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my computer has recently decided to show nothing but a blank screen after the windows load screen has finished. the screen flickers with random colours then switches to standby mode.
the computer has no problem loading up in safe mode, so I have run anti-virus programs but come up with nothing. I thought it may be my power supply not feeding enough to my graphics card but a new supply (530w instead of the old 305w) makes no difference.
i am starting to think this is a problem with my graphics card, drivers or windows but I dont know enough to get this working without help
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Hi guys.

Have read a couple of suggestions but I still have the problem...
trying to install new graphicscard on my computer and I cant get in to windows with the new card in the pci-e slot. I just get the Microsoft corporation screen and no movement in the bar... (vista 32) and it halts here...

9800GTX card and I have plenty of power from 550W new source...

could it be the freekin motherboard that cant recognize it? I have uninstalled the drivers to the old card and that didnt help much....

please if someone have an idea of what I can do?!

i have a msi board - 7125 (
- NVIDIA ® nForce4 Ultra Chipset
- HyperTransport link to the AMD Athlon 64/Athlon 64FX CPU
- HyperTransport supporting speed up to 1GHz (2000MT/s)
- Supports PCI Express X16/X4/X1 interface
- Two independent SATA controllers, for four drives
- IEEE 802.3 NVIDIA MAC for 1000BASE-T
- Dual Fast ATA-133 IDE controllers

I have an HDTV connected to my 6800 GS via DVI - HDMI, Vista 64 home premium. On startup I manage to get to the windows bar on the HDTV and then it dissapears?!?! Thinks carrty on as normal on the Dell monitor. The Nvidia control panal recognises the "Sharp HDMI" and I can go ahead and change resolutions and settings etc, same with windows nothing happens on screen. I have been through all the resolutions and frequencies also. When I startup on safe mode the HDTV mirrors the monitor perfectly with no probs, so I am assuming its a driver problem. Im using the 175 nvidia forceware.

Any ideas?
Very unusual... what res does your card spit out to the Sharp panel in safe mode? Also is your TV firmware updateable? May try doing that as well.

Have the exact problem you describe from an NVidia card to Sharp HDTV via HDMI. Have you had any luck?
Hi again;
Solved at my end. Although the connection from my HD cable box to my Sharp HDTV via HDMI worked just fine with my original HDMI cable, trying to connect to my Acer laptop resulted in black screen just after seeing the initial Microsoft 'loading' message in Vista.

As a last resort I tried a different brand of HDMI cable and it worked like a charm.


Its the windows basic 800 x 600, it works no problem, but when windows starts up normally and (i assume) the nvidia drivers kick in the screen goes blank just after the Windows Logo. Firmware on Sharp Aquos is also up to date. I am also going bald through pulling my hairs out one by one at this!!!!
I figured out the problem with the screens going blank on boot-up. While my computer screen went blank, I remote-pc'ed into, from another one and checked out the settings for the Graphics Card. The computer was seeing an analog monitor, rather than Digital. When the drivers are uninstalled, the computer no longer does that. Everyone's pulling out there hair, trying to fix the problem. It's Nvidia's drivers. The ones for Vista don't work for Digital signals. When I removed Vista and went back to XP, the problem was fixed. And trust me... before doing that, I TRIED EVERYTHING to fix that issue!! I followed every single spec of advice I could possibly find to fix it. Nothing worked.

There was also no way of forcing the digital option. I tried everything to do that too. Half of you probably know this info already. But if you don't, please pass the info to everyone else. Seems lot of us are having the same issue, and it's not our fault. We just have to wait for a fix to come out. Let's get on Nvidia about this too. We've spent too much money buying their cards for this crap.

Joshin42 > carlos - Feb 4, 2009 at 07:24 PM
Yeah, I deduced that as well Carlos. The Nvidia drivers are certainly the issue. If you can remote in to uninstall Nvidia display drivers you will see your monitors at Windows boot. I found that this can still happen on occasion, although less often, with Nvidia's most current drivers (181.20 for my Quadro as of today). I have various other display issues with my 3D CAD programs on this new driver though. I get green and black noise in place of a lot of my display interfaces when using OpenGL. Nvidia drivers are unfortunately still GARBAGE.

My system:
AMD 3200+
Asus board running nForce4
Nvidia Quadro FX1400
ok I just finished repairing windows.. but still getting the black screen. is there anything I could do that wouldnt involve losing all my windows data?
I can't even get it to boot into safe mode, f8 is failing me. Help!
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Try with F5.
Best regards.
I'm experiencing similar problems on my Macbook Pro (8600M) when using Boot Camp to run Windows XP natively. Here's what I've noted

- Sometimes when Windows loads, it finishes displaying the Windows logo and loading bar, and then stops with a black screen instead of displaying the desktop/login window. The computer continues to run, it appears to be a graphics problem
- Booting into safe mode works fine
- Uninstalling the 8600M from device manager in safe mode, and then booting into Windows normally and reinstalling the driver appears to temporarily fix the problem, so it runs normally for a while afterwards

I think that the problem is caused because I sometimes use a 22" external monitor over DVI. If the computer is shut down with the monitor plugged in, and then attempted to start with with the monitor unplugged, I get the black screen problem. Similarly, if I shut it down without the external monitor and start it up with the monitor, black screen again. So to fix things, try booting into safe mode, uninstalling the driver, then restarting normally and installing the driver again, then restarting without changing the display configuration.

And another thing, I've also had strange backlight and resolution problems, such as incorrect aspect ratios, random dim backlight etc. The fix for this is to disable all power management features in the Nvidia control panel.

For reference, I'm using 174.93 at the moment, I'll be upgrading shortly to see if that fixes things
okay guys
i just had the same problem as you all
but it got worst and worst
but I just solved it
the most simple of steps
firstly, I tried many things such as scans and reinstalling windows
as well as a system restore
but they didnt work
but however I called my engineer
he told me that it could be the graphic card problem
what I did to solve it.
i opened up the chassis
cleaned the graphics card , took it out and reinserted it.
hopefully this helps
what I think happened was that the dust clogged up the fan containing the card
thus it couldnt cool the card properly.
as a failsafe it turned off as overheating cards could be damaged.
hope this helps!
black_scren - Oct 23, 2008 at 05:25 PM
I my PC:
When I install update some 3rd party software my screen change refresh rate from 85Hz to 70Hz.
Very strange thing was nothing else! Just 70Hz.
I uninstall drivers and install new - effect: black screen after Windows Logo. Its looks like NVidia set higher resolution or refresh rate. When I login to safe mode, I uninstall drivers and restart. Next, windows start normally but starting installing new drivers (windows drivers). I set lower resolution and refresh rate, so after restart windows starting OK with very low resolution and then I re-set resolution 1024x780 and set 85Hz and restart PC. Windows starting normal with last settings. But any time when I try install original nvidia drivers problem starting again...
Nothing resolving helps...
hi, well I guess I hv the same problem. my screen goes black after the windows logo. I just went from XPsp2 to vistax64 I managed to install everything without any problems..but as soon as I got to the GFX Drivers it got rly bad.
i already tried with another monitor/cable, does the same thing. already changed the PCI/PnP to 'No' and the PEG/PCI to PCI/PEG. I was trying 3 diferent versions of the x64 drivers(always getting the black screen) until I got one msg while trying again: which I found very weird. to make sure I tried with the x86(32) version and: .
now I managed to install the latest from x64(my vista) but I got the black screen again. I dont know what else to do rly.. any ideas? :/

i hv an Asus P5GC motherboard and an Asus Nvidia Geforce 9600GT 512GDDR3. cheers
well, I managed to do it. all I did was start up in safe mode, install the 1st drivers, reboot to normal mode, it worked so I did the same thing again but installed the latest ones..and its working fine now. hope it results with some of ya.

i just reinstall the drivers easy as that with the TV on and the 2 connections set
to my CRT and HDMI to my LCD
now works perfectly both of them
i think the problem was when I installed ATITOOLS, cause I think the program has its own drivers

good luck to you all
Those having their screens go blank after booting......
If you know windows vista is booting (if you have your sound on you can hear the Windows startup jingle) to the desktop but your monitor says it doesn't have a signal.

While your PC is on, turn off your monitor and unplug it BOTH from the computer and the wall. Wait at least 30secs then plug in the power (but dont turn on) then to the computer. Turn on the monitor and everything should be ok.
what about a laptop? I have the exact same problem on my laptop but how do I fix it?
I had the same problem, but I fixed it with a different method.
I have Asus P5B-Plus (bios 1002), Intel Q2D 6750 and Palit 7900GS. When I first install Vista Ultimate x64 SP1 and nvidia's latest driver v128.24, it was working. Hoever, after I installed a series of updates, my second display suddenly turns black after a reboot (it turns black right before vista loading welcome screen). Here is my way of fixing the problem, I replaced nvidia's new driver with the driver comes with vista. after a reboot, my second monitor comes back.
I think, it must be one of the updates that is playing up. anyway, I do not care as long as the problem keeps away from me.
This problem can happen if your computer had onboard video and also has an add in Video Card. Boot into SafeMode and DISABLE the onboard Video and then restart. The computer should only load the drivers for the add in Video Card and you should be able to see the screen again. This worked for me as of 11/25/2008 on a Dell Dimension 3000 computer running Windows XP.
I have figured out that my computer gets that blank screen when I update my drivers (From Standard VGA Driver
-> to NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS). If I dont use the auto-updater, computer works fine but the my average perfomance is lowered from 3,5 to 1,0 meaning I cant use much of applications or games. So Im stuck here.
My computer is by the way Fujitsu Siemens intel core2 Duo with Vista Home Premium. The computer was very expensive and Im not intrested in losing it. So any help??
Pepperonnii - Dec 1, 2008 at 09:36 PM
My screen is doing the same thing but when I get into BIOS there is no option in advanced for me that is "chipset settings" is there some way to get that up or am I just an unfortunate human without that option on my computer?
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Yes I was wondering if anybody here could help me out...

I am trying to install my new Nvidia 8600 gt PCI E into my slot, it goes in fine, has power to it casue the fans on and all, I plug the screen cable into my graphics card and when I try to boot up its just a blank screen.
I like to play BF2 and all so I would really like this! Also the PCI E Slot is NOT being recognized...
At the moment I have a 6100 Chipset....
Windows XP
2 gig Ram
180 Gig Harddrive

this man is right who said Service Pack 3 caused this, I had the SAME issue! one day im playing WoW and bam! my whole setup froze both dual monitors were garbaled with lines and chaos!!! lol I rebooted and my bios image and characters were the same as everyone stated here... im like this aint good... had to take the card out, put it back in booted into safe mode. (if it tried normally it would just shut my monitors off) uninstalled the drivers. rebooted again.

i did those steps 2-3 times before it actually went ungarbaled and back to normal with my bios!

reinstall nivida drivers within normal setup rebooted once again and it was all back to normal. and the last thing I did before all this was install SP3... curse you Service packs!~!!~!~!

i really thought my vid card was fried.

ty all
Hi everyone just been reading through the post.

new to this forum if any one can help that would be goo. I have just got a new Gcard, BFG.280. GTX. it has been fine for a few weeks then I bought fall out 3, installed it fine been playing it for a couple of weeks, then in the last three days I have been getting randome "coincidence I also got a vista update" black screens they first happened when I was playing fall out 3... then it happend when I was writing my novel in word 2003, then it happened when I was playing call of duty WAW, it is reallly quite random now and I have to turn my pc off completely, when I turn it back on again.. once my mb beeped a couple of times so I turned it off at the mains and rebooted. I am not sure what to do now. I have also noticed that when I start my pc it just get a black screen, and the light on my monitor flashes?


Name Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1
Manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer INC.Maximus Formula.
CPU Full Name Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6850 @ 3.00GHz
Display Adapter NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280
Memory.........4x1 gig ddr2 crucial.
fan Zalman.
PS. 620watt. HXW corsair.
on my computer windows loads then it goes to a black screen. I tried safemode but then it locks up when loading the drivers. plz help
I had this problem now for the second day. I tried all sort of things yesterday starting: trying to enter safe mode, last know configuration, vga mode, recovery console, repair of XP, and all of these ended up to no avail. I finally took the hard drive out and put it into my home computer to see if I can see the data and transfer the files over. I was able to and then I downloaded MalwareBytes and ran on that on all of my drives just to make sure that anything wasn't affecting my system after installing this bad HD. Lone and behold it found a virus (Trogan.agent) and it was directly affecting digeste.dll file and along with this it also had a associated with it. After these were deleted, I was able to finish the repair process and XP works like a champ again. I will do another scan with MalwareBytes and anti-virus before returning the PC.
I run windows vista 32bit with a geforce 6800 gpu series. I installed and was playing a game called Last Chaos. All of a sudden after playing for a few my screen fizzed and the computer restarted. Now it gets to the windows loading screen but has no windows symbol but stays black. I checked the HDD's they are SATA so there is no need to check the master/slave jumper. Im about to try the video drivers. Any idea what it is exactly?
O ya forgot to add it does boot up in safe mode
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