What is Artifact: a new personalized news app

What is Artifact: a new personalized news app

It was in October 2010 that Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched Instagram. Today, more than ten years later, the creators of the legendary application have launched a new app – Artifact. Here's what we know so far.

What is Artifact?

Artifact is a sort of newspaper, a diary, or a space where you can access and share different types of current news texts. Research by the Reuters Institute showed that people, especially young individuals, prefer to get information through social networks in recent years. Artifact is therefore betting on this trend, reflected in applications such as TikTok or Instagram.

How does Artifact work?

Some have called it TikTok of News. But why call it that? Initially, on social networks like Facebook, you were getting suggestions about things your friends thought you might be interested in; you were also shown content about the people you followed. With Artifact, the idea is to follow the same line that has created the success of TikTok: to use an algorithm based on artificial intelligence to propose topics that may eventually interest you, taking into account your tastes and activity in the application.

Basically, on your screen, you will see two walls. In the first one, you will see the articles you share and can comment on with other users through private messages. The second wall will be destined to receive the recommendations made to you based on the algorithm we discussed earlier in this text.

The idea of Systrom and Krieger is to have as sources different types of previously verified written media and thus propose articles that come either from media with a strong influence and recognition, such as The New York Times, but also from smaller and alternative media. Likewise, the creators of this new app aim to provide its users with the content of different types of ideologies, trying at all times to eliminate fake news.

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How to access Artifact?

At the beginning of February, signing up for a waiting list with your cell phone number was necessary to access the beta version of Artifact. However, the wait is over, and Artifact is now officially available for all Android and iOS users. After downloading it, you don't need to register; you only need to select at least ten areas of your interest classified in a variety of categories, such as lifestyle, health, science and technology, business and finance, art, design and culture, sports, international news, among others. All this aims to personalize your news feed. In addition, you can add your active subscriptions to different media to your account.

Thanks to its artificial intelligence engine, the application will learn from your reading habits. So as you read content, the personalization of your feed will improve. With this goal in mind, Artifact initially challenges you to read 25 articles and allows you to keep track of your progress. What are you waiting for to try Artifact?

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