Can't see all computers on XP home network

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I have three computers running XP home on 2 and Xp Pro on the other. I also have a laptop running Vista home. All are connected to a 2wire 1000SW gateway/router through a net gear network switch. All computers are running norton protection software offered by ATT. The problem is that I can not get the file/printer sharing to work. I have all the file sharing and print sharing enabled. The 2 wire router sees all the systems. but the computers don't see each other. What do I have to enable or disable to get it to work. thank you for any help you can give

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you have to change the vista and xp workgroups to the same by default they are different
I just switched to Vista, and it's just plain odd. I couldn't see any of my servers or NAS drives. Go home for lunch, come back, and they are all showing up again.
I'm having this same problem and googling around trying to figure it out with no luck so far.

I have 2 XP PCs. A desktop running XP Home SP3 with 2 printers attached. The other a laptop running XP Pro SP2 (will upgrade to SP3 soon) with no printers. I want to be able to print to from the laptop via the Desktop's printers. Also I setup 2 shared folders, one on each PC, that I want to be able to use for file sharing.

Both are in same workgroup (QUADROPHENIA). I setup sharing for the printers. The laptop can only see the workgroup name but no printers in it. Oddly, 2 workgroup names called exactly the same thing show up in all sharing displays I try to access from either PC, but neither PC can see the shared folders that I created but the desktop was initially able to see the DEFAULT "all user" folders on C:\Documents and Settings\all users\shared documents that I didn't even want setup (I turned that off).

Any advice/ideas?????
Thank you so much for your information. It's help me alot.


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It is because of your firewall software. Try website tutorial.
Norton has trust issues to norton i.e your firewall.

1.view network map each of your computers and click on the edit opposite trust level and click on full trust.

hope this helps
I have a 2Wire Gateway also. I think that the 2Wire DHCP got stuck.
Quick Answer at a DOS prompt type:
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns

I had one computer which couldn't see the network server for a while. Never figured out why.
Then my main computer couldn't see the network so I decided to dig.
I noticed that the IP address was high 104 is out of range of my other
devices. I also noticed that the IP address was static when all setting showed dynamic.
I saw this under [Control Panel][Network Connections] clicking on in my case Local Area Connection 2
on the bottom left under Details I see the IP address and statically assigned.

To fix it I went back to flippin DOS.
(Reminds me of working on Suns when all else fails you got to fix it with a VI edit)

Type the following at a DOS prompt:
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns

hope this helps someone.
can not connect between tow machine
main pc is xp and I cannot access the main one with the other two pc's. Router sees all pc's but printer and files sharing cannot happen from the two other ones. The main pc can access the other two pc's
Im not sure if this is right but with your vista click on Start then Network and then if it won't show the network because it says 'Network descovery is turned off. Network computers arenot visible click to change' you click to change and then click on the one with the shield. (If you don't have it it's the one at the top) and then that should fix your vista plus a box might come up about security or whatever and just click continue. and about your printer if you have lexmark wireless printer when you installed it however you did but if you have lost the installation cd log on to lexmarks website and you can download your printer software there. And then you should have the configuration program im going to put this in steps to make it eaiser oh and this info is for vista only but you can try it on xp if you really want to.

1. Press Start
2. Press all programs
3. Find Lexmark
4. Click on that folder.
5. Find Wireless Configuration Utility
6. Click on it.
(If the security thing comes up just click on continue)
7. And then you should be able to work it out from there!
you need to open the netbios port and the windows directory port 445 ,allow ICMP ping just in case , that should do it
use to advance lan scaner software install it and solved your problems
i am not have server os and I have four pcs with xp os can I connected them for printer
al redy have networkgroup, but one system not access
if I have 3-4 pc in win xp home environmentr,can I share nad transfer files from each other PC
all these techs taking you nowhere. you haven't changed any settings to get this problem so why start plugging away at settings now. So very simple your not going to believe it. goto my network places via my computor or how ever you do it. depending on how you pc is set up. Now I'm taking about the laptop with the printer connectivity issue on the network, not the pc with the printers physically conected to it, as I'm almost sure those printers are working fine.
Go to your laptop and click on my network places
Click on view work group computors. Now sign-on or click on the icon showing home pc with the printers physically attached. you should be prompted to sign-on and password just as you would like if you were in front of it, but now your signing on via your network. Once you're in you should be able to see all your network shares via your laptop through the network including all printers. select one of these printers and right click it for a test page you should know how to do this. your going to get a permission notice "your about to connect to a printer "printer name" which will automatically install aprint driver on your machine.... may contain viruses or scripts harmful blah, blah, it is important to be certain that the computor sharing this printer is trustworthy, would you like to contine? Select yes Voila! do this for all net work printers.......... very easy you just needed to sign-on to that pc by way of the network.
What advice can you give me on accessing another computer on a home wireless network?
Good post and good information, I've got these problem lately and I cant solve it.

By the way I love old fashion computer
Thank you so much very helpful!!!
For my situation (XP Home Edition, Win7 laptops), everything was connected and able to share files and printers, and then one day it stopped. Machines could ping the router but not each other. File share and printer sharing no longer available.

After reading all sorts of things to try, the simplest thing to try worked: shut off the router for 60 seconds, then turn it back on. Two machines began working again. The third just needed to ipconfig /release then ipconfig /renew and it became available to the other machines as well.

Start simple: reboot your router.