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The RPC server is unavailable

The unavailable RPC Server error could mean that a printer is not available to the computer. The Unavailable printer issue could be a software issue and it can be fixed in a straight-forward manner. Before changing settings of services in the software, you should check the hardware. If the printers are connected correctly, the RPC server problem can be solved in not one, but two different ways. It is possible to manipulate the Printer Spooler service as well as of the RPC to fix the issue. Follow the steps below carefully, to solve the unavailable RPC server error and start printing documents.


The printers installed on the machine are no longer available and the Windows system displays the following message:
Unable to continue operation due to lack of resources. The print subsystem is unavailable        

First Solution

  • Open Start / Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Services
  • Select "Print Spooler"
  • If it is listed as "paused", start it by double-clicking on "Print Spooler" and then click the "Start" button
  • Verify that the "startup type" is set to "automatic"

Second Solution

  • Click on Run in the Start menu and type:
  • In the list, find "Remote Procedure Call (RPC)"
  • Clicking the right mouse button and choose "Properties"
  • Go to the tab "Recovery", and then sequentially in First Failure, Second Failure, etc. and select "Restart Service"
  • Validate the change by clicking OK

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