How To Transfer Music from PC to iPhone/iPod

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Mobile phones have long ceased to be simple devices for voice communication. iPhone, Android devices, and other existing smartphone models include advanced features, such as high-resolution cameras, Internet access, and integrated media players.

To play music and multimedia files on iPhone and iPod, you need iTunes. Once installed on your computer, this program can synchronize digital content between your PC and your Apple devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad).

How To Move Music from PC to iPhone/iPod

Download and install iTunes. Then, add the music that you want to play to your iTunes Library. This will be added to the Songs category.

Now, connect your device to your computer. Your device's name and content, organized in categories, will appear in the Devices section. Click Songs, select the music that you want to play, and drag it to the Music Library that appears below the name of your device:

After syncing, you can enjoy all of your music on your iOS device.

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