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Tips and Tricks to Get the Most out of Netflix

Netflix has an immense catalog of series, movies and programs of all kinds, so vast sometimes that you can feel lost. Fear not! You will be happy to know that there are a number of tricks that most users do not know about and they can help you make the most of Netflix. If you are interested, read on.

Find Hidden Content

The Netflix category filter may not be your strong point, as a result, it can sometimes be difficult to find what you want. In reality, the platform hides much more content than appears. Therefore, you should be aware that you can refine your search by accessing certain hidden categories.

To do this you will need to log into Netflix from your computer. Once logged in, type in the browser the following address: https://www.netflix.com/fr-en/browse/genre/83 and change 83 to one of the following codes:

  • Animation for adults: 11881
  • Science fiction anime: 2729
  • Classic comedies: 31694
  • Cult comedies: 9434
  • Romantic comedies: 5475
  • Classic Westerns: 47465
  • Classic War Movies: 48744
  • Horror Movies Series B: 8195
  • Movies about education starring The Muppets: 4699
  • Films with stunning images: 1954
  • Movies about psychopaths and serial killers: 8646
  • Horror movies with zombies: 75405
  • Science fiction adventure movies: 6926
  • International science fiction and fantasy movies: 6485
  • Action movies and spy adventures: 10702
  • Dramas: 6384
  • Judicial dramas: 528582748
  • Political dramas: 6616
  • Detective Movies: 2346
  • Soccer movies: 12549
  • Movies about baseball: 12339
  • Travel movies: 2778
  • African-American films: 4141
  • Asian action movies: 77232
  • French movies: 58807
  • British movies: 10757
  • British series: 52117
  • Documentaries on crimes: 9875
  • Biographical documentaries: 3652

As you can see, these categories are much more detailed than those that normally appear in the start menu and will allow you to find a program to watch much more easily. In addition to this, if you mark ‘+My list’, you can save the programs as favourites and access them from your TV whenever you want.

For a more detailed list of the Netflix hidden codes, here is a complete article.


If you watch Netflix movies and series from your computer, you will also find it extremely useful to know certain keyboard shortcuts to better enjoy your Netflix viewing.

  • F key: full screen playback
  • Spacebar or Enter: pause playback or resume
  • Up / down arrows: increase or decrease the volume
  • Left / right arrows: by pressing once, forward or go backwards in playback 10 seconds; holding the push button, advance to fast camera or rewind.
  • M key: mute the video
  • Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Q: see technical information of the audio and video (frame-rate, buffering, bandwidth used ...)

Disable AutoPlay

Autoplay is quite a practical feature if you don’t want to select the next episode each time, however it can present a bit of a ‘trap’ as you can get hooked on a series longer than you may like. The good news is, this feature can be disabled fairly easily. To do this, enter your profile and click on Account. Then, click on ‘Playback Settings’ and uncheck ‘Play the next episode automatically’.

Autoplay can also refer to when a trailer automatically plays as you are scrolling through the menu, you can turn this feature off as well in the same menu as the Autoplay series. There is a full article on this topic on how to turn off autoplay here.

Clear Your Playback History

As you know, with the most advanced Netflix payment plans you can have more than one profile on the platform. However, that does not prevent any other user with whom you share an account from entering your profile and seeing what you have been watching. If you want to avoid this, view your Playback History and click on the ‘Hide All’ option, or choose which content you wish to delete. In 24 hours it will disappear from your viewing history. The only downside is that if you delete everything, Netflix will have more difficulty recommending content based on your preferences, or it will even recommend shows that you have already watched. It’s up to you!

Download Offline Content

Finally, do not forget that with Netflix you can download all the original production series and movies to watch them when you do not have internet on your device or simply do not want to spend data. To do this, simply enter the app, choose the content you want and click on the download icon. The content will be stored for a limited time, but after that period, you can download it again.

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A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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