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  • e.mail Closed

    Hello, I am unable to access my hotmail account from my home pc since outlook took over any ideas please? Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox...

    max | Latest reply: kieferschild Mar 16, 2015
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  • windows live id Closed

    Configure my windows live id accounts.

    future quan | Latest reply: xpcman Mar 12, 2015
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  • Email got blocked, support cant do nothing for unlock it. Closed

    Greetings, I have a problem with my primary account of hotmail. For some typing error it got blocked, but the problem is that even when changing t...

    Prelude11 | Latest reply: Prelude11 Mar 11, 2015
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  • changing email password shows security error always Closed

    Hello, i want to change my hotmail password but i am getting security error Configuration: Windows XP / Chrome 23.0.1271.64

    hameed | Latest reply: hameed Mar 10, 2015
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  • How to unblock my hotmail account? Urgent [Solved Closed

    Hello, How to unblock my hotmail account? Urgent [Solved/Closed] Configuration: Windows XP / Chrome 41.0.2272.76

    jj | Latest reply: Computertech Mar 10, 2015
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  • wont accept birthdate Closed

    Hello, When I try to create a hotmail acct. I fill out everything they asked and then hit final tab...the month thing on birthdate flashes and it ...

    bob | Latest reply: Ambucias Mar 8, 2015
    1 reply
  • Divorce causing problems with hotmail account Closed

    I hope someone can help me with this. I have two hotmail accounts. One my personal one and the other is one that is connected with a club that I he...

    33grinder | Latest reply: 33grinder Mar 8, 2015
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  • hotmail loggin issues Closed

    I have been trying to log on my hotmail account several times but it always gives me the error that my username or password is incorrect I have filled...

    belmont | Latest reply: Ambucias Mar 7, 2015
    3 replies
  • hotmail Closed

    Hello, I don't remember my hot mail user name or password please help Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 40.0.2214.109

    millerman | Latest reply: Ambucias Mar 6, 2015
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  • Rest password Closed

    Hello, My names darienne I'm having problems resenting my password Configuration: iPhone / Safari 8.0

    Dee | Latest reply: Dee Mar 2, 2015
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  • verify code problem Closed

    Hello, password ok, but not working, and need to verify code, but verify code not sent. Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 11.0

    raihan | Latest reply: raihan Mar 2, 2015
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  • verification Closed

    Hello, How to verify my account n hotmail. Com Configuration: iPhone / Safari 4.0

    venece | Latest reply: venece Feb 27, 2015
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  • forgot password Closed

    Hello. I forgot my hotmail password

    micee | Latest reply: BunoCS Feb 23, 2015
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  • message someone else maybe trying to use my email Closed

    Hello. I know my email address n password but I keep getting message someone else maybe trying to use my email pse help. It's only me n my wife.

    Guru | Latest reply: xpcman Feb 20, 2015
    1 reply
  • create new hotmail account Closed

    Hello, will you help me get my new hotmail account Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 40.0.2214.111

    jane | Latest reply: Ambucias Feb 18, 2015
    1 reply
  • changing my name to my maiden name Closed

    Hello, l would like to change my email address from ***@*** to my maiden name weller how do I do this and still keep all my stuff from my old account ...

    lynda | Latest reply: Ambucias Feb 17, 2015
    1 reply
  • password !!! Closed

    Hello, i have not used my hotmail account since long time its how shall i get my password back thx Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 40.0.2214...

    omi | Latest reply: kieferschild Feb 17, 2015
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  • ***@*** Closed

    Hello, I am unable to open my inbox. Maybe I have forgotten my passport. Can you help me please Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explor...

    Doreen | Latest reply: Computertech Feb 16, 2015
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  • Can`t access my account Closed

    Hello, I am unable to sign into my hotmail account because I have changed my phone number & cannot receive unlock code for my account. What is the sol...

    tootie bug | Latest reply: tootie bug Feb 14, 2015
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  • can't find out this feature again "registered since Closed

    Hello, i just so disappointed because i can't find out this feature again "registered since" ! anyway, could you please tell me when i register...

    hadeed85 | Latest reply: Ambucias Feb 11, 2015
    3 replies
  • resetting my account. Closed

    I've not been able to access my account for more than two month or there abut,I forget what my secret answer is and I also don't have my phone number ...

    sherrabimb | Latest reply: sherrabimb Feb 10, 2015
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  • Unable to access hotmail Closed

    Hello, I am unable to access my email account 30dys now as my as your two-step verification is enabled. I have been in communication with msn ...

    Chan | Latest reply: Ambucias Feb 7, 2015
    1 reply
  • password Closed

    Im sure my hotmail account has been hacked and password changed to. So i cannot access it anymore. I also have an outlook account - can i have new pas...

    jhendo | Latest reply: Ambucias Feb 7, 2015
    1 reply
  • Lost both primary and alternative account password Closed

    Hello, I forgot both of my primary and alternative account password so please help me in recovering back both of my emails password

    Stoner242 | Latest reply: Ambucias Feb 7, 2015
    1 reply
  • cant access my Hotmail acount Closed

    Hello, When I try to log into my account, it asks code....last 4 numbers of my mobile...but that mobile number is not in use anymore....what s...

    Ruby | Latest reply: Ruby Feb 6, 2015
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  • hacked hotmail account Closed

    Hello, My ex husband hacked into my hotmail e-mail account and changed password and security details, please help Configuration: Windows 7 / Fi...

    Lola | Latest reply: rememberlana Feb 4, 2015
    1 reply
  • i cant reset my password Closed

    can you help it cant send recovery code to my number my email that is register has crashed long time

    choice1 | Latest reply: xpcman Feb 2, 2015
    1 reply
  • error in send/receive mails Closed

    hai i could not able to receive or send any mails through microsoft outlook. could you pls help me for the same. santhi

    hotelmelody | Latest reply: hotelmelody Feb 1, 2015
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  • email. I receive them fine, but it takes ages to open Closed

    Hello, I have a problem with email. I receive them fine, but it takes ages to open them and I cannot reply.[The reply window won't come up. Also ...

    Kerry | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 30, 2015
    1 reply
  • Hotmail account Closed

    Hello, I need a account in Hotmail. Configuration: Windows / Internet Explorer 10.0

    kuberansubra... | Latest reply: BunoCS Jan 30, 2015
    1 reply
  • Access problem with Samsung mobile Microsoft Closed

    Hello, my account access problem with Samsung mobile Microsoft they requested to change my old password to new password I did again Hotmail still...

    hafeth | Latest reply: hafeth Jan 29, 2015
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  • hotmail can not open my e-mail Closed

    Hello, i can not open my e-mail, please help me to open ***@*** Best regads Phoukhao Insomphou Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explore...

    Kot | Latest reply: Kot Jan 28, 2015
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  • has it been read Closed

    Hello, Hi.. can anyone tell me if there is any way of knowing when an email you have sent has been read please? Configuration: iPhone / Chrome ...

    aj | Latest reply: aj Jan 28, 2015
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  • deleting policy for old messages Closed

    does hotmail have a policy to delete old email messages in: inbox sent messages named folders if so, what is the policy? where can one find th...

    br945 | Latest reply: kieferschild Jan 26, 2015
    3 replies
  • Can't log into my email Closed

    Hello, ive been trying to log into my account for the past few days. The problem is that when i log into my email it says: It looks like someone el...

    Marcus | Latest reply: Marcus Jan 25, 2015
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  • close account Closed

    how to close hotmail account?

    sara | Latest reply: ac3mark Jan 23, 2015
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  • hacked Closed

    Hello, i cant open my hotmail account plz help me Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 35.0

    faisal | Latest reply: faisal Jan 23, 2015
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  • recover Closed

    my mail just got blocked by trying to recover it and sing in . the other one which i already did forgot the password its the alternate email of this o...

    arttta | Latest reply: ac3mark Jan 22, 2015
    7 replies
  • MSN hotmail account blocked how i unblocked Solved/Closed

    Hello, hello guys I am diego and my got mail was haacked and blocked so I tried to fill al the spaces I could remeber to recover it but stil they wo...

    Diego Chavez | Latest reply: richmen4175 Jan 20, 2015
    15 replies
  • hotmail inbox Closed

    Hello, when i sign in my hotmail account it asks me to manage my account and never allows me to go inbox??? solution please! Configuration: W...

    abuthawabeh | Latest reply: abuthawabeh Jan 17, 2015
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  • can't not get my password for my hotmail account Closed

    Hello, I can't not get my pass word for my hotmail account Configuration: iPad / Safari 7.0

    Robin Vanallen | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 17, 2015
    1 reply
  • Acount blocked Closed

    Hello, Configuration: iPad / Safari 8.0 My email acount has been blocked and i have try everything i dont no what else to do

    Pickford125 | Latest reply: Pickford125 Jan 15, 2015
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  • reset hotmail alive account Closed

    i have a microsoft account **** i have not got a password for this account my phone is a nokia 520 my phone keeps asking me for updates got n...

    56davejoyce28 | Latest reply: 56davejoyce28 Jan 14, 2015
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  • I lost my password Closed

    Hello, I lost my hotmail password and alternate email and password and I don't know how to get back in. Configuration: iPhone / Safari 8.0

    Fawklol | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 9, 2015
    1 reply
  • Lock out of e-mail, Closed

    Hello, You have Peoplepc as my other e-mail and I droped that e-mail yrs ago and have no information of that account. I need to get into my accoun...

    Brenda Erickson | Latest reply: Brenda Erickson Jan 9, 2015
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  • - problem logging in Closed

    Hello, kindly assist me cant login to my emails, and I tried to login it says the code is send to my m*****, dnt know this email addres...

    vovo | Latest reply: vovo Jan 8, 2015
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  • Hotmail Issue Closed

    Hello, I've been trying to get my hotmail account back for a few years now. I did their application and It never worked, my email address was set to m...

    Voxxes | Latest reply: Voxxes Jan 6, 2015
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  • Karyn Closed

    Hiya darling , I got there, n 07767129159

    samsung9 | Latest reply: samsung9 Jan 5, 2015
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  • Forget password and can't answer security question Solved/Closed

    Hello, First click 1st topic "password and sign in", 2nd topic "forget security question ", then click word "email" under the password helper. Re...

    Kate Sam | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 29, 2014
    1 reply
  • Unable to log into my hotmail Closed

    Hello, I am unable to log into my hotmail account I selected for password it sends a code to my other email after I enter that it says it says I h...

    chan | Latest reply: xpcman Dec 28, 2014
    1 reply