Internet Eplorer won't work

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Tuesday May 20, 2008
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May 20, 2008
Hey everyone I am new to this website hopefully someone out there could help me out with my comp. is Windows XP
my son downloaded some videos in my comp behind my back n the comp caught like a virus, now Interner Explorer won't work at all I unistalled it n installed it n the comp. is still the same. I can't get online at all only with AOL I could get online but I still can't send e-mails, I can't sign in to Yahoo! I can't download Norton antivirus which I just bought n it basically sucks to be online like that the only thing I was able to download was AVG which it said that it clear the virus but he comp is the same.


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Hi there!
I had a similiar problem. Could not get it solved by Acer or AT&T/Yahoo.

First try using Internet Explorer (No Add-ons).
If that doesn't work, open your Explorer browser, go to Tools, Internet Options,Advanced, and Restore Advanced Settings.
If that doesn't work, open your Explorer browser, go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, Reset, and Reset.

I did these things, none of it helped me.

But this did!
Try these two things. Make carefull notes in case you want to set things back the way they were before.
1)User Agent String Utility
Go to Microsoft Help to get these downloads.
Thank you

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worked for me. nice one!

second one worked for me. Thanks!
Thanks so much, your info helped a lot!!!
i try to download but I need administrative rights, and in my computer, none of my computers have administrative rights due to a virus..Help me please!!
Yay!! Thanks!!
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What worked for me is:

I went to:
--> Tools
--> Internet Options
-->Click on LAN SETTINGS
- ->Uncheck where it says use a proxy server for a LAN.....
--> Then check where it says automatically detect settings.
--> Click Okay and you should be set.
--> Restart your IE
you just saved me so much time thankyouthankyouthankyou!
Thanks a ton, solved my problem!
This really helped. Thanx.

Thank you! The reset worked. I've been pounding my head with all types of winsock fixes, virus scans, and safe mode...way to much drama. Wow what a simple fix
Thank you so much for the reset advice. Got on net thank god with firefox which I just downloaded the other week. Had I not, would have been completely sol. Could not even get online at all with IE ... it would not even load excpet the 1 out of 20 tried for a glimmer to make me think I would before disappearing. After 2 1/2 hours on phone with cable company today and more hours researching as well as redowloading it, was at wits end. Could not even get into it through no-add on mode or other ways in run that microsoft website suggested, although luckily I tried one last time in start menu to get onto it and voila .... so could try reset and it worked!!! When I read your advice thought it would be great for someone who could get in, although hit the fluke and got in with your knowledge and am good as new it seems. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!! My world is better thanks to it working again as a result of your advice and my luck of somehow getting in. Have a great day, week, year and life!!!! :)
i tried using IE8 and it was a disaster. my computer froze, I could only get out of "half" of a page, had to use control-alt-delete repeatedly to end programs, and had to re-boot often. when I tried to uninstall IE8, that was a horrible mess. finally, I was able to delete all of it including remnants of IE7. I tried to re-install IE7 and now I cannot use the tools option. sooooooo-i called microsoft and they told me I had 3 options. 1) since I was using an "oem" version of windows xp, I could buy the disc. 2) I could call "dell" and ask them for help. or 3) I could use my credit card and for a fee, microsoft would help me. I said, "i choose option #4! i'm going to mozilla firefox!" and I hung up!
Yeah I totally agree with you there. IE just sucks. There's so many unecessary add-ons, and the security is just terrible. I jumped ship to firefox when I was 8... Even at such a young age I could see how much better it was. Then I found Opera. Opera is reaaaaaaaalllly fast at loading normal pages, so I use it most of the time. However, firefox just has that lead on processing flash objects etc.

Opera and Firefox works for me.
Last time I visited IE was about 12 years ago...
Bowlerman here:

Just to tell you I have real problems with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7. Here is what happened. About 3 months ago I had an error message and it said this. Internet Explorer encounted a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Tried to fix the problem nothing worked, called up Microsoft to get help they made me stay on the phone for 3 hours. Nothing worked they told me to go to safe mode nothing helped, they also said I should uninstall Internet Explorer 7 and install Internet Explorer 8 nothing helped what happened was my printer icon disappeared had to reinstall the printer and the icon after I reinstalled my printer the icon came back.

I have a sollution install Mozilla Firefox. If people install Mozilla Firefox people will not get the problems. All the problems are with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 8 and all the problems that people are getting are all associated with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 8. In other words when people get problems they are with Microsoft's web browser Internet Explorer.
I was on the phone with my internet provider for an hour last night, they couldnt fix it. Tried your suggestion, fixed in two minutes. THANK YOU!
go download superantispyware
run a scan

then goto prefrences
repair broken isp chain,
restart computer than you should be good
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Thursday January 14, 2010
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January 14, 2010

why don't you try system restore?
ok ive read so many bits of USELESS advice lets be honest and tell people the truth..
nobody in there right mind should touch ANTIVIR it will ask you for money every site you use and tell you FALSE info on threats to panic you into buying it!.
you will find every1 whos gotit cant get rid of it and some people claim to no how2..
i followed all the crap advice and it realy WAS crap,,anyway I (a ametuer) not only found out how to get rid of it but found out not to download from ANY site other than microsoft/windows and maybe firefox..
most anti virus stuff is worse than any virus.
ok lets 1st deal with stubern pests like antivir,the main problem is to locate them on your computer and they will fight you every inch of the way to the recycle bin (trust me)
they seem to stop functions that you try to remove them and 1thing that defo wont get rid of antivir is the antivir uninstall tool as most FOOLS claim it does..
fight fire with fire and 1st paralise them..i did this by downloading MICROSOFT SECURITY ESSENSIALS this aloan destroyed or weakend antivir I then sent it to desktop it would not go in bin till day 2 wen it was week enough to get it in followed by its freinds trend micro,norton etc/.i now only ues microsoft products use others at your peril and trial and error seem better than EXPERTS advice..goodluck
I had a virus on my computer, and after I had gotten rid of it, by IE 8 wouldn't work either. Luckily, I had firefox. What I did was I went into the tools setting, advanced, and then reset. Works fine now. I just had to reinstall yahoo toolbar.
i have the same problem what can I do to help my problem is
when I go on the internet it work fine but when I have to take it off it take about 10mins to get it off because it says not responding the checking problems then I have to use task mangager to get it off help
hey I got a laptop about two weeks ago I got bt wireless brodband but the dsl light is only flashing why is that and why wont it connect to my lap top is the a setting thats stopping my wireless to be connected my laptop is a intel system notebook thanks
when I hit internet explorer it comes on and goes off real fast
Same thing happened to my IE 8. It happened when I was just browsing and didn't download anything. I can open IE with no add-ons and browse. Now it's to the point where when opening IE regularly (with Add-ons) it will stay open but will run my CPU at 100% and I have to use the Task Manager to close IE. Then when IE closes the process switches to dumprep.exc and keeps the CPU usage at 100% until I end that process.

I can fully browse with Firefox. No Virus Scan programs seems to detect a virus but I noticed that there is an Internet Explorer file and a Xerox file in my programs file, both of which have all lower case letters in the the file name (internet explorer & xerox) the first letter is not capitalized like all the rest. Also there is no reason for there to be a Xerox file in my programs since I have nothing by xerox. Not sure if this has anything to do with anything just found it funny how those were the only 2 program file without the first letter of each word capitalized.

This PC is using XP as the operating system. All other programs seem to be working fine.

Please help! Thanks!
Internet Explorer cannot open, how to fix? You can try here
Tips for fixing IE problem.
Ok, I had the same problem, my computer is running just fine, but when I try to sign on to internet explorer, the computer pauses and does absolutely nothing leaving me on my desktop where I started. I tried going to my control panel, and my computer would not let me enter or view my internet connections. After many hours of reading and playing with my lovely computer here is what worked for me:

Go to start menu, click on control panel, click on add or remove programs, search for the file named "Windows XP Service Pack 3", and remove the file. It will take a while but remove the whole file, reboot your computer and believe it or not you can sign on to the internet. Once you sign on to the internet you should go to Microsoft Updates and Install the High priority updates, reboot, go back to Microsoft Updates and once again Install the High Priority updates the second time this will include the Windows XP Service Pack 3, reinstall it, and be sure to go back to Microsoft Updates a third time, yeah I know this took me hours to do, but I can use my Internet Explorer.

What I think is happening to a lot of us is that when the computer originally went to update Windows XP Service Pack 3, somehow it never fully completed the update; leaving my computer and myself totally confused.

Good Luck, I hope this works for a lot of us lost Internet Explorer Users!!!
I tried what you said but when I try to remove the window xp pack 3 it won't let me.. It doesn't give me an option to remove or change..
man I had problems updating things and connecting to the internet using explorer did what the guy said and went to internet options uncheck Lan etc etc. worked!!! thanks. question is why???
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Thursday May 13, 2010
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May 13, 2010

I had his problem,,,,,,
WAY to solve:
1.go to [Internet option] broadcast I meat that things you go with into internet on setting
4.unmarked all proxy restart IE
do you see!! it is so easy but when you do not where the problem come up, you be came nervous
it's my mail I will help you
Thats funny because Im having the same problem except for I downloaded Halo from yahoo games and now mine is all messed up. I will try babak's option to see if it works and report back, thanks.
ok I hav laptop and desktop internet works on laptop but not on desktop this started when I installed a wireless adapter anyone help I have windows xp and ie8 I will try firefoxxxx
there are some websites that cause a virus.I would call yahoo and file a complante
things are much sipler than what people think.If you downloade to many it will give you a virus as well
Well first you have to get your virus fixed then later you can install your interent back then ull get it up and running