Verify accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

Verify accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

The credibility of the content offered by a brand or celebrities on social networks can be enhanced by verifying their social network accounts with a verification badge. This article will walk you through the various benefits of holding a verified account and explain how to verify your accounts.

What are the benefits of verified social media accounts?

As explained above, the verification badge on social media profiles can benefit users. First and foremost, verified accounts can protect the integrity of account holders and help prevent identity theft. Information from a verified account helps fans weed out credible information from the information they accumulate from outside sources or imposter accounts.

In addition to protecting the online identity of a brand, verified accounts also help brands get better visibility. When people search for a notable user profile, the checkmark will guarantee that the profile is relevant to the users and brands.

Brand credibility on social media is becoming increasingly important in today's social-media-driven communications. Pages with high credibility promote interaction between the users, followers, and brands.

What is a verified Facebook page?

A blue badge marks verified Facebook profiles or pages. This certification is given to pages for celebrities and public figures, trademarks and companies, and media agencies.

If you'd like to verify your Facebook page, you must submit an application form to the social network. This application form must be accompanied by an official document authenticating the user's identity. You can consult Facebook's verification process.

What is a verified Twitter account?

On Twitter, verified accounts are marked with a blue badge located to the right of the account name. This badge will appear next to a user's account name when searched for by a third party. Twitter used to automatically generate badges for certain high-profile accounts, including celebrities, politicians, government agencies, businesses, and media.

However, since Elon Musk's completed acquisition of Twitter in October 2022, there have been certain changes. One of the main changes is now the ability to pay a subscription fee for the blue verification tick. Users in certain countries will be able to sign up to the Twitter's Blue service for $7.99 (£7) per month. The downside of being able to purchase the verification badge is that people could be impersonated by someone else willing to pay the monthly fee. 

What is a verified Instagram profile?

Instagram badges are currently limited to public figures, celebrities, and brands. Users who want to have some account verification are encouraged to link their profiles to other social media accounts with a verified badge. For more information, you can follow this in-depth guide.

What is a verified Pinterest page?

The URL of a web page is displayed on the Pinterest page of the user. This solution is particularly recommended for companies who want to establish a link between their Pinterest account and their official website.

The procedure involves the integration of an HTML validation code on the company's website:

  • Connect to Pinterest.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Go to the Profile section.
  • Enter the URL of your website into the Website field and then click on Verify website, and it will generate a custom HTML file.
  • Once complete, download the file and place it at the root of your website to verify your account.

N.B. Alternatively, you can also confirm Pinterest account validation through meta tags.

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