A soon as a log in, it logs off automatically

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Hello, I have been trying to acces my computer but as soon as I log in, it logs me off automatically, I have tried everything already. Trying to log in into safe mode wont work, it will still turn off, I have tried to access to the system recovery options but it won't let me access to them. I have an hp touchscreen laptop with windows vista. Please help me!!

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I met the same problem in WinXP Pro. Througout I made a lot of mistakes and error which I have to re-clone back and start again; I "may have the answer" as I solved in XP Pro. 1) Backup your HD onto another HD using Clone software by todobackup by Easeus. This is as a precaution act to protect in case you make mistake.

2) Try to get the same model with the same configuration as your Notebook or PC ( Ms office and etc) . Link them together in a network I ONLY TRIED IT IN THE DOMAIN Environment. It's best if the Administrator password are the same and software applications installed are the same.

Make sure you are able to ping or logon Remotely to the "bad" pC using Administrator from "good" PC. NOTE : It will not work if don't have accessor network connectivity.

3) On the "good" PC, using Regedit export HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Winlogon by clicking right hand and select Export. You may save on the My documents or Desktop. Name a proper file name you can remember say, "goodpcwinlogon.reg

4) Select File from Pull down menu, Select Connect Network Registry. Select the "bad" PC and connect it. It might prompt Administrator password here.

5) Export the HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Winlogon and name it differently say, "badpcwinlogon.reg" onto the "good" PC.

This is as a precaution act to protect in case a mistake is made.

6) Using Regedit, click Import registry and select the "goodpcwinlogon.reg" SELECT THE CORRECT PC to IMPORT, in this case the "bad" PC.

7) After importing, you may restart and try logon using Administrator in the "Bad" PC. It should work.

8) In the "Bad" PC, Go under C:\Documents and Settings, Here look for your username say, "ABC".
Rename the folder ABC to ABC_OLD.

9) Logoff as Administrator, and re-login as the Domain username in the "Bad" PC in this case "ABC". Logoff as ABC

10) Logon as Administrator again in the "Bad" PC. Go to C:\Documents and Settings, you should see a new user "ABC" created. Copy the Favourites, My Documents and Desktop files from the ABC_OLD folder.

11) re-login as your username in this case, "ABC". It should be working now.

I cannot guarantee it will work completely as I got about 90% of the software application working. I have to re-install some here.

Hope that helps!. Good luck and Best wishes.
Thank you

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Thank you very Your help is more usefull, now the system is working properly now.
Hira Singh
Hi am Hance from Tanzania, The easiest solution to the above is;
1) Run a live CD of hirens in a affected Pc
2) copy this file USERINIT.EXE FROM THIS PATH(C:/windows/system32) from a normally/properly booting PC
3) paste it in the affected PC.IN THIS PATH(C:/windows/system32)
4) Restart the computer and you will be GOOD TO GO
what I did to specifically fix this problem (taking the above guys advice):

the problem: windows kept logging me off directly after I logged in without the chance to do anything. going into safe mode only gave me a blue screen of death.

the fix: I used a program called ERD commander 2005. it allows you to boot to the disk and gives you access to your PCs vital parts. It allows you to run regedit. I followed the path in the registrey: HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon and changed the value for userinit from "...winlogon32.exe" to "...userinit.exe,"

be sure to export the registry just in case.
I have a netbook - with no CD rom drive what is the best way to fix? The netbook did not come with any CD either.
The only option is to access your netbook via a network.

how did you find the solution to your problem because I am having the same problem as you.Well it bugging me alot but I already have the anti-virus thing.It say's that I need the spyware removal but i'm so confused why?...
For those of you who tried copying userinit.exe to wsaupdate.exe and it did not work, try copying userinit.exe to winlogon32.exe and winlogon86.exe
I have copied the userinit to winlogon32 which is the same name that I saw it calling in the registry.... it logged on for a few extra seconds, I see the Malwares background and then logged me right back off. There are additional steps that need to be taken here, this is a new hybrid issue that makes the COPY userinit to the name callediin the registry, or even changing the registry value back to userinit useless. It works once and then before you can get into windows the malware reasserts its self and you are back where you started. ANY TIPS???
I'm working now and I'll try the following steps on my SICK PC when I home tonite:

Edit these values and type the correct path of shell :

Shell = explorer.exe

NOTE: These files may also be deleted by spywares. You may need to extract them using Windows CD.

Steps for rectifying this problem:

* Log on to a networked computer.
* Run Regedit.exe
* Point your cursor to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
* Select File > Connect Remote Registry
* Type computer name (infected computer)
* Navigate to the following location in registry of destination or infected computer

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

* Edit these two values in right pane:


* Change these two values to

Userinit = x:\windows\system32\userinit.exe

* Exit from Registry
* Restart Infected computer.
* You should be able to log on to computer.

I'm not the professional PC person but I always search solve PC problems online. I think you guys can do that too! Good Luck!
> ihairbook
What if the computer I am trying to fix... doesn't have a CDROM and isn't networked to my good computer... and I don't have the original Windows XP Professional CD for the bad computer but I do have on for my other computer?

How can I copy the userinit.exe / wsaupdater.exe / winlogon.exe / winlogon86.exe onto the sick computer? I can get an extra network cable... if I do this and connect my two computers to the same network will that be sufficient for networking? Wait... actually that may not even work because I disabled the LAN Network beforehand...

I know there has gotta be a way around this... any ideas?
Changing the registry back to userinit.exe before you kill the virus is useless. It did not allow me to execute regeidt.

Once you are able to login, run malwarebytes. I had renamed the install so it allowed me to install and run.
Okay- I am totally friggin frustrated! I tried to go under command prompts and it stil just puts me to the login screen with "administrator" or my name as the login... I don't even get a chance to type in windows 32 or anything like that.... I am not completely computer illiterate but I am at such a loss...

i restart- get the black screen- press command prompts and then it tries to log me on.... the only options it gives me are: login as admin or jessica or turn off computer.. PLEASE HELP my dear sweet computer savvy friends!!!!! Jessica!!!
i used a cd, called hirens and in xp mode did a remote registry edit of the same key harry above stated, making the same change, INCLUDING the comma.

i also verified this with another xp (my beater laptop) and its registry entries.

worked like a charm. I am of the belief that another "fix" program remapped the key to the bad entry. the machine I am working on has 3 spy bots installed (none current), the aol security center (horrible), spy doctor, severely outdated java, and a few other 1/2 installs.

and a bunch of virii...

now for virii cleanup on the users machine...

You should try to use a boot up disc and carry out a non destructive recovery.
This will keep your old files and you can then boot up from the newly installed OS system which is
on the new section of the disc, effectively partitioning your HDD.
Hope this works. It did for me.
Good luck.

(there are a number of firms which offer boot up discs for all systems .These may also work, but try your boot disc if you can find it. Once again. Good luck. )
this happened to me as well. Tried safe mode too, but nothing helps. I then tried re-installing my xp, but it doesn't seem to read it. So, I can't re-install windows, or do anything! As I turn my pc on, it shows that Last good configuration/start windows automatically screen, but I try everything for it to boot from my xp disc, nothing seems to help. Any help on this...anyone??!!
Try this
1. Boot using your winxp cd.
2. Enter recovery console.
3. at the command prompt go to
4. next type:
copy userinit.exe wsaupdater.exe
5. exit and reboot normally. You should now be able to logon. But you're not done yet!
6. run regedit
7. find the Userinit key in:
8. modify the entry:
so that it reads:
> KeifferTech
i'm at the comand prompt, and it says C:\WINDOWS> and then you can type in a command. I tried the system32 command and it said it wasn't recognized. Am I at the wrong window?
> Missy
If you're not familiar with DOS, you can always type "help" to get a list of commands.
To change from a c:\windows prompt to c:\windows\system32, you need to change directories, or "CHDIR"

chdir c:\windows\system32
> KeifferTech
AT step 5 (reboot normally) I log in and the system still logs me right out. Any suggestions?
my acer laptop also went wrong like the same way. I think the cause is system.exe is been affected by a virus and you need to disinfect the virus to proceed. Take it to a service personal where they will do it for you. Is the only workable solution for me I believe.
well I had the same problem so I have changed my Power Supply its ok now!!! goodluck!!!!

My netbook logs off as soon as logs in, before that happened I ran my antivirus and it seems it made things worst. After I ran a scan it and clear it I had another window saying I had a virus. after running a second antivirus my netbook shut off and wont allow me to log in, any suggestions anyone, remember I have a netbook (no CD Drive)
have you tried charging it up. That will will help
go to safe mode and save all doc. than when it restart press f11, restore factry image..
its f10 to get to factory restore and it seems linked to an update of the intel graphics card. I can get limited use by using administor setting, but can't find a total solution