HP Pavilion DV6500 black screen [Solved/Closed]

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 David -
have a six month old HP Pavilion DV6500 Entertainment laptop computer. The computer was working fine and when I turned it on I received a black screen with no whiting or cursor displayed. I have turned it on and off, attempted to reboot with the HP Recovery Disk, remove battery and plugged it in to recharge. Nothing seems to be helping. Attempts to contact HP support on the phone stated that I'm ringing outside work hours. I have not installed any software and am not running periferral items.
I remove all the hardware and leave it out for at least time, I did then, leaving it out for one hour and replacing the battery for ex . After replacing the battery the computer started without a problem. but if I leave it 1 day and I stat it after , always is the same probleme please help me

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Had the same problem and was none to happy I called the after hours # and they had me shut the computer down unplug it take out the battery pack. while the pack was out they had me hold the power button for thirty seconds. I put the battery back in plugged it to the ac adapter and unbelievably it came back to life!!!!!! I hope this helps others out! They said it had something to to do with static discharge. I don't care what it is I am just so glad it is working again!!
Thank you

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Coooooool worked like a charm.....Thanks Moddy
As an Engineer myself. This does not make any sense but it works. Excellant Thank you
It works !!!!!! Thank you
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that was amazing!!! here it is 2015 and I had this issue with my dv6500 and bam it's working like new again...lol thanks millions!!!
Holy macro totally worked thanks so much
We have been having mental thunderstorms so maybe the static thing can be atmospheric
Hello everyone,

My girlfriend had the same problem, Here what I have done to resolve it...

pressure in the middle was not of any use in our case...

1) Unplug power supply and take out the battery
2) Press and hold power button for about a minute
3) Insert battery and plug in power supply
4) Use to power button...
5) Select start windows normally
6) I strongly suggest to turn off the computer as soon as the windows boot up is complete and allow the battery to recharge.

I don't know if this is a permanent solution or not but it seems to be related to the mother board power management. It seem to stay in a prevent mode once the unit as overheated...

In any case, I hope it works out for you...
Thank you SOOOOO much.. it worked for me too! I thought this thing was done for! :)

if u want to call the right number for the 24 hour tech support

the number for n.america is 1-866-671-7362


hope that helps

i found that with my dv2000 when I have the same issue.

I simply apply pressure in the middle, and it boots up.Theres an issue with the soldering

i would give hp a call for the extended warranty for this failure

hope that helps.
Thanks from me too. The battery removal and other steps you described brought my PCV-670 screen back to life without a hitch. Thanks!
coooool. Worked fir me too. Thnc 4 the time u put in it and 4 writing it here.