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  • Developer Ovidiu Pop
  • Version 1.4.3
  • License Freeware
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Drive, customize, and conquer the world in Bus Simulator 2023! Master realistic bus physics in global cities with diverse fleets. Whether in career, free-roam, or multiplayer, your journey to becoming the ultimate bus driver starts here. Get behind the wheel and let the adventure unfold!


In Bus Simulator 2023, embark on a thrilling journey to become the ultimate bus driver. Navigate through meticulously detailed maps across the globe, from bustling cities to serene countryside.

Choose your path with a diverse fleet of buses, including sleek city buses, long-distance coach buses, and lively school buses, each boasting realistic interiors for an immersive experience. Powered by a groundbreaking 1:1 physics engine, master the art of bus driving with unparalleled realism. Whether carving out a career, exploring freely, or joining friends in multiplayer, your skills will shape your route to success.


  • Worldwide ventures: Get ready to drive across an array of realistic maps, including cities and countryside across the globe. From the bustling streets of San Francisco and Texas in the USA, to the scenic routes of Buenos Aires, Germany, Spain, Prague, St. Petersburg, Dubai, and Shanghai. Each location promises unique challenges and breathtaking sights.

  • Fleet variety: Choose from a diverse fleet of buses including diesel, hybrid, electric, articulated, coach, and school buses. Each type offers a distinct driving experience, catering to all your bus driving fantasies.

  • Game modes galore: Whether you're in the mood for a structured career progression, a casual free-ride, or a competitive multiplayer mode, Bus Simulator 2023 has got you covered. Each mode offers a unique way to experience the game.

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  • Customization at your fingertips: Express your style with extensive bus customization options. Tweak everything from paint jobs and accessories to air conditioning and decals to make your bus truly your own.

  • Realistic interiors: The devil is in the details, and the customizable interiors ensure that you feel right at the heart of the action. From the driver's seat, everything feels just right.

  • Dynamic passengers: An Open/Close Doors button brings your bus to life with animated passengers making their way in and out. It's the little things that add up to a lively bus driving experience.

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  • Controller support: Whether you're a fan of the classic steering wheel, buttons, or tilting controls, the game accommodates your preferred driving style.

  • Diverse environments: Drive in any setting you can imagine - city, countryside, mountain, desert, or snow. Paired with multiple times of day and weather conditions, every drive is a new adventure.

  • School bus fun: Relive the nostalgia of school days with three different school bus models, each offering a unique challenge in delivering kids safely to their schools.

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  • Manage your empire: With the bus company management system, hire drivers, acquire buses, and schedule custom routes to build your bus driving empire.

  • Smart streets: Navigate through an Intelligent Traffic System that makes each drive realistic and challenging.

  • Multiplayer madness: Engage in immersive online multiplayer cooperative gameplay. Add friends, chat live, and invite them to tackle bus routes together.

  • Compete & connect: With leaderboards, achievements, and rankings, see how you stack up against the best drivers around the world.


The game prides itself on next-generation graphics that bring every aspect of the driving experience to life. From the shimmering reflections on the bus exteriors to the realistic lighting effects that change dynamically with the time of day.

With a wide variety of buses available, from classic school buses to modern electric models, the graphical fidelity shines through in the detailing. Each bus is meticulously modeled to reflect its real-world counterpart, complete with interiors that boast realistic textures and functioning dashboards.

Again, the dynamic weather system and time-of-day changes further elevate the graphical experience. Driving through a rainstorm with the wipers on, or watching the sunset as you complete your route, adds not just visual variety but also gameplay challenges. The way light reflects off wet roads or the blinding effect

Duration and game modes

Bus Simulator 2023 offers various single-player and multiplayer game modes, including Career, Free-ride, offering unique challenges and gameplay experiences.

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Bus Simulator 2023 is a worldwide famous simulation game downloaded over 10 million times. 

Age rating

Bus Simulator 2023 is rated for Everyone.