Enable/Disable the print spooling service

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Every print job on the printer server is controlled by the Print Spooler . This is software that helps manage print jobs which are stuck in the queue and processes their deletion after printing is complete. To disable or enable the print spooling service, one has to click on the Print Spooler Key that can be accessed through My Computer. Modifications in the settings of the key enables or disables the Print Spooler service accordingly. This trick, works with the Windows Vista operating system.

Enable/Disable the print spooling service


The print spooling service allows you to load the print jobs for later printing, ie to put them in the print queue.

It may also be the solution after the failure of installing drivers and tools for a printer with the error message is: "the treatment may not continue because the queue of printing has been stopped. Restart your system to start the service queue printing and try again "


How to start or stop the print spooler?:

  • Right click on My Computer (Computer on Vista) and select Manage

  • In the console that opens, pull down the Services menu and applications

  • Click on Services

  • Double-click on the Print Spooler key

  • In the "General" tab, go to Startup Type

  • Set the value to Automatic, Manual or Disabled

  • To enable or disable the print spooler service immediately, click Stop or Start

  • Finally click Apply (a restart of the PC is sometimes necessary to take into account changes in parameters).

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