How to clear cache on iPhone and iPad

How to clear cache on iPhone and iPad

It can be a good idea to clear your iOS device application cache to save space, and sometimes to solve some app issues.

How to clear apps data on iOS

iOS device does not offer any feature to clear all the apps' cache so you will have to do this manually (except if you have a jailbroken device). Note that some app does not provide any way to clear their cache, so you can only uninstall and reinstall them.

How to clear Safari's cache

  • Go to Settings > Safari.
  • Scroll down and tap Clear History and Website Data.

How to clear applications' cache

  • Go to Settings > General > iPhone storage.
  • For each app you would like the cache to be cleared, select the app and click on Offload App.
  • If you'd prefer to clean out space and files manually, then go into the specific app and start to clear out old conversations, playlists, and files you no longer use or need to keep.

Use a third-party app to clean your phone's data

There are some applications available on the App Store that do this cleaning automatically, but iOS restricts access to these options unless your phone is jailbroken. These apps can clear caches by accessing the data directly (so make sure the app is 100% safe); however, jailbroken phones may not always have access to the applications needed to erase your iPhone caches.