Black screen after windows load [Solved/Closed]

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my computer has recently decided to show nothing but a blank screen after the windows load screen has finished. the screen flickers with random colours then switches to standby mode.
the computer has no problem loading up in safe mode, so I have run anti-virus programs but come up with nothing. I thought it may be my power supply not feeding enough to my graphics card but a new supply (530w instead of the old 305w) makes no difference.
i am starting to think this is a problem with my graphics card, drivers or windows but I dont know enough to get this working without help

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this man is right who said Service Pack 3 caused this, I had the SAME issue! one day im playing WoW and bam! my whole setup froze both dual monitors were garbaled with lines and chaos!!! lol I rebooted and my bios image and characters were the same as everyone stated here... im like this aint good... had to take the card out, put it back in booted into safe mode. (if it tried normally it would just shut my monitors off) uninstalled the drivers. rebooted again.

i did those steps 2-3 times before it actually went ungarbaled and back to normal with my bios!

reinstall nivida drivers within normal setup rebooted once again and it was all back to normal. and the last thing I did before all this was install SP3... curse you Service packs!~!!~!~!

i really thought my vid card was fried.

ty all

just wanted to tell my fix
I just switched the cable to te second cable insert of the gfx card and it worked lol.
From the task manager I end process explorer. Then hit "file new process, typed in explorer and it loaded windows screen.
I had the same problem (only safe mode working, normal mode was a blank screen). Finally solved it by setting my BIOS to default settings, simple.