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Download and Listen to Christmas Music for Free

What is the quickest way of getting into a Christmas mood? Christmas music of course! Discover how to find classical Christmas music, carols, and other Christmas songs on the most popular music platforms. This article will help you get in the Christmas spirit, with some free Christmas music!

Like any worthy party, Christmas festivities need Christmas music! Nowadays, streaming services have replaced physical formats and are the easiest option to find music to get the party started! Whether you want to listen to the classics, or if you are looking for the more modern iterations, here we will show you how to make the most of them.

Note: Make sure you are aware of the copyright laws that apply to your respective country to avoid making use of music that may be considered illegal.

Christmas Music Streaming

There are many sites that offer plenty of quality Christmas music. There is YouTube for example, a simple search for ‘Christmas Music / Songs’ will give you plenty to choose from. If you are looking for a specific song - Nat King Cole’s, The Best of Christmas album - just search in the bar. To avoid having to select songs one by one, look for longer videos with compilations, playlists or complete albums.

You may want to have YouTube premium, or YouTube Vanced, to avoid ads playing in between songs!

Deezer and Spotify, two of the leading streaming music platforms, also offer a multitude of Christmas playlists and even allow you to create your own and share it with your friends. Both services are available in web and mobile versions. Of course, ads will appear on occasion, this can be avoided with the paid versions.

Christmas Music Playlists

As we have said, on YouTube there are playlists for all tastes (in any language, for children, by famous singers). One of the most renowned Christmas albums is: Michael Bublé's Christmas, sit back and enjoy!

On Spotify there is no lack of options either. Type ‘Christmas’ in the search engine and you will see results organised by song, artist, album and playlist (for example this Christmas Playlist).

How to Download Christmas Music for Free

For those of you who prefer to download music directly and play it via your devices, there are several solutions. There are some free sites such as Vidpaw which allow you to convert and download YouTube videos. An alternative to this to opt for the paid version of one of the main music platforms, be it Google Play Music, Deezer, Spotify, or YouTube Music which allow you to download Christmas music to your device and play offline.

For those who want to go further, there is also the possibility to customise your ringtone, message tone and notifications on your phone with Christmas songs, thanks to apps such as Songs and Christmas Music.

Finally, if you are looking for Christmas music to use in videos that you have created, we recommend the YouTube Audio Library. Here you will be able to find a selection of free music that you can download and use.

Merry Christmas!

Photo: © Chad Madden + Beatriz Perez - Unsplash.


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