How To Connect Jio Phone's Internet with Laptop

Reliance Jio is one of India's fastest growing telecom companies, enabling its subscribers to access high-speed and unlimited 4G internet service on their mobile phones. However, there are certain limitations on a mobile phone. For example, the screen size makes watching films less than ideal and dowloading several large files at once is tricky. Moreover, watching and accessing multimedia files can drain phone batteries quickly. You can avoid this by connecting your Jio phone's Internet with a laptop or desktop computer at no extra cost to you. Continue reading to discover how to do so.

Connect Computer to Internet with Jio Mobile Phone Hotspot

To connect your computer to the web using your Jio phone's hotspot, go to Settings > More Options.

Some phones have the personal hotspot option in the main settings. Toggle the button to switch the hotspot option ON. Below this, the username and password of the hotspot are displayed.

Next, switch on your computer's WiFi, connect to the same network, and enter the password.

Connect Computer to Internet with Jio Mobile Phone using USB Tethering

If you do not or cannot connect your computer to your mobile phone using a hotspot, you may also do so using USB tethering. This is a comparatively less popular option as it requires that you have a USB cable to connect the laptop with the Jio phone.

Once you have tethered your phone to your laptop, go to Settings > Other Wireless Connections. Toggle the USB Tethering option ON.

Image: © Jio.

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