Cannot delete folder from the usb drive [Solved/Closed]

 Ruchitha -
Hello, I saw some of your responses and they helped me a lot.

I'm struggling to delete some folders on my external disk...every time I hit delete it says "cannot read from source file or disk" this is frustrating please help.

System Configuration: Windows XP Firefox 3.0.2

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It doesn't sound like this is your problem but the drive may be either read-only or encrypted? You can check by opening My Computer and right-clicking the drive to enter it's properties. Then look at the bottom and see if there are any boxes checked next to a Read-Only option. If not you may also check the folders leading up to the files by using the same method. If the drive or containing folders are "read only" you will be unable to change or overwrite them and possibly even unable to delete them.

The only other thing I can think to do would be to copy any files you DON'T want deleted on your compter's drive and then format the drive. To format the drive just right-click the drive again and instead of selecting Properties click on the Format option. It should bring up a fairly simple to use menu that you can format the drive with. This should refresh the drive and completely delete anything on it.

Hope it helps!
Thank you

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Thanks. Solved problem I'd been unable to solve previously.
Thank You! In my case there were some corrupted files that i could not delete even manually. Format option worked!
It was very helpful.. thank you so much
Go to My Computer then right click on the device and click on Open as portal device
the folder was not able to delete will be shown as a file ... so u can delete it now normally