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Virus made changes

Hello, I accidently installed a virus. It started to download softwares without my knowledge but it doesnt went long until i turn off my internet. ...

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Csrss.exe virus

Hello, My computer has been acting weird, doing funky stuff on its own! Someone had me checked task manager and told noticed that I have 2 csrss.exe...

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It is not showing any virus but pc working and freezing at times

Hello, Sir since the time I have installed this antivirus it havent scanned out a single virus. Though my pc working slow and freeze at times error...

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Shortcut virus

Hello, i want to clean my computer from Shortcut Virus regards, Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 50.0

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Pen drive not working

Hello, I have a Amicroe 32gb pen drive which is not processing on any desktop or laptop. I want to know if there is anything can be done to retrieve...

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Attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.* -->

Hello, kindly help me explanation about this command attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.* --> Thanks & Regards, T.Prabhanjan Kumar

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Windows won't load


So computer was working fine,I downloaded Microsoft Office and didn't like the pop-ups that came with the generator so I canceled install and was goin...

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Malware detected on my own website?


I recently upload a file on my website and this file detect a malware on browser.this file does not have any interrupted code.kindly advise me how to...

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Plusnetwork redirection

Hello, I have been troubled by plusnetwork. com for several weeks. Every time I write a "trick" in the specific area, I am sent to plusnetwork. com I ...

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Loss of trust

you indicated that you had installed Microsoft security essentials but this has not been done-please cancel my membership now

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Want to set password on my wifi network


Hi, i have DIGISOL broadband modem with wifi. i just want to convert my unsecured wifi connection into secure wifi connection I mean I just want t...

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Scr virus problem for win xp

Sir/Madam, Goodmorning, Which anti virus software is free and best for solve my .scr virus problem and how to clean it without loosing my important ...

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Memory card shows uuuuuuuuuuu


My card is 32GB today i copied my all computer date on it and formatted full drive than i copied data from memory card to hard drive when i open folde...

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After copying data to pendrive and repluging it shows empty

Hello, My kingston micro duo 32gb pen drive After copying data to pendrive and repluging it shows empty how to fixd tjis problem its shows only foll...

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Images files are infected by trojan dropper

Hello, my images files are infected by Trojan dropper.dexel.A5 and LNK.CMD.EXPLOIT.F HOW I RECOVER MY IMAGES FILE... I USE CMD attrib command a...

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Cyberspace security

Am I secured from cyber criminal acts?

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My laptop is shutting down and restarting over and over


Hi, I have an asus rog g752 with windows 10, i resently tried to download a file but i'm guessing it turned out to be a virus. After 2 to 5 minutes f...

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Uuuuuuuuuu.uuu virus

Hello, I have 32gb memory card. Recently I formated it, from that time whenever I tried to copy some files into that it was showing uuuuuuu.uu(man...

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Windows script host

Hello, I cant solve my problem Of script host error Please help me C:\Programdata\Adobe\62154B7.vbe How to solve this error

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Can not find script file home.vbe

Hey Evetytime I sign onto my account on my laptop this box pops up. Ever since it has started popping up my laptop crashes and is slower. How do I f...

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Vista can''t open any program


Hello, On my other computer Vista will not open any programmes. After AVG warned us that we had a virus and we sent it to the Vault. After that...

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No files

Hello, thank you very much my doubt is that why the files are not shown in pendrive is there is any reason for that please tell my me thank you once...

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Sound bar

Hi, I am having windows 10 on my pc ,After every 30 seconds or so a strange bar pops up on the window and my computers audio is not under my control ...

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Drive: batch file virus shortcut virus

Please help still cant delete this.!!! Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 54.0.2840.71

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Cannot open setting on windows 10 after updates

Hello, please I just update my windows 10 but unfortunately I cannot open setting on my is because of virus or something?...and how the i...

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Uk english pop ups

Hello, I have the latest version of Fire Fox,for use with AOL and UK English, but whichever site I use everything is listed in Dollars instead of po...

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How to see hidden files in pendrive

Hello, am not seeing folders in my pendrive but pendrive shows the space which it occupy

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Third party

Hello, i just bought mcafee live safe but ended up on a fake activate page where you enter your name phone number then activation code which wont wo...

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How to decrypt the encrypted files

how to upgrade the windows 7 how to remove malware .CERBER3 RANSOMWARE VIRUS and how to get back the original files

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Viruses detected my data

Hello Please help me to fix Viruses that it was detected my data into Drive D* Virus Type file: (strike) So how can i do to fix it.

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Pendrive open all file shortcut

Hello, my pendrive open all file shortcut not open what can i do once formating another time shortcut file Configuration: Windows 7 / Firef...

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All desktop icons shows up within internet explorer

Hello, Since last week, my laptop windows 7 face major issues with something very strange, when start my laptop all desktop icons come under or show...

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External harddisk become a shortcut!!!!1

Hello, when i connect any pen drive o hard disk with my laptop. and when i open my hardisk it is showing my harddisk's shorcut. my hardisk'name is a...

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Files turn into shortcuts in flash drive only on my pc

Hello, I have a problem with my computer, every time I put and flash drive in it and transfer files, it always create shortcuts and there's alwa...

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Laptop hacked by virus

I am locked out of my Lenovo laptop. I keep entering the password I originally set up and the PIN I set up and it keeps saying incorrect. Tells me t...

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Kindle with pop ups

My kindle has pop ups and i can't delete them. i've done everything to delete them but they still pop up. i went on amazon pop ups and did every thing...

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Hard drive files have gone back to original state

Hello, I had issues with my hard drive back in July 2016 which I replaced. My hard drive was working fine and still is, however my files which I ...

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Pc security

i hav forgotton the master password of PC security for windows XP ... I hav locked 1 folder in it, that contains my personal data . plz help me

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File"c:\google\googleupdate.a3x" error

Hello, I'd like to ask you about my computer lap top acer. It appear the windows after booting there appears a panel Line 0 (File"C:\Google\googleup...

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.dll file missing

Hello, im having a problem with a missing .dll, everytime i turn on the pc it shows a message saying There was a problem at initiating ViridSculked.dl...

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Virus problem

Hello, There is a file in downloads,I want delete it but its not deleting I think its a virus file,how can i delete it

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Icon of file changed to internet browser

Hello, sir i have download a ammyy admin software after downloading software all Microsoft file are corrupted the icon of file changed to internet b...

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Receiving a email address that i need to give password

I keep receiving a email address that I need to give password to but I do not know it due to it being a lady from Att used her email to get into iTune...

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Virus pen drive shows shortcut

Hello, when i put a pendrive and open it shows shortcut of removable disc,i know this is not a pendrive problem i think this is virus problem in the s...

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Virus spam

Hello, Ok, Yesterday i opened a link on Facebook which turned out to be spam, which sent out links to many of my friends. I managed to all many of t...

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Aol hacked account on a loop

Access denied to ask a question..?? Look someone has hacked into my aol account. I do not have a recovery access issue , but whoever has done this h...

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Data of desktop turned into shortcuts (shortcut virus)??

Hello Guys, few months ago, I made a copy of my hole desktop, because I had to much data, txt, pics etc. I dragged all data into one folder named ...

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Ibm windows 7 - keeps typing y and n.

I cannot even Google for this problem because the computer keeps typing y and n. Even when I hit the backspace key to erase the n letters that have ...

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Have to keep formatting micro sd card

hello, I've been using this sandisk 8gb micro SD card since the past 1 year but I'm getting sick of it. everything was all okay for the first 6 mont...

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Manually remove recycler virus ,how?

Hello, manually remove recycler virus ,how? Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 48.0

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