How to create a disposable email account?

How to create a disposable email account?

Having a disposable email can be very useful if you want to avoid receiving tons of unwanted and irrelevant emails. Fortunately, there are a few sites that you can use to generate temporary email addresses that can be used online for registrations and sending emails. Here we'll show some of the best free platforms available today.

What is disposable mail and what is it for?

You have surely heard that on the internet when something is free, the price is your data. This is the reason that many presumably free pages make us register in order to use their services. Our data, in the best case scenario, will end up being disclosed to third parties and used for commercial purposes. At worst, it will pass into the hands of cyber criminals.

The good news is that this can be easily avoided by using a disposable email address, or one that you designate purely to spam. These addresses can be single use, or have a very limited lifetime, thus ensuring anonymity and helping to keep our actual personal address clean.

Temp Mail

TempMail is an excellent choice for a disposable email address, due to its ease of use. TempMail is our best ally when filling out one of those inappropriate online forms. You don't even need to register to get a temporary email address, just follow the steps below.

Go to the Temp Mail page and a disposable email account will be automatically generated and ready to use. Click the Copy to clipboard button to copy for use.

Next, paste your new disposable email address where you need to use it. To check your new email's inbox, just have to go back to the TempMail site. On this page you will find your received emails. You can personalise it by clicking Change, or you can permanently delete by selecting Delete.

TempMail is available as a web version, but there are also apps for Android and iOS. In addition, if you're using Chrome or Firefox you can download the browser extension.

Download Temp Mail here for Android, here for iPhone, here for Chrome, and here for Firefox.

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10 Minute Mail

10 Minute Mail takes temporality very seriously and, as its name implies, offers us email addresses that disappear completely after 10 minutes. As soon as you enter the 10 Minute Mail website, you will have your disposable email address waiting for you and a countdown indicating its useful life. If you need a little more time, just click Get 10 more minutes to reset the counter. For those who really don't want to leave a trace and need a throwaway email, this is the best option.

Burner Mail

If the need for a temporary email is something that arises often, you will surely be interested in installing the Burner Mail browser extension. The next time you come across a field where you need to enter an email, you will see a small button with an icon in the form of a burning letter. Press it to automatically fill in the field with a random email address generated instantaneously. Unlike the other services mentioned above, the emails you receive with Burner Mail will be forwarded to your personal email. In this case Burner Mail acts as a filter, keeping this information private.

You find it here for Chrome and here for Firefox.


For those who want to go one step further, Blur is a service that promises comprehensive management of our privacy on the Internet. In addition to disposable emails, you will find the possibility to hide your credit cards, block trackers and advertising, automatically generate a different password for each account (and store them all under a single master password) ... In short, everything you need to browse with the assurance that your data is yours and nobody else's. Some of these features are exclusively part of the paid Premium plan, which you can try for free for 30 days, others are included in the free version.

You can download it here for Android, iPhone, Google Chrome, and Firefox.

What are other options?

There are a few different options aside from the ones listed above. Feel free to check out the following:

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