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HDAT2 - Test and repair your HDD

HDAT2 - Test and repair your HDD

Warning: Before using HDAT2, it is essential to check the S.M.A.R.T status of your hard drive. If it is orange or red (Bad Status), it is recommended to backup your data before running a scan with HDAT2.


This program does not work under Windows.
  • Burn HDAT2 on a CD/DVD.
  • Restart your PC and boot from CD/DVD drive.


  • Its main function is to scan for and repair (regenerate) bad sectors of your HDD.
  • It also provides detailed information about the status of your HDD.


  • Get the lates version of HDAT2.

Burn the ISO image

Boot from CD/DVD drive

  • Restart your PC and hit the Boot key (F11 or F12).
  • Select your CD/DVD drive.


Launching the program

Tested with HDAT2 version 5.0.
  • You will get a menu where you need to select the type of HDD.
  • For a typical IDE/SATA HDD select: (1) PATA/SATA CD driver only (default)
  • If you don't know the type of HDD being used, select option (4).
  • A command prompt will be displayed.
  • You can enter your commands after
     [PATA] X:\> 
    • Type :
      To start the program .
  • Choose SATA and select the disc you want to repair. You will get information about the size and model of the HDD.
  • Note that: HDAT2 may falsely detects the SMART status as "Failing" (Red), while it is not the case when running tests with the manufacturer's tools.
    • Hit the "D" key to Detect/ Refresh HDDs.

Test and repair

  • Select "Device tests" menu.
    • Warning: WRITE tests can cause data loss.

Two choices are available:
  • Scan the hard drive without WRITE tests- Detect Bad sectors
  • Scan the hard drive with WRITE tests - Detect and fix bad sector menu

If you wish to continue with the repair :
  • Choose "Fix with VERIFY/WRITE/VERIFY".
  • HDAT2 will scan and regenerate bad sectors.
  • Once everything is repaired, run a second scan but this time using the "Detect Bad Sectors menu" without the WRITE tests.
  • If other bad sectors are detected it means that your HDD is dead (it will slowly deteriorate until it is completely out of order)!

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