Computer powers up but nothing on screen [Solved/Closed]

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My computer has power to the lights, fans, HDD and VGA fan, but nothing comes up on screen. I have checked all of the connections, and they seem ok. My monitor was working fine until a few months ago. I didn't use the computer for a few months, and now nothing is appearing on the screen. Please can you help!


System Configuration: Windows Vista Internet Explorer 7.0

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Suggesting you a few points. Please do a check one by one. I hope, it will be solved:
  • 1. Check the RAM is correctly seated
  • 2. Try any other RAM
  • 3. If the problem persists, check the video or graphics card (if any).
  • 4. If there is no graphic card and problem still changing it clear your CMOS by removing battery
  • 6. If it is not fixed, check the processor heat sink
  • 7. After, will suggest you to check motherboard and processor
  • 8. Swap monitors to ensure it's not just the monitor or cables.
Thank you

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Thanks for the steps mentioned here. It was very helpful.
Thank you so very much. I had tested pulled the video card, reinstalled software, tested hard drive, and the failure was intermittent software issues, until total blank. Thanks to your help, I re-seated the ram, and magic is happening. Thank you! God Bless You! Much Love to you. Love, James David Blair
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Thanks a lot. That gives me a hit about why it happents to me. My CMOS didnt get enough power. I remove my pc from the ups and now it boots fast and normal.
hi guys , good news for you, because I came here to solve your problem .
Plese follow these steps:---
1. first power on the pc and check the monitor is on or not.
2. If monitor is on and not booting then
3. power off the pc ( please press the power button some second)
4. remove the memory card and power on
5. notice that the beep come from the motherboard or not if yes then your motherboard is ok and give thanks to god because you save lots of money to spent.
6. now check your SMPS.
7. if SMPS is ok then check your PCI slots
8. if any card insert in the pci slots the remove it and start your pc.

hey same problem but have a fix basily just do this

1. press ctrl + alt+ delete to bring up task manger
2. Make a new task
3.In the box that pops up just type "explorer.exe" no speach marks
4. Your desktop should come up im afraid this may be to a virus you will have to do this every time it loads up so I recomend a virus scan if you have no virus protection just go here its avg free its lasts forever and suits you virus needs (getting rid off)
I tried it and it worked!
Its the motherboard/processor/power supply. Try the motherboard first! I had to replace mine and they gave me a better motherboard, a better processor, and a better gfx card! for a discount :D

- If the fan has power, it's not your power supply unless you added new hardware, then theres a possibility.
- If the CPU LIGHT goes on, but your monitor doesn't, its your monitor. Look at your monitor light!
- Your motherboard is responsible for your RAM, GFX card, Processor, and everything else! I call it the core.
- Dust could've clogged up the PC. Clean it up!
- If all of these fail, disconnect all hard drives and all CD & DVD drives. If it boots up, you know your problem. Just reconnect one by one, following with a startup.

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Switch the ram around that will hopefully fix the problem. cos it fixed mine .
Yes, this worked for me. Switch the RAM around and that should solve the problem. I also recommend you blow out the dust from your CPU.


Talked to a tech about the same issue, he stated in getting another power supply. Because of the power supply going bad it cant push everything. Get another power supply then repost if the problem is fixed or still the same. Makes since if you think about it, Its like having a weak battery on a car you have enough juice to run the electricals such as radio,turn signals, and dome lights but wont start the engine... Try getting another Power supply..... its weak.
Hi guys, I have the same problem or similar. A few weeks ago I woke up to a frozen desktop after some drunken attempt at watching a film. Anyway I restarted the pc and no display.....everything is powered up but I get a clicking sound from the DVD drive....I have unplugged that, but still no display, bought a new GPU, still no display, removed and replaced ram in different set up's, still no display, is my motherboard somehow fried?

dear friends
i face this problem and I became hopeless from that machine

one day when I was thinking to change my machine suddenly a thing came in my mind to change my bios by programming its chip ic from shop I do this and my machine became ok so friends I suggest to change the bios

feel free to contact for any more suggestion from me

bes of kuck

your,s ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
POWER SUPPLY problem. I have the same problem, I checked the power supply and found a burn
> shawn
i turned my pc off at night in the morning I turned it on nothing happen no light, no fan no beep no screen, I am sure my monitor is working properly coz I have 2 pcs so I changed the power surpply
did not resolve the problem it's a dead pc. Any help please?
I would start by checking every component. If you have spares - try using those to eliminate components as the cause. Use the onboard video card if you have one... If the problem still exists, it is likely not your video card.

One of the most likely causes is RAM. Try reseating all of your ram modules. There is a good chance this is the culprit.
3 things:

1- if PC powers up (power light comes on) but nothing else happens = Bad Motherboard or Proccessor

2- Re-seat the memory

3-if PC powers up and it beeps (count the beeps and google it). One beep is normal, more then one = ERROR

4-Swap monitors to make sure it's not monitor.

ps: if you added anything new to the system like a PCI, AGP..anything. it might be a PS issue(not powerfull enough)

good luck!
mmmmm but I dont her no beep
I think it's power problem. I am the sufferer for this. My new house has some power problem it always low voltage. So I had same problem but I didn't realise this and changed RAM Processor and MB. After that I found the same problem then, I bring my PC to my office where the power is sufficient and it works. But I lost BDT8500, I am still repenting... So Please check whether you have sufficient power..

Good luck!
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check the cable of your monitor and if nothing happens then check your video card. If again when you open the power of your pc and still the same, you can try to change your video card or again if nothing happens then you should buy another computer coz your pc is dead.....
This is a common fault when certain additional graphics cards are used.
2 options. 1) remove add on graphics card and boot with onboard card. OR
2) inbios check that you have enabled support for any addon cards.
When I had this problem I needed to get a new motherboard. That fixed it right up
i tried everything ive change power supply, memory ram, video card, only the processor I did did not replace/or test in anohter mother board or your right may be I need a new motherboard.
go and replace ur motherboard that the perfect solution
I posted number 17 on here I forgot to ask... what the heck else could be the problem? I mean I used lower rated equipment to ensure the psu wasn't being drained, the mobo seems okay as the ram test is carried out normally... what should I do?
then check you monitor. if all are working. then sorry I cant say the reason, but do onething to check the SMPS. if it gives +0.4v or -0.4v variation from actuat means, showing 11.6 or 12.4 instead of 12v , so on. then its good to change it. check all the particular pins of smps and read the voltage. it must me intact. if its okay then try to change all the data cables.


it can sometimes mean the graphics card has fried, my computer did it, grahpics card didnt help, neither did it when it happened to gfs computer but when it happened to my managing directors, it fixed it... just my luck
i'm not very sure about my computer, fan and lights are ok, but no sound beep and also no monitor display.??
could be your power supply or your motherboard!
I have the same problem and think the other person is right. I think it is telling me that it is just dead. This isn't the first problem I have had with this old computer.
hey if u have a gpu take that out and plug it into the defualt vga or dvi
Hi, I had the same problem with my desktop. I removed the power, then I removed the battery of the motherboard (after removing the processor). Wait 20 sec and then put back the processor after the battery. Be very careful with motherboard .....for me it work perfectly. GOOD LUCK