How to limit the data Apple collects about you?

How to limit the data Apple collects about you?

Apple always puts privacy first, however, it still gathers some of your data. But you can take it under control. Here's how to manage your data privacy on your Apple devices.

What Apple knows about you?

First of all, Apple knows your name, email address, your Apple ID credentials, payment details since you provide it with the registration. Apple can also collect data on how you use your devices: the apps, searches in App Store, analytics, information about your location and health details, but only if you let it. Everything Apple knows about you is written in its privacy statement which is rather long but quite comprehensive.

What can you hide from Apple?

Apple sells ads since 2016, and App Store has become its primary market. It can show you contextual and personalized ads based on your data. They are suggested to you based on your App Store search history, browsing activity, your age, gender, interests, location etc. Although, Apple privacy policy for Siri, for example, says that your requests are lincked with a random identifier, and not your Apple ID. "All data used for advertising purposes is disassociated from personal identifiers, and Apple Advertising operates on the basis of de-identified data," says Apple spokesperson Shane Bauer. Anyway, there is a way to limit Apple from collecting your data. Here's how.  

How to limit Apple data tracking?

  • You can switch off personalized ads in the App Store, TV, News, and Stocks apps. To do so, go your Apple device's Settings > Privacy & Security > Apple Advertising and toggle off Personalized Ads option. If it was on, you can see the ad targeting information that Apple used about you.
  • Within Settings and each app (especially Apple News and Stocks) you can toggle on the option to reset identifiers. 
  • In Privacy & Security section, go to Analytics & Improvements and toggle off the following options: Share iPhone Analytics, Share iCloud Analytics, Improve Safety, Improve Siri & Dictation. 
  • Take some time and review the permissions for your other apps in the Privacy & Security section, check which apps can see your location, stop third-party apps from tracking your activity. 

Note: You can see what data Apple has about you via its download tool.

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