Bluetooth - Pairing phone to laptop

August 2016

Connecting a phone and laptop computer through bluetooth is known as pairing; the prime requirement for this to happen is for the laptop and phone to have bluetooth hardware installed and enabled at the time of pairing, to create a bluetooth wireless network. In most laptop computers, there is a dedicated key available to switch the bluetooth connection ON and OFF. If you have an older generation laptop, then additional hardware, known as a bluetooth adapter must be plugged in the USB port. After enabling Bluetooth, search for active devices on your laptop, then select the mobile phone. Now you are ready to transfer data through this secure network. First time pairing requires you to key in a 4-digit code to send and receive data.


Some time ago I saw that I had an option to connect a phone via Bluetooth but when I tried to connect it, I couldn't see my phone. I don't know if i need drivers for Bluetooth on my PC??


I saw the discussion about Connect phone to laptop by Bluetooth. The concept is very simple.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile and make it visible to the other Bluetooth device. Only then will your phone detect the other Bluetooth device and vice versa. Most of the recent notebooks are Bluetooth enabled but in some notebooks one needs to turn on the Bluetooth by using/clicking the relevant buttons.
  • Once you turn it on then get into your computer running with Windows Vista, and type the following command in the search box or in the run box: "ncpa.cpl". It will take you to the network connection window.
  • In that window, you will find the Bluetooth connection.
  • Click the icon and look at the top of the window for the option "Connect the the Bluetooth". Click it and then add the Bluetooth device. It will find your phone and will then ask for the passphrase key; you can create one and then your phone will aski you to type the same key provided in the computer. Once the key has been matched it will connect automatically.
  • Later on, type Bluetooth in the search option where you will get an option as Bluetooth (Transfer files wizard) .
  • Click it: you will then be able to receive or send files via Bluetooth between your notebook and phone.


Thanks to Suresh for this tip on the forum.

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