Send large files by email: for free, via Dropbox, Filezilla

Send large files by email: for free, via Dropbox, Filezilla

Emailing large files to friends is not always easy. The attachment feature is not suitable for sending large files such as videos and high-resolution photos. Indeed, most email servers do not accept sending or receiving files larger than 20 MB or 25 MB, depending on the hosts. This size limit can be reached with a single file, or with several attachments whose total size is greater than the threshold defined by your email client. Nevertheless, there are several tricks to avoid this issue.

How to send large files using a file compression utility?

To send large files, you can compress them with a compression utility, such as WinRar, to reduce the size.

How to send large files via FTP servers?

If you have permanent access to the Internet (ADSL for example), you can install a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server on your computer and give the address to your friends. There are free FTP servers, like TypSoftFTP Server or FileZilla Server.

How to send large files using web servers HTTP?

You can install a web server, such as Pi3web, Xitami, Apache, TinyWeb, etc.

How to send large files via temporary file hosting sites?

If you do not want to install a server on your computer, there are websites that can temporarily host your files. Very easy to use and fast, these platforms temporarily host your files and keep them protected.

The principle is simple: upload (download to a server) your file to the website, recover the address (URL) that the site gives you back, and share this URL to your recipients. Once they open the URL, they will be able to download the files.

Online storage utilities are also an alternative. All offer an email sharing feature: Dropbox up to 2 GB of storage, Box up to 10 GB of storage, and Microsoft OneDrive up to 15 GB of storage space.

How to send large files via Opera?

Opera makes it easy to exchange files directly from station to station without any size limits by using Opera Unite. You can download the Opera browser here.

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