Public moments in WeChat: see, enable and disable

Public moments in WeChat: see, enable and disable

This article will show you what Public Moments are on WeChat, and how to enable and disable them. Read on!

What are public moments on WeChat?

Public Moments is a feature in WeChat that allows strangers to view your 10 most recent posts. Thanks to that, you can browse someone's page on WeChat without being friends. However, if you don't feel comfortable that anyone can see your 10 recent posts, you can easily disable this feature and keep your privacy. You can also see other people's public moments by simply going to their profile pages.

How to disable Public Moments in WeChat?

  • Launch WeChat.

  • Go to the Me tab.

  • Tap on Settings (cog icon)
  • Tap on Privacy
  • Toggle off Make Last 10 Moments Public.
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