HELP REQUIRED: WhatsApp audio video calls permission

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I am using Samsung Galaxy M52 android version 12.0 and WA version

Everything was going smooth, one night i used my WA, dialled calls. Next morning when i dialled a call, WA won't dial any call and would require permission/access to "Phone" and generated the following message,

"To make and receive calls on WhatsApp, WhatsApp needs to know whether you are on an active call so that you carrier calls are not disturbed"

Previously my WA worked fine without having any access/permission to "Phone" but now it requires a permission. I checked a couple of Samsung phones and nowhere WA required access to "Phone" for making or receiving calls. My WA wont proceed, i.e. it won't dial a call unless "Permission" to "Phone has been granted"

I turned my android sensors off fearing that phone's security might have been compromised. When sensors were turned off, the mic won't sent any voice to other party which is obvious, but strange enough, now during phone calls and WA calls (when access is granted) the phone mic would send voice to other party despite sensors being off! The microphone won't work for voice recorder or voice notes but it works during calls, while previously it didn't work so.

No one has ever accessed my mobile physically. I did a factory reset and the problem still continues. Any idea about the problem? Whether my phone has been hacked? I wonder. Please help me.


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Jul 15, 2022 at 06:40 PM


I believe that this new requirement came after an (auto) update of the app. Just make sure you're using the official WhatsApp app to remove any suspicion that your phone has been hacked.

WhatsApp should not use the "Phone" permission outside of what it is supposed to do, but it can technically make calls or obtain other info about your device, so it is true that it's problematic. It is recommended to read WhatsApp's Privacy Policy to understand what data they collect and how they use it. I know no one wants to read those conditions (me too), but that's where we can find out how our data is processed.

WhatsApp isn't the only app that needs this permission. For example, Messenger or even Signal already use the "Phone" permission. If you've any question about their privacy policy, you can use this dedicated form to contact WhatsApp.

If you're still worried about your privacy - and that's perfectly understandable - I suggest you try downgrading WhatsApp to a previous version and the permission should no longer be required. Here, you can download previous versions.

I hope that helps.


Thank you. You have been more helpful than the official whatsapp website support, and the in app support contact (although it's just a chatbot). It was of no help at all. It's despicable.