How To Get Your GPS Location on Android

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Most Android smartphones on the market come equipped with a GPS unit, which allows you to access several location-based features. These location features can come in handy in a number of situations, allowing you to find your position on a map, navigate to a destination, track or create routes, and even find points of interest in a certain area.

Here's a quick list of great Android applications that can help you locate your exact GPS coordinates and get you moving in the right direction.

Find GPS Location on Android

Maps by Google is perhaps the most comprehensive map application available. Upon launching the application, Google will pinpoint your exact location on a roadmap so that you can get an idea of your surroundings. The application also offers an extensive list of features, including real-time GPS navigation, traffic and transit information, and details about nearby locations, including popular times, photos, and reviews.

As the name suggests, GPS Coordinates is a simple application that displays your current location in a variety of formats, including latitude and longitude, altitude, and degrees. The application also gives you the possibility to share your GPS position via SMS, email, or on social networks.

GPS Status & Toolbox is another great location app that displays your current GPS coordinates and other helpful information, such as signal strength, GPS accuracy, speed, and altitude.
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