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Dell infested by malware

I opened some bad software, my Dell Inspirion 3000 is now filled with malware, how do I reset the computer?

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Problem detected windows shut down to protect


In the blue screen I was unable to recover by fallowing restart +F8. Blue screen stated Zues was detected and put into quaramtine. Said dangerous sof...

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How to remove a recycler virus on my desktop

how to remove a recycler virus on my desktop? please somebody give me any hint...thanks a lot....

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Internet browser redirecting


Hello, I followed all of your instructions to get the desktop background off and I deleted all of the files, but now when I go on the internet and ...

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Has anyone here been affected by Ransomware? I was just curious to know if there's a likelihood that one of our forum members has had an incident.

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Anonymous spider



my antivirus software (Norton security) popped up a warning and said it detected a large amount of suspicious outbound traffic from my computer.I said...

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Usb drive is write protected

Hello, HOW TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM IN USB DRIVES SHOWS WHICH IS WRITE PROTECTED System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 57.0.2987.98

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Is windows defender the best anti-virus?

Hello, I was wondering what is the best anti-virus software and someone told me that actually Windows Defender of Windows 10 is the best anti-viru...

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Yahoo mail detected a virus with your attachment

We detected a virus with your attachment. It cannot be my yahoo mail. this is the error message i keep getting and its preventing me fro...

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Pendrive infected with a shortcut virus


Hello, hi, my pendrive was first affected by a shortcut virus. after scanning the same with windows defender in windows 8.1. the virus was remov...

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Can't open any programs windows 7


Hello, I recently got a bad virus and can't open any programs. I've tried using rkill but I can't get any of the versions to run. I've also tried ...

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Website security

Hello, I thought that HTTPS meant that I could trust the security of a site but I've noticed that my email account for example doesn't have the pa...

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Computer restarts

I'm just gomna copy the mail i sent to the software producers, the problems are listed there. ADWCleaner deleted registry files WG William Gj...

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Someone found out who i was over email

I responded to an ad of someone wanting a lawn mower on craigslist. They live in a town 45 minutes away and I'm confident they didn't recognize the mo...

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Folder lock

Hello, I am getting the below error while opening the .flk file. "You dont have permission to open this file. Contact the owner or the administrat...

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App crash, iexplore.exe


Hello, Two days ago I downloaded an ActiveX add-on to play a particular game online. Yesterday, when I tried to access the internet, even though my c...

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mel S.

How to remove the shortcut virus


Hi, To remove the shortened virus, try to download e small utility. The link:

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Folders in external hard disk showing as empty


Hello, Please help me out, my hard disk of 320 gb showing all folders as empty but in properties it showing the full size and free space acurat...

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Trojan desktop blocker?


A programme called personal security has started poping up saying my computer has 43 different viruses and that I need to pay for an activation key to...

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My profile name is virus naw i cant login


Hello, please help me back my id haw can I change my profile name. Unfortunately, you won't be able to access your account while we're reviewing the...

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Pen drive files turned to shortcut

Hello, I gave my pen drive to reception hotel to print something but when I got the drive back i could not see my files and it had a shortcut to 8g...

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Pop-up sites

Hello how are you doing today? My broblem is with Porno sites that Pop-up with Google Chrome in all of my PCs, How to remove it? -- Mohamed Mat...

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Flash drive only shortcuts

Hello, Good morning, I need some life saving help...My flash drive is corrupted but I managed to recover the important files I need but they were ...

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Facebook has me blocked

Please get me back on to facebook.

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Wont let me access anything

Hello, My computer wont let me access anything. Not even the internet. Things like "geek buddy", "pluto tv" and "pc accelerate" pop up. When I hit x...

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Password reset

Is there any possible way to reset my password or change my email for my account?

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Windows script host error

Hello, System Configuration: System Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 57.0.2987.100 i dont know what i need to doi am unable to open this from last on...

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Hacked my account

Hello, Some body hacked my account ***@*** help me.he changed my mobile number also System Configuration: System Configuration: Android / UC Brows...

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Path not found

Hello, attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.* name of usb is also g but still showing path not found plzz help me System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 49...

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Shortcut virus

Hello, how to remove the shortcut virus. System Configuration: Windows / Firefox 51.0

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Showing hidden files

I am following your steps for hidden files in pendrive but it is not work how can i fix this problem pls..reply me

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Pendri email showing empty

Hello, System Configuration: Android / Chrome 55.0.2883.91 I wanna change my file name from C:\User \DR SRIVASTAVA> To C:\User\Pranjal> How s...

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Google chrome in my lappy , it shows a different search engine

Hello, When i open google chrome in my lappy , it shows a different search engine(hotweb360) . So how do i remove this search engine and keep goog...

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Shortcut virus

hi online experts, what should i do to remove this shortcut virus it bothers me all the time.. thankyou so much. your response is highly appreciate...

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Background message "warning! spyware detected


I let my roomie use my comp while I was away for a few weeks. I returned to find "Warning! Spyware detected on your computer! Install antivirus or spy...

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Files changed to shortcut virus

Hello, in my hard drive,a folder named as Drive has been created in which all my data is present but does not comes out of that drive.when i c...

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This thread destroyed my laptop and my pc,

Hello, This Thread Destroyed my laptop and my pc, They are auto restarting Now every 5 oor 6 min with no alarm !! After following it, my computers ...

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Got lots of virus pc it will just load forever

Hey i got lots of virus on my pc and i cant press f9 while starting because my screen will go black if i just start my pc it will just load forever i ...

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Firewall automatically turned off

Hello, my firewall is automatically turned off. I m nt able to turn it on . its showing turn on recommend setting. but nothing is happening after ...

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How to remove virus desktop

Hello, I have a quich heal total security which i have in desktop but being of Quick heal my computer running with virus problem But any proces...

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How to remove c:\google\googleupdate.a3x" error


Hi all, Please help me on how i can stop a pop up on my desktop whenever i start my computer windows 7 professional 64 bit. It looks as in the pictur...

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Osiris ransomware


My pc is affected by the osiris virus, all my personal files have the .osiris extention Example: G61MYQ0E--Z8K6--4JA6--0B2ED03D--CE8347BEFFB9.osiris ...

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Pen drive was not displaying the folders but these folders were

Hello, good evng.. your command attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.* after this i'm getting the following message .. only .. my problem was not resolved...

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Jpg been coneverted to mp3

Can any one help? someone hacked my computer and infected all my pictures. who ever did it has converted all pictures to mp3. Can anyone help?

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Seagate hard drive folders inside became a shortcut icon

Hello, i have this problem on my seagate external. It so happen that all the folder inside became a shortcut icon. Please help me to bring it back.

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Trying to recover yahoo email account help

My phone broke when I went to get a new one I went to switch carrier, old carrier was so mad they refused to let me import my old number that I have h...

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My files changed to .a8aa

Hello, I have a problem hope some one can help me! All my files in my PC changed to one file extension (.a8aa). And in each folder there is a file ...

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How to secure home network

Hello, pls can any one kindly send me a step wise procedure on how i can secure my network. i have this little network i setup in my house but di...

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Autolt error " c:\\google\googleupdate.a3x" in the opening windo

Hello, Pl. help how to rectify the message " C:\\google\googleupdate.a3x" in every opening windows. asus window 7 32 bit os Configuration:...

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