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Pendrive change to shortcuts


Hello, i want to ask why my pendrive's type will change to be "shortcut" ??? how can i solve it? Configuration: Windows / Chrome 46.0.2490.86

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Pop-ups on microsoft edge


I see many pop-ups "by adsupply" on the Edge browser. I have turned on "Block pop-ups" options but can't stop these ads. I searched and found a post t...

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Not sure if this is a virus or not


Hello, I'm not sure how this file made it into my computer or where it came from or what it is ? It shows up when I use Software Explorer but when...

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itsme jojo

Shortcut virus, gpedit.msc and regedit disable


guys I am having problem with some stupid things. a virus that making my file and folder hiden and making shortcut on the pen-drive and as well as flu...

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How to remove mystartsearch


Mystartsearch has hijacked my homepage in Mozilla Firefox. How can I get rid of it? I'm using a Dell Inspiron 1525running Win7

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Orin Muchta

Cm security keeps calling me - is this a hoax????


They are constantly calling me from places like the UK, California 714-761-2200, Jamaca, NY - 866-285-8026. What is going on. Please call me at -916-...

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Reg pro cleaner


Hello, Reg Pro Cleaner is not shown as a download. Yet pops up on my comp after opening. They show a telephone no. and inform me they need to get...

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Secure browsing using pendrive


need help. whenever I use my pendrive to my laptop, this always appear. kindly advise. thanks

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How to remove from home page


Hello, sir How to remove from home page ? Pls help me Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 45.0.2454.101

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Can't remove autorun virus.


Hello, I've been using a Transcend portable harddisk, until recently it picked up an Autorun virus. The major problem being that the virus makes th...

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How to remove shortcut virus from pen drive


how to remove the shortcut virus from pc and how it dangerous pleease give suitable comments how to secure pen drive without having anti virus beca...

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Usb keeps saving files as shortcut


Hello, i've downloaded the usb fix and opened it on my laptop but i dunno what to click on. Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 45.0.2454.101

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Shortcut error by using cms access denied -d:\$recycle.bin


Hello, Am getting error as Access denied -D:\$RECYCLE.BIN pls help me Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 36.0.1985.135

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Seems chrome is attacked


Hello, I have an annoying page on my Chrome which changes my search engine from Google. I have tried everything to get rid of it but to...

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My folders and files are lost


Hello, Day before yesterday I went to an internet cafe and got some files printed by my memory card of my mobile. there my card was scanned by any a...

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Ads by getprivate virus


Hello, I am having a little trouble on my browsers. I have both Chrome and Internet Explorer and on sites that doesn't start with https://, I get adve...

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Short cut virus removal


Hello, I have another way. Plug ur infected USB/SD card in your android phone through OTG cable/in the sd card slot. You will see all the files wh...

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Pen drive shortcut virus


When I insert a pen drive to my PC, it automatically shows pen drive as a shortcut. Please help me to correct this.......

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Hello, Whenever I sign up with my Microsoft account on my PC, first: it was on Windows10PREVIEW, then, after reinstalling, Windows 8.1 (reinstale...

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External hard disk showing folder but can't access them


Hello, My seagate 1 Tb hard disk is sowing the folder but I am not able to access them. when trying to access the folder it shows error as: "G:\...

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How to delete autorun virus in cmd.


Hello, i am facing a problem , to open local disk C&D . if I open the local disk C&D it displays "OPEN WITH"......... so please give the solution fo...

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Memory card it shows shortcut


when I plugged the memory card it shows shortcut ?? and it shows the location is C:\system32\..... What can I do for it??

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Raphae Z

Laptop could be infected


hi pls help me. Evry time people insert their USB flashdrives on my laptop, they all turned into shortcuts. I scanned my laptop wid my Avast but it sa...

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Shortcut's virus in my pendrive!


Hello, I am in a critical situation , I have shortcut virus in my pendrive !! when ever I try to delete them with shift+delete , they actuall...

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Usb virus turns all files and folders to shortcuts


Hi, I had this virus which turns all my files in the usb memory into shortcuts. I used UsbFix, is my usb clean now? I don't see the shortcuts anymore....

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Several programs loading slow


Hello, My Windows 8.1 Toshiba notebook has recently slowed down in terms of loading programs. The first time I load any program, it takes up to 3x ...

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How do i check that avira is been activated


Hello, I installed free Avira Antivirus software and when I clicked the Avira icon the message that appeared said, 'Your computer is not secure!'....

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My laptop HP, windows 7 is showing this error message when I try Chrome or other browsers. Had downloaded one program for protection last night, whic...

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Shortcut virus on pen drive


Hello, my name is Iarap . i have a shortcut virus in my pen drive but when when i clean it in my friend window 7 laptop it is clean but when i inser...

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Facebook account your computer needs to be cleaned


while I open my facebook account I got two errors.First one is that this webpage was blocked by extension and another one is that your computer needs ...

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Folders getting shortcut


Hello, evrthin was normal until ma fren inserted her drive to ma laptop and it seems she had some kinda virus which is makin all da files and fol...

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How to remove folder shortcut virus ??


i inserted any external usb or memmory card in my computer , when I opened the external sd card, useb, memmory card....... the folders going to shortc...

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Media player activates with any .exe file


I have updated Java and somehow it attached itself to the Windows Media Player. So, any file on my computer is useless as it brings up the media playe...

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Pc hangs too much


Hello, My pc did not start and gave out beeps, so I looked for solution and found it..... just pull out one RAM because it did not start with cleani...

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My files were deleted because of virus..


Hello, please help me out. a couple of days ago, my hard disk were were affected with the virus and there are all of those shortcut things las...

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Icon have been turned to internet explorer icon and cant run exe


Hello, icon have been turned to internet explorer icon and cant run EXE. files if I try to open any EXE. files or program one dialog box(file down...

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Concerned about viruses


I'm using a tablet. Should I have a concern about viruses if I download applications from Ap toide? Are movies free?

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do you know how I can uninstall this program? showed up a couple of days ago

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Autorun.inf appears and shortcut of the flash drive


Hello, Help me sir/mam to remove the virus from my laptop Good day mam/sir. I'm so worry about my laptop. I think it has a virus but I don't kno...

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Shortcut virus removal from pen-drive


Whenever I am opening a new folder in pen drive it is becoming a shortcut and whatever file I am copying to it is going to a folder C:/Windows/System3...

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Resolved my security code


Hello, please I forget my security code for Nokia 980 mobile how resolved this problem.peasel reply me

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Looking for os x/linux/network infection help


Hello, smed79 over in the EasyList forums sent me here for assistance. I do not know Kioskea's view regarding ad-blockers, so, if Kioskea is negat...

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Computer is running very very slowly


Hi, I'm having a popup message that says "A program running on the computer is trying to display a message" and it gives me the choice of "View the ...

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About "meteoroids service" virus


Just curious to know what this new resistant virus is all about - had it on my laptop causing me terrible problems, all is fixed and ready to go now.

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Taskbar & desktop not loading. explorer automatically loads


So basically this time when I turned on my PC it had this typical error of disappearing taskbars & desktop icons but explorer automatically loads on i...

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Wi-fi trouble connecting to the internet from my laptop


Hi, I'm having trouble connecting to the internet from my laptop. I only seem to have a problem on my Dell XPS 15z. My chromebook, and iphone, all wo...

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Wondering if i have a virus? no start menu or desktop on startup


Yesterday morning, I started my computer and had no desktop. Windows explorer opened and I was only able to get on line by opening a chrome site I had...

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Good day and hope everyone is doing GooD. A virus called worm/generic_r.JV has found a way through on my external drive and onto my PC I have. Been...

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Attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.* did not work for me


I type "attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*" in the command prompt just like in your other discussion to recover files that are hidden by recycler virus bu...

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Folders converted into a shortcut external hard disk files ?


i inserted my Ext,HDD in another computer , when I opened the explorer and got inside the HDD I saw all the Folders Converted into a Shortcut i r...

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