Black Screen on load after reformatting. [Solved/Closed]

 aride -
I went to reformat my computer this past Friday and after installing my drivers and restarting my desktop (Gateway GM5094E running Windows XP Professional 32-bit) I'm just shown a black screen. It will go through showing all of the system specs, but when it would get to showing the XP logo there's nothing. I've tried going through the format multiple times, making sure I have all of the correct drivers, and even went to a last ditch effort to just let it go through windows update and still nothing. I've talked to some friends who thought it might have been my screen resolution, display drivers, etc. but after going through steps to make sure those are correct I'm still given a black screen. Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be wrong with my computer?
Oh and I forgot to mention that when I did check my drivers it showed a problem with my media controller driver but I wasn't able to figure out how to fix it, and was unable to get in touch with my friends to try and find a solution.
And thank you in advance to anyone that can help me.
Once again thank you to the community, I hope someone out there might have some insight for me.

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Try this 1

Click on the below link. You can find all the information. Follow the instructions

Good Luck
I actually put it into safe mode and enabled remote desktop to see if maybe it was just my video driver, but after I rebooted it to load normally it loaded up fine. Not sure why enabling remote desktop would have fixed it but that's all I changed lol.
Thanks for the advice though. Glad I know I can come here and questions will actually be answered. :)
same problem ..but the computer technician said that they will reprogram my laptop.then finished reprogram it laptop works normaly