was dell then restart :)
Thanks mayman .Worked a treat.