Inserting an Hyperlink in an Excel Worksheet

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Excel supports the use of hyperlinks and it is a very useful feature, allowing you to point out information from a website or file (E.g a .pdf file, a word document).


  • [Step 1]First choose the cell in which you want to insert the hyperlink.
  • [Step 2]Right click on the cell and select the Hyperlink option.

Linking to a Website

In this first example we will try to link the cell to a website.
  • Copy paste the target link (in our case in the address bar

  • Press Ok to validate.
  • As result the text in the target cell should have turn to a blue color, hover your mouse on it and check out the results.

Linking to a document

  • Repeat step 1 and 2
  • From there you can use the Look in option to search for the document, file (.txt, .jpeg etc) you want to access.

Linking to another cell in the spreadsheet

This feature can be use locally, for example linking a cell to another one.
  • Repeat step 1 and 2
  • From there use the Place in this document option.
  • In the Type the cell reference enter the cell you want to access.

  • Press Ok to validate.


Remember that you can edit these hyperlinks at any moment, by simply :
  • Right click on the target cell and use the Edit HyperLink option.

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