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How can i unblock my hotmail account


Hello, i couldn't open my email account. i changed my password.eventhough it says it will send a code. but i never usethat email that they sent...

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You dont currently have permission to access this folder


hello , I have trend micro antivirus ... when I plug my usb it sees all files and folders as viruses and denies access to the files and folder it give...

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Netbook is relatively slow


Hello, Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 31.0.1650.57 My netbook is very slow, perhaps it acquired some virus again. Also when I play a v...

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Viruses on my external hard drive


Hello, There were a few viruses on my external hard drive and when i popped into my pc, AVG performed an automatic scan and removed the viruses. H...

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I cant search anything from win store


my win store and other app like "travel" restarts whenever i tries to search anything in search bar of these automatically takes me to the st...

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Problem with windows live mail


Hello, I've got an e-mail account with blueyonder which I access using Windows Live Mail. Whenever I click on the Windows Live Mail icon it takes ...

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Why does my gmail page keep opening up even if its already open?


gmail will open up during sessions even though i already have it open, it blocks out the page im on and yahoo doesnt do this i have both. thanks sj

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My computer is hijacked


Hello, While I was browsing thru normal website, a pop up suddenly covered the entire screen of my computer and eventually I could not access my n...

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Toshiba satellite l655-s5146 has a virus trying to restore


I believe my lab top Toshiba Satellite L655-S5146 has a virus and I'm trying to restore it but when I turn it on it just goes to the screen that says ...

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How to delete rzijasfotj.vbs


i use a lot of antivirus, using cmd to delete this file but after the moment the virus come back... pls help

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Do searches and slow computer


Hi there, I can't get rid of dosearches. And my computer stops very often when i use outlook or KIES! I made an analyses with ZHP diag http://s...

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Cannot open any programs on windows 7.


I have contracted a virus which will not allow me to open any programs whatsoever. I have tried regedit.exe but it will not allow me to open that and ...

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Removing delta search


Hello, I have the delta problem if and when I download Chrome.I have repeatedly deleted and reinstalled, which brings me to believe it is hidden els...

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Virus wont let me run any programs


Hello, ok I have a huge problem where this virus downloaded it self to my computer when I accidently clicked on a pop up. So now it wants to buy t...

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Different flash drive shortcut virus.


Hello, I have nearly the flash drive shortcuts problem, but only one difference. The files that are infected are only in main folder of the flash ...

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Application virus


Hello, i was using windows 7, when I installed FIFA 14 from the original CD my niece think its pirated and put a crack but I wasn't know it and star...

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Lost/corrupted files


I have a WD external hard drive with all of my pictures on. I put the Hard drive in a computer in Asia and since then i haven't been able to get into ...

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Rahul'script virusprotectiion.vbe" disturb me


Hello, when open my computer an error message Rahul'scriptvirusprotectiion.vbe" display and my usb cannot open what can I do? I want never occured...

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How to remove "facebook password hacker.vbs" virus.


Hello! I'm new in this forum. please tell me how can I remove the virus Named "Facebook Password Hacker.vbs". This virus is in my startup folder. I've...

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Slow notebook, possible virus


Hello, Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 28.0.1500.95 My notebook is slow and have problems with vids... perhaps it has acquired VIRUS agai...

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Can't see the folders in external hard drive


Hello, I have so many movies, files, folders & musics in my external hard disk . Due to some virus or something I don't know when I opened the ext...

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Explorer not opening


Hi admin I have read all the solution and applied but I still can't get into my computer or any folder even control penal. I tried attrib -r -h -s...

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Short cut virus remover


Hello, HI, I have a question... can anyone tell me how long it takes for this remover to recover all my data in an SD card?I have almost 600 song...

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How can i remove sweetpacks toolbar?


Hello, I read a little bit about sweetpacks and i'm understand that it's a virus How can i get rid from that? Is it possible? Thanks advance...

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Shortcut on flash drive problem


Hello, I have this problem, i read all of the other topics with similar problem, i did all the steps and when i plug my flash drive in the computer ...

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Think i got a virus


Hi people Need help this happened on a sight I believe where I down loaded c cleaner but not sure ! I beleive it is the Defender virus as my esse...

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I cant see my desktop and start button


Hello,friends few days before when I start my pc I cant see my desktop icons , bar and start button but I can see my windows messanger through this...

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Error 404/ dns lookup (website mysteriously doesnt exist?)


just today I realized I could not enter this website I usually go on. Its called and I cant enter the website. Here is the message that ...

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My 2gb memory card not formattea


Hello, my memory card and all its file shows in all computer.but it is not format in any compu ter Configuration: / Opera 9.80

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Why is avira not updating? error in file download


Hello, I really can't figure out what's wrong with my avira because after I click start update the dialog will say status:scanning for updates but...

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Pendrive store file is hidden


Hello, sir , my trancend 8gb pen drive is not working .when I attach with my computer then it work but when I store something then stored .aft...

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muhammad usman

Laptop shutting down automatically and restarting


Hi, My laptop is shutting down automatically after 5 to 10 minutes without any reason... and restarting. recently I have downloaded a movie usin...

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Google is being redirect to another site in ie


I am using Windows 7. I have Microsoft Security Essential installed in my machine fully updated. Whenever I try to open in IE, a site nam...

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How to stop cmd opening to a open with dialogue box - run cmd


Im Using Windows XP3 My Problem is that When I open cmd from run command it always open To A Open With Dialogue Box im not really sure if its m...

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Howto get rid of shortcuts on an external hard drive


Hello, been trying to get rid of shortcuts on my external hard drive by entering this cmd i.e. attrib -h -r -s /s /d and its not working, it sa...

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Samuel Binuomote, Nigeria

Automatically put all my folders to a shortcut of my usb


Hello, I have this problem for a few days now. I think my laptop has a virus but I'm not sure yet. This is my problem: When I insert and open my U...

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Virus removal. vbs


Hello, WHen i restart my computer, i get an error message saying that "VirusRemoval.vbs" missing. How can i remove this one. Thank you. Amal

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Hd got virus


please can anyone helf me? my extern HD got attacked i think when connecting it to a friend pc. It shows on shortcut with errors F :\recycled\d1ff3a.7...

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Hello, When I boot my machine it gives an error " Script not found. Virusremoval.vbs missing" please suggest me the way to get out of it.

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Total security virus... cant do anything


Hello, having a problem with a friends computer.. got total security virus and now cant do anything.. downloaded malwarebytes at an earlier date re ...

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Firefox and ie destroyed after virus. help :(


Hello everyone, so let me explain how this happened, I got home from work one day and the g/f had accidentally downloaded a trio of trojan worms - Bet...

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Can not access into folder in external hard disk


When I try to open a folder in my external hard disk] there was a message on screen said that (Windows cannot find ':H\snbk0pt\snbk0pt.exe'. Make sure...

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"my removable device" shortcut virus


Hello, When I plug my USB on my computer, a virus hides my files and creates a shortcut called "My removable device". If I check shortcut's prop...

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All the folders turned to shortcuts


Hello', I have a problem in my external hard disk. I connected this one in my friend pc all the folder showing only shortcut only. Then I removed fr...

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Pendrive (usb) virus


I have formatted my 32 GB flash drive several time to remove virus but it again appear in a second or two. Virus mane is 'ecc7c8c51c0850c1ec247c7fd360...

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Files\folder shorcuts are getting created


Hi the virus in my computer creates shortcuts when I insert a removable device,cn someone help

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Seems like my netbook has a virus


Hi, My netbook is new but it is already slow and it doesn't have anything,like heavy downloads or something, I just would like to know if it has a vir...

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Worm attack!!!


Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.5.5 all the files and folders in my external hard drives have converted to shortcuts with .scr e...

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Rahul'svirus protection.vbe


Hi , Can someone reply for the error after booting the system I am getting "con not find script file "C:\WINDOWS\system32\Rahul'sVirusprotection.Vb...

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Virus damaged memory card


Hello, I cannot view pics on my camera card on any PC or at walmart photo machine, BUT I can view them in the camera. I tried connecting the camera...

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