How to replace Siri with ChatGPT: on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

How to replace Siri with ChatGPT: on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

As AI develops there are more unique ways of using it. One of the latest is the idea of replacing Siri with the OpenAI's famous ChatGPT on your iPhone, or Apple device. In this article we will look at if it possible and how you can modify your iPhone with a new Ai assistant.

Firstly, if you want to read a detailed guide of ChatGPT and what it is capable of, have a look at our dedicated ChatGPT guide. You can also download ChatGPT for free. These are the steps for changing Siri to ChatGPT on an iPhone, however this entire process should work for Mac and iPad users.

How to replace Siri with ChatGPT on iPhone?

Once you are up to speed with ChatGPT and all that it is capable of, it is now time to get an Open AI API key. This will allow you to install ChatGPT on your iPhone.

  • Go to the OpenAI website and open it on your iPhone with this link:
  • You will need to create and register an account, and then log in
  • In the top right hand corner there is the menu (3 horizontal lines)
  • At the bottom of the menu, select the avatar and then choose "View API keys"
  • From here you can create a new secret key
  • Copy the API key to your clipboard, you will need this later. 

Install Chat GPT on iPhone

Now that you have the API key, go to Yue-Yang's GitHub

  • Scroll down the page and select: ChatGPT Siri 1.2.2 (English Version)
  • On your iPhone, this will launch the Shortcuts settings
  • You will now want to select Set Up Shortcut
  • This is the text field where you need to paste the OpenAI API
  • Now Add Shortcut
  • When you say "Hey Siri, ChatGPT 1.2.2", Siri will launch ChatGPT. 

How to change Siri shortcut names?

We're not going to stop there though, because having to say "Hey Siri, ChatGPT 1.2.2" every time to access ChatGPT isn't very practical. What we suggest that you do is change the name of the Shortcut. Either before saving it, or by renaming it.

  • Go to Shortcuts
  • Select the ChatGPT 1.2.2 shortcut
  • Then Rename the shortcut to whatever you want, for example, "Hey Siri, ChatGPT"
  • Save the shortcut and now you can use your chosen phrase to open ChatGPT. 
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