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How to disable popup bubble?


Dear all, I can't seems to find the way to disable incoming message popup bubble in my phone WhatsApp. I'm using Samsung S8 android version 9. ...

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You have guessed the code too many times. contact support


Hello, Today a friend is having issues getting into Whatsapp at an iPhone, her phone asked to set a verification code even when her account was alrea...

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Whatsapp back-up


Hello, On my old phone I try to make a back-up of WhatsApp chats. But if I do, WhatsApp makes a back-up of the chats until May 2020. All the new c...

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Retrieving messages issue


Hello everyone. We can't get around this vicious circle of messages. My wife has a Galaxy S5 and I got her an S8 so we went to Cricket to have the...

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Change of phone


Hello, My wife's mobile phone has just failed (Galaxy S7) so I have temporarily transferred her SIM Card to my Galaxy S7 (which also has Whatsapp in...

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David Webb  

Whatsapp on the computer only


I have a mobile phone and a landline phone, but neither device with internet capabilities. I have internet connection through landline and I surf usin...

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Whatsapp offline


Hello, Please i have sent a message to a friend on WhatsApp i saw the double tick showing that the message have arrived, but my friend told me he wa...

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Unable to hear voice notes


Hey everyone. I'm posting here on behalf of my friend who is having an issue with her Whatsapp. When she tries to listen to voice notes she is unable ...

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Hello, Up to what size video can I send using WhatsApp please? Many thanks Caroline

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Where did my messages for a month go after i disabled data permission for whatsa


Hello, I disabled data for WhatsApp on 1st April (as a substitute to uninstall). Now I have turned it 'ON' back, on 10th May, and I received message...

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David Webb  



Hello, My right click context menu in Whatsapp desktop - Windows 10 has stopped working. No new installs or any other changes. Now I cannot copy...

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David Webb  

Deleted messages??


Is it possible that someone has deleted messages to another chat if all you can see when you go into the chat is the yellow end to end encryption code...

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Recover old chats


Hello, I recently had my Android phone stolen and bought myself an IPhone now. When setting up Whatsapp (same number as before) I only had the opt...

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David Webb  

Not all contacts show


Although most of my contacts show, not all of them do. I am trying to create a group chat but cannot because the people I need to add are not listed. ...

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Not able to download whatsapp without microsoft account


Hello, How can I install whatsApp without creating an account which requires multiple email & passwords?

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Play store download


Hello, mujhe jio phone me play store download karna hai

Last reply on 4 Sep 2019 by
Ratnendra Ashok  

Sticker problem


I have bought a new iPhone and restored the backup of my old iPhone including whatsapp data to the new one through iTunes. The chat history, photos an...

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Whatsapp download link for samsung b313e


Hello, I need WhatsApp download link for Samsung B313E smartphone. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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Whatsapp for nokia lumia 520


Hello, can I download whatsapp for Nokia Lumia 520

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Can i get whatsapp without a microsoft account?


Hello, Is it possible to get WhatsApp without a Microsoft account?

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Daniel Telele  

Samsung metro phone whatsapp download


Hello, samsung metro phone how can download whatsapp.

Last reply on 27 Oct 2018 by

How to update whatsapp on z4 tizen


Hello Can assit am trying to update my whatsapp on samsung z4 tizen

Last reply on 29 Aug 2018 by

Inaccurate date and time


Hello, My whats app doesnt work cause it keeps saying inaccurate date amd ,time but all of that is set properly any advice to fix this problem cos i...

Last reply on 25 Jun 2018 by

How to download whatsapp to nokia e72


Hello, how I can download Whatsapp on my Nokia E72? It need it to be in Hebrew.

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