Use Twitter Spaces: on PC, Android, iOS

Use Twitter Spaces: on PC, Android, iOS

With an eye on the popularity of Clubhouse, the new social network everyone is talking about, Twitter launched "spaces" that allows users to create live audio chat rooms. This is another possibility of interaction between users with a Twitter account. Read on to discover more about it.

Have you heard of Spaces? This new Twitter feature, which comes to rival Clubhouse, allows users to create spaces for live audio chat rooms, with the ability to open up conversations for everyone in the room to speak or with the ability for the moderator to limit interaction focused on the intimacy of the users.

How to access Twitter Spaces?

Unlike Clubhouse, which for now is only available by invitation and to Apple device owners, Twitter Spaces is to be made available to all users as a new way to interact. Still in early stages of development, this feature works, for the time being, for a few people only.

Twitter informs that if a user does not yet have access to the feature, if invited by another user, access to Spaces is automatically released. Still only available for users of devices with iOS, for now it is not expected to come to Android, according to the social network.

How Spaces moderates conversations?

The way the social media has developed the Space chats work as follows: the owner of the room can invite other Twitter users to chat via a direct message, room link or tweet. Therefore, it is not necessary for the person to be a follower in order to be invited.

The moderator has several tools to organize who can talk in the rooms, and can even block or exclude users if necessary. It is also possible to report or block users who do not behave appropriately.

Another new feature of Twitter Spaces is the possibility of not only communicating by voice, but also using emojis to interact. Once sent, messages can be viewed while the room is open. Once the moderator closes the room, all content can no longer be accessed.

How to listen to Twitter Spaces from a PC?

  • Login to your Twitter account from your Windows PC, MacOS, Chromebook
  • Go to the Search bar and type "filter:spaces"
  • Choose the tweet with a link to spaces that you'd like to listen to.
  • Click on "Start Listening" and you'll see other members of this Space
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  • Click on the "Join this space" button.

How to listen to Twitter Spaces from an Android or iOS device?

  • Open your Twitter app and click on "Fleets" on the top of your screen. If you got invited click on the link in your inbox.
  • Tap on the Space you'd like to listen to.
  • Select "Join this space" and start the conversation.
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