Vista Won't load past welcome screen

SugarnSPikes - Oct 3, 2008 at 05:30 PM
 Dr. Feelgood - Jul 1, 2010 at 12:38 AM

I'm having serious computer problems with Microsoft Vista. My computer will let me type the password in, and then when it's at the welcome screen, it will not load past it. I can see it trying to load, but in my opinion, twenty minutes is enough time to load. So, I shut the computer down and tried to load it back up. It then prompted me to the System Restore screen. I tried to restore, and then restart, but was then prompted to a disk check screen for my C/NFTS drive or whatever it is. Also, there's this lloud. crunching obnoxious sound coming from inside the laptop. What could this be - harddrive, fan? What? The laptop is a HP Pavillion Dv9000 by the way.

Also, on an unrelated note -sometimes when I click on a link [any random link] on IE, sometimes it will just start opening hundreds and hundreds of new IE windows. Bahh.
I hate this laptop...

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all you need is a new hard drive I sugest buy one from ebay as they are expencive at shops

same happend 2 mine
Im having kinda the same problem as well, only when I load my computer normally, a yellow line shows at the top. But if I run it in safe mode, it works fine. Help?
Ok I have read all these posts and I am having somewhat of the same problem. It started with my pc just randomly shutting down without cause or warning. Then one day just sitting around listening to music and my computer froze. It's an HP dv2500 SE. So I waited for about half an hour before doing a manual shutdown which I had done before. Then when I turned it back on I got to the user screen and went to sign on and the screen never successfully loaded windows, only a black screen (with backlights on). I then started a system recovery and none were ever successful. I figured I had no other choice but to do a complete system recovery back to factory settings. This took about 24 hours and when I got home this evening it was completed. I clicked finish and it simply restarted loaded to the windows loading screen with the progress bar and restarted immediately. It restarted on it's own without ever getting to the sign-on screen and told me to do a start-up repair check AGAIN!!! Is there anyone out there that has any idea what the hell is wrong with my computer??? I don't expect it to be the HD but I am not as experienced as others. PLEASE HELP!!!
Thanks for any future help in advance. ~~~ Drew
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Jan 21, 2009 at 09:23 AM
I agree with the poster that suggested it was a virus. I too have the same problem, on my computer with XP (NOT VISTA). On start up, the computer displays jibberish, then when windows tries to load, it goes black. Nothing. I loaded in safe mode - fine! Couldn't run AVG Anti-virus from safe mode, so tried to load again normally. It loaded normally, after running it in safe mode - then 4 yellow vertical lines appeared (around the mouse only), and then blacked out again. Tried restarting computer, same thing...jibberish, then black. Safe mode with networking is how I'm running now, fine. Running AVG in safe mode. Will see how far it gets. Seems too much a coincidence for people to be having the same problems all within recent weeks - will post if I find the virus.
You are having video driver issues. Look for an upgrade driver.
It's bad RAM. I had a friends I had to fix. Sometimes it wouldn't turn on, sometimes it made it a little farther. First I took out the 512 stick from the underneath, still no luck. Then I took out the 512 stick from under the keyboard, and put the 1st stick in there. Turned on no problem. I replaced the bottom most with a 1gb stick from Crucial for 13 bux and haven't had any boot up problems since. This is the 2nd DELL I've personally worked on with crappy cheap RAM. It could've been worse...
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Well, I kind of have the same problem as you guys. So here's my story.

Well, i'm 15 years old. A couple of days ago I was a little.. Curious about some things and went to some sites. >.>
And that started giving alot of viruses. And my brother gets on and downloads alot of random stuff too. So it started getting worse and worse, and now, about every 30 minutes or so, it makes this louuuud, long obnoxious beep noise, and theres a small window that said something, I don't really remember. The end of the sentence it had stated that it was probably due to a virus. And my I get these little Winamp popup things coming from the bottom sides of my screen saying that I have a virus on my computer. So i'm pretty sure my problem is the work of a virus. Around last week I was searching for a free virus DELETER or something, but all I found were like virus trackers, or i'm just not sure on how to work them so it gets the virus out. So I had went to my friends house yesterday, and he was like inserting his SD card into my laptop trying to get some texture hack stuff for Brawl. After about an hour of him inserting and outserting his SD card, (i'm not exactly sure on how it got turned off he must've restarted.) it would take a long while saying "Welcome " after I put my password in, so I though it was okay, because it would usually take like a minute to logg in, and it'd go to that black screen and it'd do the explorer.exe thing. But it wouldn't logg in at all this time. After about 20 minutes it finally got in, but it was being super weird, there was the black screen at the back, and there were windows saying "Relevantknowledge (or something) is not working, please close or something.", and stuff like that. Even when I run my comp in safe mode and try to logg in, it takes forever to logg in, and instead it takes me to the system restore thing, which did nothing. Can someone please help me? My mom will seriously own me if she find out I screwed the laptop. :X

And my apologies if this exact problem has been solved, I don't really have time to look through the other posts, i'm hungry and my mom brought some shrimp fried rice. :D