PC shuts down when USB is plugged

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This problem started shortly and whenever I will put any USB device in my PC, it shuts itself down. Windows have adviced me for BIOS upgrades. But, I don't know anything about that.

Can you help me please?

System Configuration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0

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It is most likely an issue with the USB cable. I tried to upload pics from my digital camera via USB and it rebooted my laptop twice.

After the second time, I switched the USB cable with another one and it worked perfectly. I guess, it is the USB that is creating issue. It could be damaged.

Just try a new one!

Thank you

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Hey hey. I got a problem about my pc, it shuts down everytime I insert it (USB). In your words, you mean that, the main problem is the USB not my pc? please make it clear for our satisfaction. Big Thanks!
> J.
Yes that is correct. I am saying that the main problem is the USB. Try another cable and it should work like a charm!
Go to BIOS and go to config and go to usb...then disable it.
I sent to config but there is no usb enable/dosable button
I just corrected the same problem on my desk top. Re-install or update your USB drivers. If that doesn't work replace your power supply. I swiched mine out and it fixed the problem.
I have had a similar problem. I pluged in my dvd player via a usb cable and my pc shut down without notice. Now it won't boot up at all. It will turn on and all the fans run and I can hear the HDD start to run but no video or beeps. I think maybe the dvd player fried something. I've tried removing the ram, unplugging the usb cable from the mb but nothing works. The mb power led lights up so I'm thinking maybe the cpu is toast but I don't know how to check that and I don't want to buy a new one and find out that's not the problem. Any suggestions? I've also tried switching the hard drives but that did nothing.


Asus M2N-E MB
AMD Athlon 5200 CPU
4G DDR2 Ram
Nvidia 8600 GS video card

Hey, I heard about that problem. If it's a laptop, re-plug the battery pack, that is, get it out and get it in again. I don't know about a computer, try to reinstall its battery
The computer is set to automatically reboot on fatal errors. The USB thumb
drive is likely causing this. Go to the website of the manufacturer and see
if there are more up to date drivers. If there are not, the most simple
thing to do would be to dish out the $30 or so to get a different thumb
drive rather than wasting hours of time trying to fix the problem.
if its a desktop could be motherboard or power supply, if laptop could be motherboard not too sure
Actually This Problem Nothing But One Electric Power Effect .....

When You Attach Any USB Drive To Your PC Or Laptop If Your Pan-drive is Made Of Metal or Some Defect It Join To Power And It Will Shut Down You PC.

So Don't go for System change it's a fault of your Pan-drive.

If You Want To Try Just Take Any Key Of Bike Or Scooter And Put it in USB Port it will Shut Down Your PC.

It is join two power line and Made shot circuit .... :-)

My English is Week But i have Tried My Best To Give Solution.
Hi Guys
hope someone can help.
i'm having the same problem with my Hurcules RMX Dj Console. it worked fine on Desktop Siemens Fujitsu but then all of sudden when I plugged it in for next use it shut my pc down and wouldn't restart until unplugged. no worning no error message nothing!
I've tried several cables and nope - still don't want to know.. My brother has the same console so we tried his and the same happened so I know it's not a power surge form the console doing it. any ideas chaps..
Hi There!

Well I would say to try a new cable but you already tried that. And you also say that the same console your brother has also affected your computer as well. In these types of cases sometimes you have to do trial and error and try to locate where the problem is. For your situation I would first

1.) Try the Hurcules RMX Dj Console with a new cable.
2.) If it is still showing a problem on your computer then try plugging in the the Hurcules RMX Dj on ANOTHER computer not yours and see what happens. If the other computer also reboots or shuts down or malfunctions in any way it must be the Console itself
3.) If it works on another computer but not yours, try and see if the USB or any other ports on your laptop are functioning properly.

Whatever the case is, I'm sure that you will be able to resolve it and I hope I helped!