How to clear the Viber app history?

How to clear the Viber app history?

This tip will explain what you need to know about deleting conversations or individual messages in Viber. Before proceeding, please note that once a message or conversation is deleted, it cannot be restored.

How to delete a conversation in Viber?

  • Open the Viber app and select the Conversation tab.
  • Tap and hold on desired conversation to select it (you may also select other conversations at this time), and then tap on the Trash menu displayed at the bottom right corner of your screen:

How to delete a message in Viber?

  • Open a conversation and head to desired message.
  • Press and hold your finger on the message for a few seconds until a small menu appears.
  • You may then select between Delete for myself and Delete for everyone.
  • The Delete for everyone option is only available for messages you’ve sent from your mobile:
delete a message viber
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How to delete multiple messages in a Viber chat?

  • Tap on the Edit button displayed at the top right corner the conversation screen to switch to the edit mode.
  • Tick the checkboxes displayed next to the unwanted messages and then tap on the Trash menu to delete them:

How to clear voice messages on Viber?

Tap on the More menu and go to Settings > Media > Delete voice messages:

clear voice messages on viber
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How to clear all Viber history?

Your message history contains all of the messages you’ve shared on Viber. Go to Settings > Call and messages and then tap on Clear message history to delete your entire history:

clear viber history
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