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Best Tech Gifts For Any Budget

The Holidays are coming and no surprise you are wondering what to get as a gift for your tech-loving friends. There are plenty of choices: from smart clocks and self-sanitizing water bottles to a new gamer mouse, portable printer or security camera. Everything depends on your close ones’ lifestyles, interests and level of tech immersion. We have made a useful listing of what to choose as a gift for any budget: under $30, $50 and $100. Read on to find the best tech present!

Under $30

Wyze Cam v3 ($20)

If your friends recently became parents or cat & dog owners, maybe they would like a home security camera to keep an eye on their baby when they’re in another room, or pet when they are away. If so, there is the new Wyze Cam v3 with better night viewing, HD quality and possibility to use it indoors as well as outdoors. However, if you’d like to be more eco-friendly this year and make a security camera yourself, check this article about how to turn your old cell phone into a security camera.

You can purchase Wyze Cam v3 on official Wyze website.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential ($25)

The Lenovo Smart Clock is one of the essential tools for your smart home. You can set alarms, timers for cooking, add items to your shopping list, make hands-free calls and so much more thanks to the built-in Google Assistant. It also shows you the weather outside and provides you with a little source of light during the night so you don’t wake up your the whole family.

You can buy it on Walmart.

MoMA Touchscreen Mist Cleaner ($13)

An interesting solution to always keep your smartphone clean is to get a touchscreen mist cleaner from MoMA store. This spray tube is filled with alcohol-free cleaner that kills 99.9% of common household bacteria and also has a pretty design. Could be a nice gift for your hard working friends.

You can order it at MoMA design store.

The Slim Bluetooth Tracker ($29.99)

A great solution for someone who always loses things or forgets their passport, wallet or cell phone at home – is the Slim device. It allows you to track and locate anything. Just put it in your wallet and never worry again.

You can order it on The Tile.

Anker "Atom III" portable wall charger ($24)

A portable charger Anker Atom III is really handy since it is really small and you can take it with you anywhere to charge your phone, tablet or laptop easily and quickly. Plus, it supports all major devices brands.

You can purchase it on Amazon.

Under $50

JBL Bluetooth Speaker GO 2 ($29.9)

This stylish and portable Bluetooth speaker might be very practical for home parties. It can work without recharging for up to 5 hours and you can even take it with you on holidays because it is waterproof so it won’t be damaged if you use it by the pool or by the beach.

You can purchase it on JBL official website.

Otterbox Wireless Power Bank ($49.95)

A good and reliable power bank is always a good gift idea. The Otterbox wireless power bank delivers up to 18W Fast Charge via Power Delivery vs. 5W standard charging and has 15,000 mAh battery capacity size.

You can order it in Otterbox official store.

Chromecast with Google TV ($49.98)

During this past year many of us stayed at home and watched movies, series and TV shows. Maybe some of your friends would like to keep all the favorite films together at one place and enjoy it whenever they want? If so, take a look at the Chromecast with Google TV with up to 4K HDR.

You can order the Chromecast with Google TV on Walmart.

Nonda ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor ($47.59)

A perfect gadget for everyone passionate about cars. You just need to put the device under the hood of your car and it will tell you what’s working well and what isn’t, for example, fuel and emission control, or if there have been any leaks and so on. With the app of the same name you can keep track of your car condition and always be aware if something needs to be fixed quickly.

You can order the Nonda ZUS Smart Vehicle Monitor on its official website.

Smart Super Cube Puzzle Game ($49.99)

A useful device for not wasting your time during commuting or waiting in lines instead of scrolling down your social media newsfeed. It’s a Rubik’s cube connected with the app that tracks your progress, challenges you and gives you harder combinations.

You can order the Smart Super cube Puzzle Game on MoMA design store.

Under $100

HP Sprocket Portable Printer ($99.99)

Stylish and handy HP portable printer might be a perfect gift for your photo enthusiasts friends. It is capable of printing 2.3-by-3.4-inch photos on water- and tear-resistant paper. With the HP Sprocket mobile app you can even edit your photos before printing.

You can purchase the HP Sprocket Portable Printer on Amazon.

The Smart Garden 3 ($93.95)

Missing nature and dreaming of little winter garden garden? Try the Smart Garden 3. It is an innovative indoor garden that takes care of itself and grows fresh, flavourful herbs, fruits and vegetables for you. You can choose herbs and plants from an extensive list presented on the website. The plant pod is biodegradable, which also makes it a sustainable gift.

You can order the Smart Garden 3 on Click&Grow official website.

Dodow Smart Gadget ($59.99)

Your friend is having trouble falling asleep? No worries, just get him or her the Dodow Smart Gadget. Its developers say it helps its users to fall asleep in 8 minutes and teaches you how to fall asleep naturally. Its light pulse calms the mind, slows breathing and relaxes the body. You can always keep it on your nightstand to get better sleep and stop having sleep deprivation.

You can order it online on My Dodow’s official website.

Sony WF-XB700 Extra BASS Wireless Earbuds ($64.99)

Bluetooth earbuds is always a good present, since all of us always lose one of them. The Sony Extra Bass series was made for deep and punchy sound. It is also water-resistant against rain and sweat so you can easily use these earbuds outside while working out.

You can purchase these earbuds on Target.

Larq Movement Self-Sanitizing Bottle ($98)

This year some of us became germaphobes, so to lower the anxiety and stress that some of your close ones might experience, get them the Larq self-sanitizing bottle. It is eco-friendly and safe since it has a germ-killing UV-C light in its cap that sanitizes the inside of the bottle.

You can purchase the self-sanitizing bottle on Huckberry web store.

Oblio Wireless Charging Station with UV Sanitizer ($79.90)

This two-in-one device is a real treasure. It charges your smartphone and at the same time cleans all the invisible germs on its screen with a UV light. Another plus is that it has a pretty minimalistic design that will not bother you.

You can purchase it on Nordstrom.

Disney+ Yearly Streaming Service ($69.99)

A sustainable and quite useful option can be a yearly subscription to Disney + (or any other streaming service), so your friend can watch Star Wars and Marvel for free and with no limits.

Get the gift Disney + subscription.

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