Add an area code on Android

Add an area code on Android

If you use Android, you have the option to set your phone to automatically add an area code to phone numbers. Continue reading to find out how!

Depending on the area in which the person you'd like to call is located, you will need to dial a certain combination of numbers when composing their phone number, this is referred to as the area code. Sometimes, it is possible to manually add this information, if your Android version supports this feature and if you live in a country with different area codes

How to automatically add an area code to phone numbers?

  • To begin, open the Phone app, then tap the Menu key. Next, go to Call settings, followed by Additional settings:
  • Then, tap Auto area code:
  • Enter the area code that you want automatically added in the below field:

How to block an area code on Android?

Although many models run under Android, some manufacturers such as Samsung and LG offer the possibility to block phone numbers and area codes from the Phone app. From there, go to Settings, then Call blocking & decline with message options. Select the Digit filter and enter the area codes you want to block.

If your device doesn't support this feature, you may have to browse the General security settings. 

Finally, if this doesn't work either, you may have to download a third-party app such as Calls Blacklist or Call Blocker.

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