Modem is connected but not the internet?

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 Iamanidiot -

I am sharing a wireless modem connection with my neighbour (long story - he has the modem and has loaned the secured access key to me) and he only just gave me the access key today. I initially had issues with connecting the modem (ie was recieving "Limited or no connectivity" messages even though I had a strong signal) until I figured out how to connect it [ie by changing the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) settings; User Configured to IP address:; Subnet mask:].

However, this has not solved the problem of connecting me to the internet! When I attempt to use ie7 to browse, I still get the error "Internet Explorer cannot display web page" even though the moden is definitely connected (55 packets sent, 0 recieved so far). Here are some things that I have done so far:

- In ie7, I made sure that under "Internet Options" , the "Never dial a connection" radio button is selected.
- In ie7, I have also ensured that under LAN settings, the "Automatically detect settings" tickbox is the only box ticked.
- In the Command Prompt, I ran a "ping" (ie ping and the stats show no lost packets with an average round trip of 553milli-seconds. I guess this means that I do have a connection to a network (right?)
- In the Command Prompt, I also ran "ipconfig" which confirmed that my "Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection" = Autoconfiguration IP address:; Subnet mask:

Still no internet and I am outta ideas!!!

Can anyone suggest what I need to do to make my internet connection work??

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Hi guys
I've been reading this post but, as a computer novice, I've got really confused.
I am having a problem that my ISP (Virgin Media) cannot resolve.
I have a Buffalo Air Stream router with a desktop and laptop connected. On the desktop I have an icon stating that there is limited or no connectivity so I am unable to connect to the internet. I did manage to to connect via IP number address when in safe mode and the cable modem connected directly to the PC but not when connected via the router. The lap top shows it's connected wirelessly but cannot display any internet pages.
My ISP said I had an issue of not refreshing DNS server and not taking URS form (their words).
Has any one got any ideas? Please accept my apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place.
I also have this problem and my ISP is Virgin Media. They were useless on the phone and now I believe that changing the DNS will give me the answer. Please tell me how you get on. I have emailed a computer whizz and if his computer solution can fix my problem i'll happilly tell you.
Please let me know if you can find a solution. Thanks!
finally solved my problem. my virgin media tv box was unplugged to save energy and the virgin media broadband ran through the tv box. looking back it fits, the connection only worked when one of us had plugged in the tv box to watch tv!
hope this helps,
have similar problem m not sure if this can help. I have a desktop but I am connected to wireless modem for some reason every I am turning off my computer I am losing my IP address and everytime that I connect to the wireless modem it gives me a limited or no connectivity. By d way my service is DSL ATT so... What d Att agent did was we connect d Ethernet n reset the set up of the modem he told me sometimes when ur computer crushed or got frozen n u didn't turn it off properly d password 2 ur wireless won't work n will not connect u 2 Internet or modem. When we connect d eternet cable I typed in on d address then when ATT logo shows I clk on home network tab n hit edit setting n I disabled d connection by unchecking it n save n reenable again n save. Everytime u have changes u have 2 change d network n password all d time n save. Then I take d cble out n try 2 reopen back d Internet explr n it worked. Pls make a note of d password cuz that's d same password that ur going use f u have more than 1 computer @ hom. M not good on giving instructions m hoping that this can help! :)

I have the same problem. It happened last night after midnight.
I was using skype, msn and firefox at the same time. First I lost firefox but msn and skype was working succesfully.
Then I tried logging off and on and I lost msn. but skype is still working. masn troubleshooter says this is a dns problem.
I cannot surf with browsers by using http https ftp or any kind of protocol with domain names.
However, I can use the ip addresses. No problem in that. So this must be a dns problem.

I tried

disabling enabling network connections
repairing them
using netsh or ipconfig to reset/flush/register dns
manually deleting netsock and netsock2 keys from the registry and reinstall tcp/ipprotocol with a new connection
disabling the network card and enable it
uninstalling zone alarm and removing the remaining keys from registry
using a winxpnetsock fix (I am not sure if the name of the fix is correct, by the way I have Win XP SP2)

Surprisingly, I can access to dns servers. I am sure of that. also nslookup works. but browsers do not.
any clues???
If you know your DNS server, manually enter it in the TCP/IP settings. It worked for me.
Good Luck
so I recently had trouble with my laptop finding my wireless router signal, and now that I finally got it working, I have stumbled across a brand new problem. It seems that now that I got my wireless working, the router would randomly kick me off the internet, my girlfriend never had a problem with this before. since it's her router, and it only started happening when I finally got my HP laptop on the network (she only has mac computers) I can't help but feel that I had sumthing to do with it. Anyways, so everytime I connect to the internet, I can stay on it for anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours or so, but eventually the internet would kick us off where the browser on mine(Windows Vista) and her(macbook) would stop workin

I would then check the status of my internet, and it would say the signal is still excellent, and whatever I was downloading (ie. Bittorrent) would still be downloadin and uploading at an excellent rate...but the internet would stop working, and eventually I would get kick off of messenger.

So what I have discovered is that to get my internet working, I have to hard reset the router, and that'll instantly connect me back up to the internet, but kick me off again in 20 minutes, OR I can log onto the NEC Router website and refresh my router, and that'll make it work for an hour or so.

i just find it kind of weird becaues none of my internet'll connect to any websites, but when I goto my network option and pick aterm and log into website, it lets me get onto the router that said..any idea why I keep getting booted out of my internet? please any help would be appreciated..

the thing is i'm still fully connected to the internet when the internet goes...the only thing is my browser stops working, everything else is still browsers works on neither computers when this goes, but besides that, everything else works...pleasde help
Having a slightly similiar, yet totally different issue -

My wireless is obviously connected - it says "connection - excellent" but it won't open my homepage. However, when I type in Google, it loads just fine. And when I search for something in Google, that loads just fine, too. However... that's all it does. It refuses to go to any other website, and I can't go to them through the results in google.... It says website found, but it just won't connect. The other laptop in the house works just fine, and this particular laptop works fine when it's connected to the router....

So why does Google work all fine and dandy, but everything else doesn;t cooperate?

h r u ?
I have problem my dsl connection is always conectivity shown failed, what problem ? plz
Hey ntt,
ive done what you said but I dont know my IP address...
im using my laptop with internet too try and find it out but will the IP address on my laptop be the same on my computer?
My internet has been shot for 5 months now and I have no idea what too do...
thanks :)
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Hi there all of you. (I am using Telkom service provider and Mega 105WR modem) I noticed that nobody mentioned Xp Sp3 yet. I updated to sp3 on my personal laptop last week and lost internet and email connection....................uninstall sp3 and it was working again.

Now my new problem is that I work from home sometimes and tried to connect my work laptop to system, it connect to wireless but no internet and email. It got Xp Sp3 installed.
I can't just go and change settings because it might not work when I get back to the office.

Could it be a conflict in sp3 and some routers (modems)??????????

please help as it is basically the same problem as above listings
Hi my brother is having exactly the same problem that Shannon has been having(see about 3/4 posts up shannons post dated around 16/01/09! I think!!lol) he has a connection can connect to Google and search etc but cannot click on any of the results or visit any other webpages at all!!When he clicks on the results it just says Internet explorer cannot display this page please check you are connected to the internet etc... My bro and I are both hopeless with pc's so can someone please help!! If you can help can you please put your reply it in step by step instructions for me and in idiot terms!!lol As i'm not sure of all the technical terms!! And will get pure lost otherwise!!
Any help very greatly received and appreciated!
Thanks for taking the time to read this and help!
Lynne x
Re my above post I forgot to say it is a wired connection on a desktop pc my brother is using! He uses Internet Explorer and Windows XP!
Thank you sooo uch.. changing the ip adress worked PERFECTLY! I could kiss you all!!!
Right, so it worked for 5 minutes and went back to doing the same thing as before.... I have vista and a belkin wireless router... It was working perfectly until tuesday when suddenly I lost conection every 5 mins, it would say the signal was strong but it would not connect to the internet pages.. every five minutes it would repeat the process of working perfectly and then not working at all...

I tryed to change the I.p Adress and it worked perfectly for a 5 minutes, thenwent back to the same old crap... Now I've had to plug in a ethenet cable so as to be online so I could write this.. Please help!
Hey guys just had the exact same problem yet solved it with a simple system restore so thats the best bet.
Must be getting sick of these but im having a problem with setting up.
pc is connected to modem + router (phillips snb5600) on xp.
laptop is picking up signal and connecting on vista but it says dns server error.
the ips are different on each by one digit.
should the dns number be the same on both? that is what I have anyway.
my router settings pick up the wireless network name and its ip address.
everything seems fine besides the dns.
ive tried some of the steps previously mentioned.
TJ please help, you seem to be the only one on the whole internet who can help :)
this is drivin me up the walls and im not far from throwin my pc through the window!
Good Day guys!i just wanted some help to fix out my problem....
well,this is the situation,i am using a dial up connection in my computer to connect to the internet... after I use it for 30 minutes, I cannot connect to the internet says the "network time-out",then when I checked the icon of the dial up connection in the system tray,it shows that I am connected..i am wondering why I cannot connect to the is that,when I view the status of my dial up connection in the system tray,it only blinks for a while.the window of the connection status doesn't appear for a long time..i have fixed this problem before but I forgot what to do far as I remember, I found a forum on how to fix it but I forgot what I had type or even the exact web address.another is that the previous forum gave me a step by step procedure that I need to configure my regedit.but im scared to make changes to it...can u please help me out??????

this is what I use::::
windows xp sp2
mozilla firefox
a prepaid dial up connection provided by my isp..

hoping for your replies guys!!!

you can e-mail me at Email Id removed for security
thanks a lot!!!!!!
god bless!


well call me bob but I can help u. all I do is turn off my laptop for about an hour then it works. =) oh. and also make sure that the "WLAN" switch is on. took me 1/2 hour to realize it wasnt on

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We had a storm last night and our internet went down. Normally, it comes back by morning, but this time it did not. I found that if I plug the modem directly into teh computer, the internet works, but if I go modem > router > computer I get "limited or no connectivity" and cannot access any websites. I'm not sure what to do to fix this, I have tried resetting everything in every order I could think of. Please help.
I had the same problem. My internet stopped working after re-installing Norton (NIS). Solution is to install the wireless driver after installing(or re-installing) the anti virus program.
I have just had the experience of having conection but no internet when I open a browser.

I am lucky enough to have more than one pc and access to more than one wireless router, (I know my neighbour / friend's password!), so I knew that the problem was unique to the one pc.

I had recently removed Norton Antivirus and had found that the internet connection became intermitant as far as the browser was concerned. After a few Windows Updates the connection ceased altogether, even though the pc indicated an excellent conection.

The solution for me was to download the 'Norton Removal Tool' and then run it... once this has finished make sure to restart your pc. Norton sometimes leaves bits behind that can still effect your PC!

I had already tried shutting off firewalls, (On Vista: Start / Control Panel / Security / Windows Firewall) and setting automatic IP addreses, (Start / Network / Network and Sharing Center / Manage Network Connections / then right click on your wireless conection and select Properties, click Continue then highlight 'Internet Protocol Version 6' and click Properties, make sure it is set to Obtain an IPv6 Address Automatically.... do the same for 'Internet Protocol Version 4'. (It is normal that these need to be set to automatic for most wireless routers as the router sets addresses.)

Before I completely lost conection I had tried to download AVG, Spybot and Lavasoft's Adaware; whetever was left behind on my PC prevented me from downloading AVG 9 and Spybot, but I could download Adaware and AVG 8.5, though I couldn't download any updates. Whatever was left behind on my PC from Norton behaved like a firewall that prevented programs accessing the internet.

Hope this is of some help to someone :)