Vista Won't load past welcome screen

SugarnSPikes - Oct 3, 2008 at 05:30 PM
 Dr. Feelgood - Jul 1, 2010 at 12:38 AM

I'm having serious computer problems with Microsoft Vista. My computer will let me type the password in, and then when it's at the welcome screen, it will not load past it. I can see it trying to load, but in my opinion, twenty minutes is enough time to load. So, I shut the computer down and tried to load it back up. It then prompted me to the System Restore screen. I tried to restore, and then restart, but was then prompted to a disk check screen for my C/NFTS drive or whatever it is. Also, there's this lloud. crunching obnoxious sound coming from inside the laptop. What could this be - harddrive, fan? What? The laptop is a HP Pavillion Dv9000 by the way.

Also, on an unrelated note -sometimes when I click on a link [any random link] on IE, sometimes it will just start opening hundreds and hundreds of new IE windows. Bahh.
I hate this laptop...

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i get the same thing on my vista home premium!!
plz help!!
hey guys.

i have the same problem.

when the screen goes blank or gets stuck on the loading screen. simply press cntrl alt delete -----> task manager ----> file -----> new task ------> then type explorer.exe and hit ok.

This should start up your desktop. Only trouble is you have to do this everytime until we find a fix. Hope this helps.

I had the same problem of windows not loading after welcome screen, its because windows its getting corrupted due to improper shut down.. You can either try system restore by running in safe mode.. contact your manufacturer for help.. I ve successfully restored and its running perfect.. Thanx..
mariahe > Thomas
Feb 20, 2010 at 11:27 AM
I want to know what steps you took to unlock welcome screen to get back to windows
have just had the same problem with an acer 6935G laptop ..........could not get past the welcome screen for love nor money , tried all the usual remedies already mentioned the end we got in touch with the acer helpline ..........within 60 seconds we had a solution switch it on and immediately repeatedly tap alt + f10 took us into the erecovery console for acer ..........and reset it back to factory settings ( something we couldnt do before ) ..............alt + f10 !!!!! may just work for acers though , no sure about other makes of pc ?
OMG so many people have the same problem! Mine happened today. I was just playing an internet game then suddenly my laptop asked me to close my programs and restart the computer for 'updates'. So I did then everything froze. I turned it off then turned it back on. suddenly this 'startup recovery' thingo came up and as trying to fix the error.. it took forever. all I ended up with was a dead, black screen with nothing on it ... just backlights. im seriously scared especially that the laptop isnt mine, its my family's. please help. my laptop is HP dv9722TX -windows vista
tysm :)

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I had a similar problem with a customer's laptop. Dell Inspiron 1501. The fix ended up being to update the Wireless and Wired network drivers. Funny enough there were no changes to these drivers that caused this issue. It was working when I got it to do a simple RAM upgrade and upon reboot I had the hang issue at the Welcome screen. I found this solution at another site and was skeptical but after updating the network card drivers on the dell website I was able to boot into vista normally... weird huh? :P

The other solution is to boot into safe mode (press F8 during boot up if you have to, to get the menu for safe mode) and the run msconfig and disable stuff and then reboot, rinse and repeat until you can log in, then you know what is causing your problem and you can move on to finding a fix.

I've been an avid pc enthusiast for 15 years and I have built many many many computers from scratch. I have worked as a pc tech for large companies, I have done phone support for a major computer manufacturer, I have worked for government entities and financial institutions and I gave it all up because the more I worked on computers at a professional level the more I hated them. Now I work in the Telecom industry making more than I ever did in the pc/networking industry and I love my pcs again :P however windows never ceases to amaze me on how weird problems can be solved by the most abstract piece of hardware in relation to the symptom. Funny enough I always find big-name computers like dell or hp to have the weirdest problems and really its no surprise, they have the most customized components unlike stock parts that adhere to standards as much as possible.

I hope this helps somebody :)
Try Removing the Battery and then turning on your computer. Worked for me. Also if that works, you may have a faulty battery.
yes i'm having that problem on my toshiba laptop it wont pass welcome screen it only staying on the loading part what do I have to do to fix this problem
just hold down ctrl alt delete untill your task manager can be opened then hit cancel it should pass welcome screen.
System stops responding at the "Welcome" screen? MS has a hotfix for this issue.
Hey I solved the problem you can just simply fix this

Go to windows/system32 and locate LogonUI.exe

Copy LogonUI from another working pc to yours delete the corrupted logonUI from your pc and paste the working and your done
i have the same problem too! mine has only been occuring for the past week and a half though. I have a vaio CR120. the only thing that works for me [temporarily, of course] is doing a "force shutdown"
danspan thank you so much, all you have to do is alt ctr delete then task manager then file then new task then type in explorer.exe done
The problem is not vista, it's the user. Vista is only ment for new age machines so dont put it on your old computer that had XP on it because all the old software will not work and finding drivers will be harder then raising the dead.

This is how you solve this issue, and the real issue is that your HD (hard drive) has a boot failure. This is caused by holding down the shutdown button and/or a power serge. So what you need to do is download Winpe ISO and burn it using nero or your choice of burning software. Then when those steps are completed restart your laptop and run Winpe. Once loaded go to start>CMD then type in the following code chkdisk c: /r . Then let the whole process complete and you should then be able to log into windows again.

If you still can not login to windows there is a tool to figure out if ur hard drive is dieing or id dead. This is called Hirens download that and run it off start up.

If this does not help you please email me
Hi, I did everything that you put up on your post but it says that chkdisk c:/r doesnt exist so maybe i'm typin it in the wrong place but i'm really confused.
If you could help that would be great.
I have a Dell Inspiron 1521 and it has been doing the same thing. Every time I boot up, the computer fails to get past Windows screen. I have to reboot into Startup recovery. It does this whenever I change something (run on the battery versus run on power outlet) from the last boot. It is as if Vista is seeing if your machine exactly matches the last configuration and if it doesn't, it will not boot. This happened suddenly in Oct/Nov 2008. I suspect a Vista update caused this problem.
Hi there, just saw ur post regarding vista not loading.

I am having the same problem, ive created a recovery disc but it does not seem to be working and I cant get past the loading screen, it just goes blank!!

Any suggestions?
Hi I have a similar problem I have an acer 1200 ax
it came preloaded with vista and plenty of ram 4gb
my welcome screen shows up but my keyboard and mouse will not work and I cannot access
interesting enough I can reboot in safe mode but as soon as I get to the welcome/login screen neither will work.
do you have a suggestion or should I just get a usb keyboard/mouse and cross my fingers????
hey, I must have held down the shut down key when my laptop crashed when it was shutting down and now, when I was turning it on it would go past the welcome screen, I've logged on and in fact I'm using it now it's just it's as if windows has disappeared.. I have a black screen and the only way of getting to any applications is through the task manager. Does this still have to do with my hard drive?
wow lo and behold im going tru the same problem, and im supposed to be proficient at this if the nvidia drivers for xp wasnt so buggy id settle on using it but I need vista back system recovery dont works but as it tries to run vista it just restarts right after vista tries to load.

comp tech YOUR THE PROBLEM lol
im sure every person in here machine is a vista native laptop. especially the dv... series hp laptops like mine
dv9831ca it also works flawlessly in linux (ubuntu 8.10) but I ot this wintv hvr that is murda to install ahe nd I absolutely out of my country Canada or id be on the phone with customer service like crazy.
does your laptop han an antivirus system on it? instead on safe mode with networking, try regular safe mode get into an admin account and do system restore!! all in safe mode

hope it works...4 advise if u dont have an anti virus system on it...get avg free its free of charge and get limewire off before u put it on...then reinstall limewire
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hii loook before I used visa its very bad ,delete it format your computer ,install XP believe me its better than vista and vista eating your computer ram
i have the same problem the only thing that pops up is my curor and if I wait long enough I see my screensaver I shake it and it goes back to the cursor it's pissing me of!!!!!!!!!! fresh Branden keep it checking ii put on for atlanta
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Oct 19, 2009 at 03:20 PM
boot in safe mode with command prompt
once loaded type explorer.exe
once you get your desktop and task bar back go start/restart

solution for hard boot.
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Jan 24, 2010 at 05:53 PM
ok im just plain po at this I keep getting a screen after I choose safe mode its black and then my mouse appears but thats it my screensaver will come but thats all
Vista is not eating your ram........ Its called superfetch look it up
and you can always turn it off. but I for one like my frequently used apps to run really fast.

load xp benchmark it load vista benchmark it vista always wins on newer hardware. done this 9 times with different new pc builds.
If going to buy a computer don't buy HP Pavilion with Vista. It doesn't work and it would be a waste of time because it wont boot. I have one, a pavilion a6057d with vista for a year and I've only use it for a 3 months because you can system restore it by then but now it hard to use because it does not boot up.
I had the exact same problem on my pavillion laptob with vista but I found a way to fix it. When you press control alt delete and the option screen thingy comes up start task manager but then go along the taskbar menu to services and right click one and press open and it works!
For now I got around this by doing task manager Ctrl + Alt + Delete then clicking new task under applications tab and type in explorer

this is only a temporary fix, as it'll only load up windows when you type it in, but I'm looking around anyway for a permanent fix, when windows starts up all the start-up programs will as well, network, MSN, Skype... ETC. but this'll work without a doubt


You'll have all the features of windows with out Safe mode, and all you have to do is follow my process and you should be fine.

1. get to the black windows logging on screen
2. press ctrl, alt and delete
3. click start task manager
4. click 'applications' tag
5. click new task
6. a run program should turn up, into which you type 'Explorer' (without the apostrophes).
7. enjoy having your windows back, with access to all your programs and even internet, and start-up.

NOTE: you will have to do this every time you log on, so this is not a permanent fix

How I Did it :P
PS: I learnt this the hard way along with you, after many minutes of thinking I remember seeing I new task near the end task button, "ahhh" I exclaimed, "this button may be the answer to mine, and I'm sure many other people's problems. so then I tested my theory by typing 'chrome.exe' (Google Chrome). then I had a thought I'll see if this works with Windows so I typed 'windows.exe' unfortuantly, this was not the answer so I knew what I had to do, I opened a image editing program, clicked open, then all files so I could browse to find the .exe file and under C:\windows\System32, I found 'Explorer.exe' which I remember seeing many times in task manager, and I said "this looks promising" so I started up the task through Task manager > run and Voila!! that the story!
as for the hundreds of windows thats referred to as a "fork bomb". to me, it sounds as though something is wrong with your chkdsk/command prompts.

may I recommend windows 7?