Tecno Camon 30: for quality video in the dark, specs, price

Tecno Camon 30: for quality video in the dark, specs, price

Tecno claims that with the camera of this smartphone you can even "record magical auroras at the poles and twilight in the deserts". Let's look at the specifications of the new flagship of the Chinese brand, which promises us a breakthrough in shooting video in low light conditions.

Modern smartphones, such as the iPhone, Samsung, or Google Pixel, offer high-quality photos and videos, and many visual content and film creators no longer need special video cameras and have replaced them with their phones, equipped with additional accessories such as special microphones, tripods, lenses and holders. However, when it comes to shooting video at night or in dimly lit rooms, even the most advanced smartphones cannot provide high-quality images without noise.

Now Chinese brand Tecno is laying claim to having created a smartphone that the company says is an industry-first feature: full-motion 4K HDR video at 30fps and a revolutionary artificial noise reduction system. This is the Camon 30 Premier 5G, launched last Wednesday.

© Tecno

What are the specifications of the new Tecno phone?

The Camon 30 Premier 5G runs Android 14 and is powered by Mediatek's Dimensity 8200 processor with 12GB of RAM, which isn't super-powerful but could be a good mid-range option. Like most modern smartphones, there is a 70W fast charging feature, which, according to the manufacturer, can charge the phone up to 50 percent in 16 minutes. The battery has a capacity of 5000 mAh, which, according to Tecno, will provide 30 hours of phone calls or almost 8 hours of video viewing on just one charge.

The screen of the smartphone is 6.78-inch 1080x2436px AMOLED, with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Plus, Fingerprint sensor and Dual SIM support. All this is packaged in a solid looking metal case.

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What's special about the Camon 30 Premier 5G camera?

Camon 30 Premier 5G has three main lenses and a one selfie camera. The main module has:

  • 50 megapixel main camera,
  • 50 megapixel macro lens, allowing you to focus on objects as close as 2.5 cm,
  • 50-megapixel periscope telephoto lens offering 3x optical zoom and 60x digital zoom.

The selfie camera is also a 50-megapixel camera with eye tracking and a focusing speed of up to 100 milliseconds.

© Tecno

Camon 30 Premier also offers a variety of built-in AI-powered image editing tools for your visuals. For example, the AI Erase function allows you to edit photos and erase unnecessary parts of them. And finally, let's not forget the main feature of the phone - its own video processing system called PolarAce, based on a Sony image processing chip (CXD5622GG).

All this sounds promising, but questions still remain. Tecno also touts many features that it claims to be original, including most notably its proprietary video noise reduction technology. How perfect it is remains to be seen when the new phone can be tested in action. Also, a lot of the features sound really cool, but it's not clear if they're truly groundbreaking or more of a marketing gimmick. For example, one feature promises to more accurately display different skin tones in images, but what that actually does is not yet clear.

There is no information about the price yet.