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How to Reset or Reinstall Your Windows 10

Would you like to return your PC to its original factory settings? Reformatting the operating system is one of the best first steps to take if your system has begun to slow down, or if you are experiencing other issues and are not sure how to fix them. Reformatting and reinstalling Windows will allow you to leave your computer as newly purchased.

N.B.: Although in this process we will be given the option to keep our files, we recommend that you not take unnecessary risks and carefully review your documents, ensuring you have a back up of you most important files.

Format Your PC with Windows 10

1. Click on Start (the Windows logo at the bottom left) and go to Settings:

2. A menu will open with all the options for Windows configuration. Enter Update and security.:

3. In the left column, click on Recovery. Among the options that open, select Reset this PC. Click on Get started:

4. Now it's your turn to decide if you want to keep your personal files. You can also discard them. To completely reformat your PC to its original state, click Remove everything:

5. In the next step, click on Change settings:

6. You can activate the Data erasure section if you want to make sure that the deleted files can't be recovered, which is recommended if you are going to sell or give your PC to someone:

7. You can also activate the Data drives section if you have several hard drives and want to reformat them all. Otherwise, only the one on which Windows is installed will be reformatted. Confirm your settings and click Next.:

8. Now just click on Reset and wait. Once the process is finished, Windows will begin reinstalling:

Image: ©123rf.com.


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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